The Bold Ones: The New Doctors 1969

# Episode Title Airdate
30 4 x 1 Five Days in the Death of Sgt. Brown: Part II 19. Sep 1972
31 4 x 2 Is This Operation Necessary? 26. Sep 1972
32 4 x 3 A Nation of Human Pincushions 03. Oct 1972
33 4 x 4 Time Bomb in the Chest 10. Oct 1972
34 4 x 5 A Standard of Manhood 17. Oct 1972
35 4 x 6 A Substitute Womb 24. Oct 1972
36 4 x 7 A Very Strange Triangle 31. Oct 1972
37 4 x 8 A Quality of Fear 14. Nov 1972
38 4 x 9 An Inalienable Right to Die 28. Nov 1972
39 4 x 10 A Purge of Madness 05. Dec 1972
40 4 x 11 End Theme 12. Dec 1972
41 4 x 12 The Velvet Prison 19. Dec 1972
42 4 x 13 A Terminal Career 02. Jan 1973
43 4 x 14 Tightrope to Tomorrow 09. Jan 1973
44 4 x 15 The Night Crawler 16. Jan 1973
45 4 x 16 And Other Springs I May Not See 04. May 1973
# Episode Title Airdate
19 3 x 1 Broken Melody 21. Sep 1971
20 3 x 2 Angry Man 03. Oct 1971
21 3 x 3 One Lonely Step 24. Oct 1971
22 3 x 4 Close Up 07. Nov 1971
23 3 x 5 The Convicts 21. Nov 1971
24 3 x 6 Glass Cage 05. Dec 1971
25 3 x 7 Dagger in the Mind 19. Dec 1971
26 3 x 8 Moment of Crisis 02. Jan 1972
27 3 x 9 Short Flight to a Distant Star 23. Jan 1972
28 3 x 10 A Threatened Species 06. Feb 1972
29 3 x 11 Discovery at Fourteen 05. Mar 1972
# Episode Title Airdate
11 2 x 1 This Will Really Kill You 20. Sep 1970
12 2 x 2 Killer on the Loose 11. Oct 1970
13 2 x 3 Giants Never Kneel 25. Oct 1970
14 2 x 4 First: No Harm to the Patient 15. Nov 1970
15 2 x 5 In Dreams They Run 13. Dec 1970
16 2 x 6 A Matter of Priorities 03. Jan 1971
17 2 x 7 An Absence of Loneliness 24. Jan 1971
18 2 x 8 Tender Predator 14. Feb 1971
# Episode Title Airdate
1 1 x 1 To Save a Life 14. Sep 1969
2 1 x 2 What's the Price of a Pair of Eyes? 05. Oct 1969
3 1 x 3 The Rebellion of the Body 19. Oct 1969
4 1 x 4 Man Without a Heart 09. Nov 1969
5 1 x 5 One Small Step for Man 23. Nov 1969
6 1 x 6 Crisis 07. Dec 1969
7 1 x 7 And Those Unborn 21. Dec 1969
8 1 x 8 If I Can't Sing, I'll Listen 18. Jan 1970
9 1 x 9 This Day's Child 08. Feb 1970
10 1 x 10 Dark Is the Rainbow, Loud the Silence 01. Mar 1970

  • NBC (USA)
  • Timeless Media (USA)
  • Studios USA Television (all)
  • Harbour Productions Unlimited
  • Universal Television

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Thumb Actor Character name Appeareance
E.G. Marshall E.G. Marshall Dr. David Craig 45
David Hartman David Hartman Dr. Paul Hunter 45
John Saxon John Saxon Dr. Theodore Stuart 29
Robert Walden Robert Walden Dr. Martin Cohen 15
Lola Mason Lola Mason Nancy 5
Katherine Crawford Katherine Crawford Abbie 3
Kate Hawley Kate Hawley Nurse Kelly 3
Lyvonne Walder Lyvonne Walder Girl Friday 3
Joanne Linville Joanne Linville Anne Sorenson 2
Jane Wyman Jane Wyman Dr. Amanda Fallon 2
Peggy Feury Peggy Feury Ellie Morris 2
Pat Hingle Pat Hingle Dr. Ben Gold 2
Jess Walton Jess Walton Sharon McGraw 2
