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NASA’s Christina Koch Formally breaks a Brand New Record in Spaceflight

She’s currently planing a trip to NASA’s Headquarters at Houston during Kazakh, Karaganda, and Germany’s Cologne, at which she is to go through medical tests.

Koch’s medical advice will probably be especially vital to NASA scientists once the bureau prepares for a long-term crewed mission to Mars.

“It’s is fantastic to be in a position to just jump around between the ceiling and a ground as often as you need,” she said with a grin as she rotated her body across the ISS.

Upon being raised right into his seat, Parmitano thrust his fists at the air since Skvortsov did actually be eating apple. One of the folks who witnessed the capsule arriving at the snow-covered steppe were local Kazakhs on horseback as support teams grouped round the 3 astronauts, NASA commentator Rob Navias said.

Navias cried,”I have not seen this,” declaring that those had ceased talking by engineers. On 28 December last year, the 41-year older Michigan-born engineer Koch broke NASA pioneer Peggy Whitson’s 289-day last record of 20-16 on a single spaceflight.
At the beginning, the spacewalk moved forward as there were no two suits in the perfect size at the space station, which gave rise to claims of sexism.

Koch informed NBC last Tuesday she would”overlook microgravity” before both 5 hour trip to Earth.
Up on detachment from the Soyuz descent capsule in video from your website of landing on the Roscosmos Space Agency,” Koch was narrowly seen seated and smiling.” At this time, I am so overwhelmed and delighted,” said Koch, who hit down safe and sound last year, 14 March.

NASA’s Christina Koch safely came back to the planet earth on Thursday after dividing up the space travel record for women astronauts after nearly 11 weeks inside the international space station.

Koch named three-time Whitson, currently 60,”my heroine” and also a”mentor” in the space application, after surpassing the record.
Considering that expeditions began in 2000, Russia has delivered only 1 female to the ISS–Yelena Serova, whose project launched in 2014. Both Tereshkova and Serova currently lead the governing United Russia Party in the Russian parliament.

In comparison to Koch, the extended ISS stay of Parmitano and Skvortsov rounded up routine missions over half an year. On Tuesday, Parmitano handed ISS command to Oleg Skripochka of all Roscosmos. Soviet cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova was the first woman in space, along with also her 1963 spaceflight was the sole female-led mission.

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