Ride the Lightning 2014

# Episode Title Airdate
1 1 x 1 Vengeance Part 1 01. Oct 2014
2 1 x 2 Vengeance Part 2 01. Oct 2014
3 1 x 3 Vengeance Part 3 01. Oct 2014
# Episode Title Airdate
0 U x 1 Vengeance n/a

  • Machinima (USA)
  • YouTube (worldwide)
  • D Studios Productions
  • Golden Summit Productions

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Thumb Actor Character name Appeareance
Jenny Curtis Jenny Curtis Ali Forrester 3
Dani Lennon Dani Lennon Fiona Ellis 2
Alison Ball Alison Ball Penny Pomeroy 2
April McCullough April McCullough Betty Forrester 2
Chynna Skye Chynna Skye Gemma Kane 2
David Hight David Hight Older Wiley 2
Steve Alderfer Steve Alderfer Garrett Forrester 2
Karina Wolfe Karina Wolfe Desi Swihart 2
Adam Elliott Davis Adam Elliott Davis Ira Brahm 2
Anika Contos Anika Contos Josephine Ryan 2
Saxon Jones Saxon Jones Young Wiley 2
Gary Wellborn Gary Wellborn Lowell Valentine 2
Brian Confer Brian Confer Man 1 2
Andrew Garrettson Andrew Garrettson Sheriff Earl Warren 2
Laurel Reese Laurel Reese Sara Fuller 2
Kevin Makely Kevin Makely Adams 1
Courtney Gains Courtney Gains Red Russo 1
Anthony De Longis Anthony De Longis Bill Dixon 1
Tom Proctor Tom Proctor Thumper Hanson 1
Justin Welborn Justin Welborn Johnny Cleaver 1
Erik Denton Erik Denton Katz 1
Michael Lie Murphy Michael Lie Murphy Durant 1
Joel Bryant Joel Bryant Robert Hensler 1
Jay Davis Clark Jay Davis Clark Doc 1
Jay Sosnicki Jay Sosnicki Ranchhand 1 1
Richard Smith Richard Smith Gunslinger 1 1
Matthew Bamberg-Johnson Matthew Bamberg-Johnson Ranchhand 2 1
Danny K. Ray Danny K. Ray Gunslinger 2 1
Andrew Wolverton Andrew Wolverton Man 2 1
Chelsea Curtis Chelsea Curtis Lizzy 1
Andrew Garretson Andrew Garretson Sheriff Earl Warren 1

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