Sheila Larken Sheila Larken Liz 2
Tisha Sterling Tisha Sterling Casey Woods 2
Clu Gulager Clu Gulager Matt Smith 2
Lincoln Kilpatrick Lincoln Kilpatrick Gil Dodds 2
Norma Crane Norma Crane Alice Cleary 2
Linda Dangcil Linda Dangcil Elena 2
Julie Adams Julie Adams Lynn Craig 2
Virginia Gregg Virginia Gregg Dorothy 2
Kathleen O'Malley Kathleen O'Malley Nurse Caine 2
Fred Holliday Fred Holliday Pathologist 2
Kevin Hagen Kevin Hagen Blake 2
John S. Ragin John S. Ragin Mr. Koenig 2
Richard Stahl Richard Stahl 2nd Engineer 2
Michael Lerner Michael Lerner Parelli 2
Jean Inness Jean Inness 3rd Nurse 2
Douglas Dick Douglas Dick Hill 2
Kasey Rogers Kasey Rogers Mrs. Ryan 2
Ann Doran Ann Doran Helen Robinson 2
Pete Morrow Pete Morrow Anesthetist 2
Kathryn Kelly Wiget Kathryn Kelly Wiget Laura Manning 2
Richard Dillon Richard Dillon Volunteer 2
Kay Peters Kay Peters Blythe Collier 2
Dee Carroll Dee Carroll Nurse Hatch 2
Savannah Bentley Savannah Bentley Dr. Peggy Knauf 2
Gail Bonney Gail Bonney Mrs. Tate 2
Noam Pitlik Noam Pitlik Dr. Radnitz 2
Stephen Young Stephen Young Dr. Neal Young 2
Russell Wiggins Russell Wiggins Wilbur 2
Eve Brent Eve Brent 1st Nurse 2
Dolores Mann Dolores Mann Mrs. Stanton 2
Edward Faulkner Edward Faulkner Dr. Carl Brandon 2
Alyscia Maxwell Alyscia Maxwell 3rd Nurse 2
Eugenia Stewart Eugenia Stewart 2nd Nurse 2
Raymond Burr Raymond Burr Robert T. Ironside 1
Leslie Nielsen Leslie Nielsen Mr. Cummings 1
Arthur Hill Arthur Hill Ainsley Walters 1
Terry Carter Terry Carter Mike Carter 1
William Smithers William Smithers Dr. Truesdale 1
Diana Muldaur Diana Muldaur Ann Dahms 1
Ross Martin Ross Martin Harry Burke 1
Bobby Eilbacher Bobby Eilbacher Johnny Wilson 1
Robert Sterling Robert Sterling Marsh Freeman 1
Bethel Leslie Bethel Leslie Anita Hamilton 1
Kathleen Nolan Kathleen Nolan Carol Steadman 1
Kim Hunter Kim Hunter Elaine Miller 1
Henry Darrow Henry Darrow Juan Hernandez 1
Carl Reiner Carl Reiner Arthur Gravis 1
James Broderick James Broderick Dr. Henry Pruitt 1
Bradford Dillman Bradford Dillman Dr. Herb Lanier 1
Ida Lupino Ida Lupino Dr. Marie Menzies 1
Jason Evers Jason Evers Dr. Ralph Simpson 1
Dina Merrill Dina Merrill Madeline Calvert 1
Lloyd Bochner Lloyd Bochner Dr. Richard Harkness 1
Josephine Hutchinson Josephine Hutchinson Emma Fielda 1
Richard Basehart Richard Basehart Dr. McLayne 1
William Shatner William Shatner Richard Burrell 1
John Vernon John Vernon Frank Stedman 1
Lois Nettleton Lois Nettleton Laura Michaels 1
Cameron Mitchell Cameron Mitchell Mike McGraw 1
Donna Mills Donna Mills Valerie DeMarco 1
Edward Binns Edward Binns Jim Lynch 1
Pat Crowley Pat Crowley Helen Johnson 1
Don Stroud Don Stroud Milt Butcher 1
Robert Hooks Robert Hooks Scott Dayton 1
Karen Valentine Karen Valentine Gayle Ritter 1
Marlyn Mason Marlyn Mason Hanna Feinstein 1
Howard Duff Howard Duff Henry Speiser 1
