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Local libraries Showcase Museum Satellite Artifacts

Across many public locations in the county, the Dubois County Museum intends to provide exhibits. The birds-eye Library will be holding an exhibition this summer on Dubois County leisure and pastimes.

The next destination for a Crucial screen of this 1920s of the ephemera will function as Jasper Public Library for both April and May. “DCM expresses gratitude to the staff of the Ferdinand Branch Library and Joan Knies for its support they give the Roaring Twenties series.

Pint Bottles from Celestine’s Eckert log house, also a St. Vincent’s DePaul collection’s trumpet, Ernestine Fierst’s Straw Cloche from the Mowat collection, Mowat collection’s Art Nouveau design designed in black and tan bag, a St. Vincent DePaul lineup in black hatpinplus a blonde doll in a gown green in colour and a ribbon in hair out of Lila Seger given by Cindy Seger, an 19-20 Electric Singer Sewing Machine offered by Clark Ivan, hatpins– Fierst collection’s whitened and black-headed, pink metallic changing purse; Fierst collection, John J’s blue meter, along with Gloria M. Fierst Collection, St. Vincent De Paul Collection Prescription Form for functions of alcohol medicinal use, Boater Cap; Larry Beckman Collection, Dolly Dingle Boy & Girl Porcelain Dolls, Dolls of newspaper given by Arnold & Jane Nelson, Poster layout”Gibson Girl’ Huntingburg Bamberg Store poster advertising graphics, Indiana KathlĂ©en Laake Collection.

Should you would want to sponsor a special exhibition of artifacts from the museum or loan your entities to the satellite show regimen, you may call the museum’s director, Shirley J. Ray, at 812-634-7733. You wish to flaunt relaxing homes and assisted living spaces specifically. We believe that you will encourage us in spreading the word. This endeavor will be a fantastic one.

Indy 500 film on David Weaver’s loan, and Uhl’s bottle and jug on Joe Shelton’s loan and diecast vehicle models, glass spirits jar, and also a loaned John Opel art-deco tin.

The Dubois County Museum has initiated a system of satellite exhibit Scheme which began from the Ferdinand Branch Library exhibit, with the launch of the”Roaring Twenties.” On 28 March 2012, the series finishes with things from the collection of this museum and artifacts on loan from Dubois taxpayers and library patrons.

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