Blue Bloods 2010

# Episode Title Airdate
156 8 x 1 Episode #8.1 29. Sep 2017
# Episode Title Airdate
134 7 x 1 The Greater Good 23. Sep 2016
135 7 x 2 Good Cop Bad Cop 30. Sep 2016
136 7 x 3 The Price Of Justice 07. Oct 2016
137 7 x 4 Mob Rules 14. Oct 2016
138 7 x 5 For the Community 21. Oct 2016
139 7 x 6 Whistleblowers 28. Oct 2016
140 7 x 7 Guilt by Association 04. Nov 2016
141 7 x 8 Personal Business 11. Nov 2016
142 7 x 9 Confessions 18. Nov 2016
143 7 x 10 Unbearable Loss 09. Dec 2016
144 7 x 11 Genetics 06. Jan 2017
145 7 x 12 Not Fade Away 13. Jan 2017
146 7 x 13 The One That Got Away 20. Jan 2017
147 7 x 14 In and Out 03. Feb 2017
148 7 x 15 Lost Souls 10. Feb 2017
149 7 x 16 Hard Bargain 17. Feb 2017
150 7 x 17 Shadow of a Doubt 10. Mar 2017
151 7 x 18 A Deep Blue Goodbye 31. Mar 2017
152 7 x 19 Love Lost 07. Apr 2017
153 7 x 20 No Retreat, No Surrender 14. Apr 2017
154 7 x 21 Foreign Interference 28. Apr 2017
155 7 x 22 The Thin Blue Line 05. May 2017
# Episode Title Airdate
112 6 x 1 Worst Case Scenario 25. Sep 2015
113 6 x 2 Absolute Power 02. Oct 2015
114 6 x 3 All the News That's Fit to Click 09. Oct 2015
115 6 x 4 With Friends Like These 16. Oct 2015
116 6 x 5 Backstabbers 23. Oct 2015
117 6 x 6 Rush to Judgment 30. Oct 2015
118 6 x 7 The Bullitt Mustang 06. Nov 2015
119 6 x 8 Unsung Heroes 13. Nov 2015
120 6 x 9 Hold Outs 20. Nov 2015
121 6 x 10 Cursed 15. Jan 2016
122 6 x 11 Flags of Our Fathers 11. Dec 2015
123 6 x 12 Back in the Day 08. Jan 2016
124 6 x 13 Stomping Grounds 22. Jan 2016
125 6 x 14 The Road to Hell 12. Feb 2016
126 6 x 15 Fresh Start 19. Feb 2016
127 6 x 16 Help Me, Help You 26. Feb 2016
128 6 x 17 Friends in Need 11. Mar 2016
129 6 x 18 Town Without Pity 01. Apr 2016
130 6 x 19 Blast from the Past 08. Apr 2016
131 6 x 20 Down the Rabbit Hole 15. Apr 2016
132 6 x 21 The Extra Mile 29. Apr 2016
133 6 x 22 Blowback 06. May 2016
# Episode Title Airdate
90 5 x 1 Partners 26. Sep 2014
91 5 x 2 Forgive and Forget 03. Oct 2014
92 5 x 3 Burning Bridges 10. Oct 2014
93 5 x 4 Excessive Force 17. Oct 2014
94 5 x 5 Loose Lips 24. Oct 2014
95 5 x 6 Most Wanted 31. Oct 2014
96 5 x 7 Shoot the Messenger 07. Nov 2014
97 5 x 8 Power of the Press 21. Nov 2014
98 5 x 9 Under the Gun 12. Dec 2014
99 5 x 10 Sins of the Father 02. Jan 2015
100 5 x 11 Baggage 09. Jan 2015
101 5 x 12 Home Sweet Home 16. Jan 2015
102 5 x 13 Love Stories 30. Jan 2015
103 5 x 14 The Poor Door 06. Feb 2015
104 5 x 15 Power Players 13. Feb 2015
105 5 x 16 In the Box 20. Feb 2015