Frank Converse Frank Converse Curt Boyle 1
Stefanie Powers Stefanie Powers Julie Garner 1
Don Galloway Don Galloway Det. Sgt. Ed Brown 1
Jack Klugman Jack Klugman Leland Rogers 1
Susan Clark Susan Clark Janice Morrow 1
Dorothy Malone Dorothy Malone Ruth McLayne 1
Burr DeBenning Burr DeBenning Don Capetto 1
Stephen McNally Stephen McNally Charles Michaels 1
Jo Ann Harris Jo Ann Harris Danielle Tate 1
Michael Anderson Jr. Michael Anderson Jr. Jerry 1
Coleen Gray Coleen Gray Mary Lynch 1
Louis Gossett Jr. Louis Gossett Jr. Dr. Karnes 1
Val Avery Val Avery Victor Corso 1
Georg Stanford Brown Georg Stanford Brown Bakumba 1
Richard Anderson Richard Anderson Dr. Lensky 1
JoAnna Cameron JoAnna Cameron Jan Speiser 1
Shirley Knight Shirley Knight Marci Boyle 1
Don Mitchell Don Mitchell Mark Sanger 1
Katherine Woodville Katherine Woodville Kim Rogers 1
James Douglas James Douglas Tom Sandral 1
Roger Perry Roger Perry Jim Carmichael 1
Yale Summers Yale Summers Walter Emmons 1
Cliff Potts Cliff Potts James Webster /Ambulance Driver 1
Gene Andrusco Gene Andrusco Marcus Dahms 1
Arch Johnson Arch Johnson Frank Sorenson 1
L.Q. Jones L.Q. Jones Dr. Dietrich 1
Ivor Francis Ivor Francis George Wilson 1
Mary Layne Mary Layne Dorie Freeman 1
Mike Farrell Mike Farrell Dr. Vic Wheelwright 1
Laurie Prange Laurie Prange Joyce Cummings 1
Harold J. Stone Harold J. Stone Harry Miller 1
Lane Bradbury Lane Bradbury Cassie Howard 1
Jeff Corey Jeff Corey Jack Mitgang 1
Lonny Chapman Lonny Chapman George Barton 1
Jeffrey Lynn Jeffrey Lynn Thomas Cleary 1
Stan Schneider Stan Schneider Dr. Fisher 1
Susan Howard Susan Howard Dr. Claudia Schaeffer 1
Frank Campanella Frank Campanella Fred 1
Zooey Hall Zooey Hall Matt Willis 1
Edward Andrews Edward Andrews Jarvis Cole 1
Lorraine Gary Lorraine Gary Dr. Marion Lester 1
Gene Raymond Gene Raymond Walter Markle 1
Than Wyenn Than Wyenn Dr. Udo Giesen 1
Robert Foxworth Robert Foxworth Alex Morrow PhD 1
DeForest Kelley DeForest Kelley Parrish 1
Ted Hartley Ted Hartley Ed MacKenzie 1
Johnny Lee Johnny Lee Noah Stedman 1
Shelly Novack Shelly Novack H.P. Leader 1
Charles Cioffi Charles Cioffi Ed Dahms 1
Mariette Hartley Mariette Hartley Helen Burke 1
Don Hanmer Don Hanmer Manager 1
Collin Wilcox Paxton Collin Wilcox Paxton Maxine Chandler 1
Sandy Brown Wyeth Sandy Brown Wyeth Ali 1
Jim Davis Jim Davis Peter Merlino 1
Melissa Hart Melissa Hart Kate 1
Susan Damante Susan Damante Dale 1
Jack Albertson Jack Albertson Ira Goldberg 1
Richard Dreyfuss Richard Dreyfuss Dr. Ralph Tolliver 1
Joan Van Ark Joan Van Ark Evelyn Baker 1
Michael Constantine Michael Constantine Charles Milaney 1
Carl Betz Carl Betz Victor Garner 1
Berkeley Harris Berkeley Harris Dr. Hal Coulter 1
Lynn Carlin Lynn Carlin Meredith Lindon 1
Victoria Racimo Victoria Racimo Trina McGuire 1
Dabbs Greer Dabbs Greer Casey 1
Christopher West Christopher West Amanda Cole 1
Hazel Scott Hazel Scott Dolly Martin 1
Alfred Ryder Alfred Ryder Gus Stegner 1
Tim Weldon Tim Weldon Ricky Rizzuto 1
Ilka Windish Ilka Windish Anitra 1
Hildy Brooks Hildy Brooks Eleanor Jordan 1
George Murdock George Murdock Prescott 1
McLean Stevenson McLean Stevenson George Caldwell 1
Pat O'Brien Pat O'Brien Emory 1
June Dayton June Dayton Commissioner Myra Cane 1
Michael Baseleon Michael Baseleon Dr. Lee Williams 1
Dan Kemp Dan Kemp Wess 1
Dabney Coleman Dabney Coleman Dr. Goldstone 1
Elizabeth Baur Elizabeth Baur Fran Belding 1
Chris Hansen Chris Hansen Ken Simpson 1
John Carter John Carter Chris 1
Dawn Frame Dawn Frame Poppy 1
Shelley Morrison Shelley Morrison Anna 1
Athena Lorde Athena Lorde Gloria 1
Susan Albert Susan Albert G.G. Gilman 1
Sallie Shockley Sallie Shockley Kate Stegner 1
Faye Michael Nuell Faye Michael Nuell Mrs. Rizzuto 1
Ted Gehring Ted Gehring Wyzanski 1
Eugene Troobnick Eugene Troobnick Dr. Marcus 1
Richard X. Slattery Richard X. Slattery McPartland 1
Pernell Roberts Pernell Roberts Dr. Bartell 1
Stephen Dunne Stephen Dunne Wright Steadman 1
Della Reese Della Reese Grace Dayton 1
Herb Edelman Herb Edelman Howard Feinstein 1
Paul Bryar Paul Bryar Judge Morley 1
Nadyne Turney Nadyne Turney Mrs. Rogers 1
Vic Morrow Vic Morrow Dr. Ritter 1
Oliver McGowan Oliver McGowan Donald Freeland 1
Stephen R. Hudis Stephen R. Hudis Cliff Morrow 1
David Spielberg David Spielberg Dr. Leonard Fraley 1
Carol Lynley Carol Lynley Judith Walters 1
Gloria Calomee Gloria Calomee Ann Carter 1
Martin Speer Martin Speer Arnie 1
Judith Brown Judith Brown Julie 1
Val Bisoglio Val Bisoglio Morey Wheaton 1
Kathryn Hays Kathryn Hays Marcy 1
Ella Edwards Ella Edwards Babe Dodds 1
Milton Berle Milton Berle Dr. Cormack 1
Jennifer Jennifer Gaby Barr 1
Jeff Pomerantz Jeff Pomerantz Fred Wilkins 1
Ron Howard Ron Howard Cory Merlino 1
Kiel Martin Kiel Martin Dr. Martin Thoms 1
Don Johnson Don Johnson Ev Howard 1
Lloyd Nolan Lloyd Nolan Dr. Karl Richardson 1
Tom Helmore Tom Helmore Mr. McBane 1
Loretta Swit Loretta Swit Rosalyn 1
Abigail Shelton Abigail Shelton 1st Nurse 1
Mel Stewart Mel Stewart Walter Belasco 1
Anne Collings Anne Collings Girl 1
John Raynor John Raynor Inspector Hendy 1
Michael Pataki Michael Pataki Dr. Wardlow 1
Vic Tayback Vic Tayback Frank Wells 1
Hal England Hal England Dr. Clay Schedler 1
Michael C. Gwynne Michael C. Gwynne Charlie Luwaine 1
Tom Basham Tom Basham Assistant Driver 1
Pat Anderson Pat Anderson Nurse Tate 1
Phillip Pine Phillip Pine Ed Resnick 1
Jason Karpf Jason Karpf Davey Sorenson 1
Burt Mustin Burt Mustin Mr. Palermo 1
Lurene Tuttle Lurene Tuttle Mrs. Burrowski 1
Milton Selzer Milton Selzer Otologist 1
Peggy Cowles Peggy Cowles First Nurse 1
Squire Fridell Squire Fridell Dr. Jessup 1
Robert Hogan Robert Hogan Jack Merlino 1
David Roy David Roy Larry 1
Rafael López Rafael López Miguel Perez 1
Patrick Culliton Patrick Culliton Dr. Grunwald 1
David Sachs David Sachs Dr. Sid Feld 1
Odessa Cleveland Odessa Cleveland Barbara 1
Charles Lampkin Charles Lampkin Mailman 1
Garry Walberg Garry Walberg Orthopedist 1
Joaquín Martínez Joaquín Martínez Perez 1
Jason Bernard Jason Bernard Dr. Griffith 1
Barra Grant Barra Grant Eve Tanner 1
Barry Cahill Barry Cahill Doctor Strickland 1
Carl Byrd Carl Byrd Phil 1
Ann Prentiss Ann Prentiss Elaine 1
Maria Gobetti Maria Gobetti Waitress 1
Carmen Zapata Carmen Zapata Rosa Villacres 1
Miko Mayama Miko Mayama Irene Watanabe 1
Keith Andes Keith Andes Dr. Iverson 1
Henry Brown Henry Brown Bobby 1
John Zaremba John Zaremba Charles Tobin 1
Reuben Singer Reuben Singer Dr. Peters 1
Wally Taylor Wally Taylor Willie Chambers 1
Bill Zuckert Bill Zuckert Man 1
Walter Barnes Walter Barnes Zach Garvin 1
John Howard John Howard Dr. Settles 1
Ed Deemer Ed Deemer Guard 1
Jim Boles Jim Boles Supply officer 1
Mimi Dillard Mimi Dillard Station Nurse 1
Whit Bissell Whit Bissell Jack Alexander 1
Don Newsome Don Newsome 1st Engineer 1
Fran Ryan Fran Ryan E.R. Nurse 1
Sandy Kenyon Sandy Kenyon Peterson 1
Victor Millan Victor Millan Ross 1
Irene Gilbert Irene Gilbert Desk Nurse 1
David Fresco David Fresco Hertz 1
Tom Drake Tom Drake Dr. Thompson 1
Peter Brocco Peter Brocco Mr. Smith 1
Jack Latham Jack Latham Peter Ross 1
Michael Fox Michael Fox Carl Hedge 1
Julie McCarthy Julie McCarthy Woman Doctor 1
Jack Collins Jack Collins Peter Thatcher 1
Vince Williams Vince Williams T.V. Correspondent 1
Jack Griffin Jack Griffin Foreman 1
Michael Bow Michael Bow H.P. Man 1
Don Rizzan Don Rizzan 2nd Intern 1
Brad David Brad David Ronnie Lynch 1
Robbie MacDonald Robbie MacDonald Warren McRae 1
Paul Napier Paul Napier Reporter 1
Penelope Gillette Penelope Gillette Second Nurse 1
Rickey Richardson Rickey Richardson 1st Nurse 1
Philip Brown Philip Brown Scotty Merlino 1
Gene Tyburn Gene Tyburn Roger Genetyburo 1
Celia Lovsky Celia Lovsky Mrs. Jameson 1
Kathleen Hughes Kathleen Hughes Mrs. Carlson 1
Carol Locatell Carol Locatell Marcia Wells 1
Johnny Williams Johnny Williams Commentator 1
Carroll Adams Carroll Adams 1st Attendant 1
Stuart Thomas Stuart Thomas Third Man 1
Bob Rodriguez Bob Rodriguez 1st Intern 1
Del Moore Del Moore TV Announcer 1
Francisco Ortega Francisco Ortega Reporter 1
Mark Miranda Mark Miranda Raul Hernandez 1
Patti Heider Patti Heider 2nd Nurse 1
Mary Grace Canfield Mary Grace Canfield Mrs. Macbeth 1
Jean Durand Jean Durand 1st Doctor 1
Joan Swift Joan Swift Mary 1
Joyce Van Patten Joyce Van Patten Millicent Wilson 1
Joanie Larson Joanie Larson Woman 1
Norman Kaplan Norman Kaplan Norm Kaplan 1
Marcy Brown Marcy Brown Janice 1
Helen Kleeb Helen Kleeb Nurse 1
Wonderful Smith Wonderful Smith Carl - Hospital Chef 1
Roy Engel Roy Engel 1st Doctor 1
Maria Fabian Maria Fabian Nurse Helman 1
Walter Brooke Walter Brooke Bill Shields 1
Morgan Jones Morgan Jones Larry Kelly 1
Barbara Reid Barbara Reid Operating Nurse 1
Richard Annis Richard Annis Dr. Spelvin 1
John Lupton John Lupton Kenneth Parker 1
Betsy Jones-Moreland Betsy Jones-Moreland Miss Walker 1
Joanne Moore Jordan Joanne Moore Jordan Westhill Nurse 1
Robin Raymond Robin Raymond Receptionist 1
Bennye Gatteys Bennye Gatteys 2nd Night Nurse 1
Eric Laneuville Eric Laneuville Bruce Dayton 1
Lenore Kingston Lenore Kingston Mrs. Moore 1
Paris Earl Paris Earl Black Vet 1
Ed Flanders Ed Flanders Phil MacIver 1
Kirk Calloway Kirk Calloway Ronnie Johnson 1
Renata Vanni Renata Vanni Liliana Corso 1
Anne Bellamy Anne Bellamy Nurse Sawchuck 1
Wallace Earl Wallace Earl Carol 1
Stuart Randall Stuart Randall 2nd Doctor 1
Sidney Clute Sidney Clute Bert Watson 1
Dick Whittington Dick Whittington Announcer 1
Peggy Stewart Peggy Stewart Mrs. Norman 1
Darby Hinton Darby Hinton Hal Parker 1
Patsy Garrett Patsy Garrett Miss Atkins 1
Jimmy La Sane Jimmy La Sane Reporter 1
Jennie Blackton Jennie Blackton 2nd Nurse 1
Norma Connolly Norma Connolly Mrs. Dorsey 1
Sean Kelly Sean Kelly Simms 1
Adrian Ricard Adrian Ricard 1st Night Nurse 1
Dick Latessa Dick Latessa Adams 1
Sally Kemp Sally Kemp Nurse Robbins 1
John McCann John McCann Jay Prescott 1
Regis Cordic Regis Cordic Wendell Hagen 1
Byron Bloch Byron Bloch Technician 1
Allan Ray Allan Ray Man 1
Al Checco Al Checco First Man 1
Anne Whitfield Anne Whitfield Milly 1
Nancy Jeris Nancy Jeris Reporter 1
Dennis Rucker Dennis Rucker 1st Ambulance Attendant 1
James Sikking James Sikking 1st Reporter 1
Lillian Lehman Lillian Lehman Nurse Terry Crawford 1
Lloyd Kino Lloyd Kino Chef 1
Eric Chase Eric Chase Washburn 1
Jewell Lain Jewell Lain Claire 1
Dawn Lyn Dawn Lyn Melissa Feinstein 1
Kirk Mee Kirk Mee Hansen 1
Kelly Lockwood Kelly Lockwood Nurse 1
William Elliott William Elliott Admissions Clerk 1
Clark Howat Clark Howat 2nd Reporter 1
Jill Banner Jill Banner Churlish Girl 1
Kathleen Freeman Kathleen Freeman 1st Nurse 1
Henry Hunter Henry Hunter Townsend 1
Patrick Dennis-Leigh Patrick Dennis-Leigh Wino 1
Norman Alden Norman Alden Frank Harmon 1
Brian Tochi Brian Tochi Chin Johnson 1
Alfonso Tafoya Alfonso Tafoya 2nd Doctor 1
Dennis McCarthy Dennis McCarthy Arnie 1
Brock Peters Brock Peters John Goodman 1
Bill Welsh Bill Welsh Bill Welsh 1
Ann Elder Ann Elder Goldie Ransom 1
Don Kaufman Don Kaufman Resident 1
Vince Howard Vince Howard Charles Blake 1
Mae Mercer Mae Mercer Mrs. Morgan 1
Paul Factor Paul Factor Chauffeur 1
Barbara Sigel Barbara Sigel 1st Nurse 1
Myron Healey Myron Healey Guard 1
Sandy Ward Sandy Ward Radiologist 1
Christina Hart Christina Hart Jan Ritter 1
Alberto Hernandez Alberto Hernandez Juan Johnson 1
Bonnie Hughes Bonnie Hughes 1st Nurse 1
Penny Gaston Penny Gaston Girl 1
Arnold F. Turner Arnold F. Turner 3rd Operating Intern 1
Jason Wingreen Jason Wingreen Abe Fryman 1
Laurette Spang Laurette Spang Real Estate Lady 1
Josh Tofield Josh Tofield Surgeon 1
Patti Cubbison Patti Cubbison Nurse 1
Laurie Mitchell Laurie Mitchell Lita Resnick 1
Ray Ballard Ray Ballard Hospital Attendant 1
Florence Lake Florence Lake Lizzy 1
Julie Bennett Julie Bennett Mrs. Parker 1
Stack Pierce Stack Pierce Mr. Williams 1
Choo Choo Collins Choo Choo Collins Kathy 1
Jeff Donnell Jeff Donnell Nurse Klein 1
Geri Reischl Geri Reischl Lisa 1
Craig Chudy Craig Chudy Technician 1
Eileen Baral Eileen Baral Jennifer 1
Gertrude Flynn Gertrude Flynn Mrs. Ross 1
William Kerwin William Kerwin Joshua 1
Ron Pinkard Ron Pinkard Doctor 1
Michael Laird Michael Laird Jonathan 1
Patricia Sides Patricia Sides Mrs. Williams 1
Sue Lyon Sue Lyon n/a 1
Dick Shawn Dick Shawn Nick Sutton 1
Rodolfo Hoyos Jr. Rodolfo Hoyos Jr. Sergeant Garcia 1
Fredricka Meyers Fredricka Meyers Nurse's Aide 1
Jack Perkins Jack Perkins Joe Dent 1
Robert Rhodes Robert Rhodes Longworth 1
Gary Morgan Gary Morgan Matt 1
Lynette Mettey Lynette Mettey Dee Merlino 1
Laura Daniels Laura Daniels Mary Johnson 1
Lori Lehman Lori Lehman Penny Masterson 1
Cecile Ozorio Cecile Ozorio Davey's Nurse 1
Ivy Bethune Ivy Bethune Spectator 1
Carol Daniels Carol Daniels Nurse 1
Molly C. Gorelick Molly C. Gorelick Counsellor 1
Dick Dinman Dick Dinman Radiologist 1
Stephanie Dubov Stephanie Dubov Station Nurse 1
Julian Rivero Julian Rivero Old Man 1
Vincent Van Lynn Vincent Van Lynn 2nd Reporter 1
Dean Smith Dean Smith Sam 1
Katey Sagal Katey Sagal Young Nurse 1
Jill Haney Jill Haney Carol Ann Williams 1
Herb Robins Herb Robins District Attorney 1
Elizabeth Knowles Elizabeth Knowles Day Nurse 1
Joe Brown Joe Brown 1st Guard 1
Gilbert Lewis Gilbert Lewis Lennie 1
Joe Schneider Joe Schneider Frank Rodrigues 1
Dick Simmons Dick Simmons Slidell 1
Christine Nelson Christine Nelson Gil's Nurse 1
Scott Arthur Allen Scott Arthur Allen Coy 1
D'Urville Martin D'Urville Martin Ed 1
Ron Castro Ron Castro Young Man 1
Michael Michaelian Michael Michaelian 2nd Guard 1
Nancy Wong Nancy Wong 2nd Intern 1
Del Murray Del Murray Minister 1
Kathy Pardee Kathy Pardee Jane Carrie 1
Steven Benson Steven Benson Richard 1
Ricky Kelman Ricky Kelman Steve Markle 1
Michael Hart Michael Hart 1st Nurse 1
Gary Van Ormand Gary Van Ormand 1st Officer 1
Bill McKinney Bill McKinney Apartment Crasher 1
Christine Avila Christine Avila Maria 1
Gerald York Gerald York Computer Operator 1
Howard Curtis Howard Curtis Bystander 1
Lynette Piernas Lynette Piernas Lucy Kaye 1
Todd Martin Todd Martin Shop Steward 1
Janice Carroll Janice Carroll Lou 1
William Martel William Martel Security Chief 1
Claudia Bryar Claudia Bryar Switchboard Operator 1
David Sheiner David Sheiner Doctor 1

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