106 5 x 17 Occupational Hazards 06. Mar 2015
107 5 x 18 Bad Company 13. Mar 2015
108 5 x 19 Through the Looking Glass 03. Apr 2015
109 5 x 20 Payback 10. Apr 2015
110 5 x 21 New Rules 24. Apr 2015
111 5 x 22 The Art of War 01. May 2015
# Episode Title Airdate
68 4 x 1 Unwritten Rules 27. Sep 2013
69 4 x 2 The City That Never Sleeps 04. Oct 2013
70 4 x 3 To Protect and Serve 11. Oct 2013
71 4 x 4 The Truth About Lying 18. Oct 2013
72 4 x 5 Lost and Found 25. Oct 2013
73 4 x 6 Growing Boys 01. Nov 2013
74 4 x 7 Drawing Dead 08. Nov 2013
75 4 x 8 Justice Served 15. Nov 2013
76 4 x 9 Bad Blood 22. Nov 2013
77 4 x 10 Mistaken Identity 13. Dec 2013
78 4 x 11 Ties That Bind 20. Dec 2013
79 4 x 12 The Bogeyman 10. Jan 2014
80 4 x 13 Unfinished Business 17. Jan 2014
81 4 x 14 Manhattan Queens 31. Jan 2014
82 4 x 15 Open Secrets 28. Feb 2014
83 4 x 16 Insult to Injury 07. Mar 2014
84 4 x 17 Knockout Game 14. Mar 2014
85 4 x 18 Righting Wrongs 04. Apr 2014
86 4 x 19 Secret Arrangements 11. Apr 2014
87 4 x 20 Custody Battle 25. Apr 2014
88 4 x 21 Above and Beyond 02. May 2014
89 4 x 22 Exiles 09. May 2014
# Episode Title Airdate
45 3 x 1 Family Business 28. Sep 2012
46 3 x 2 Domestic Disturbance 05. Oct 2012
47 3 x 3 Old Wounds 12. Oct 2012
48 3 x 4 Scorched Earth 19. Oct 2012
49 3 x 5 Risk and Reward 26. Oct 2012
50 3 x 6 Greener Grass 02. Nov 2012
51 3 x 7 Nightmares 09. Nov 2012
52 3 x 8 Higher Education 30. Nov 2012
53 3 x 9 Secrets and Lies 07. Dec 2012
54 3 x 10 Fathers and Sons 04. Jan 2013
55 3 x 11 Front Page News 11. Jan 2013
56 3 x 12 Framed 18. Jan 2013
57 3 x 13 Inside Jobs 01. Feb 2013
58 3 x 14 Men in Black 08. Feb 2013
59 3 x 15 Warriors 15. Feb 2013
60 3 x 16 Quid Pro Quo 22. Feb 2013
61 3 x 17 Protest Too Much 08. Mar 2013
62 3 x 18 No Regrets 15. Mar 2013
63 3 x 19 Loss of Faith 05. Apr 2013
64 3 x 20 Ends and Means 12. Apr 2013
65 3 x 21 Devil's Breath 26. Apr 2013
66 3 x 22 The Bitter End 03. May 2013
67 3 x 23 This Way Out 10. May 2013
# Episode Title Airdate
23 2 x 1 Mercy 23. Sep 2011
24 2 x 2 Friendly Fire 30. Sep 2011
25 2 x 3 Critical Condition 07. Oct 2011
26 2 x 4 Innocence 14. Oct 2011
27 2 x 5 A Night on the Town 21. Oct 2011
28 2 x 6 Black and Blue 04. Nov 2011
29 2 x 7 Lonely Hearts Club 11. Nov 2011
30 2 x 8 Thanksgiving 18. Nov 2011
31 2 x 9 Moonlighting 02. Dec 2011
32 2 x 10 Whistle Blower 06. Jan 2012
33 2 x 11 The Uniform 13. Jan 2012
34 2 x 12 The Job 03. Feb 2012
35 2 x 13 Leap of Faith 10. Feb 2012
36 2 x 14 Parenthood 17. Feb 2012
37 2 x 15 The Life We Chose 24. Feb 2012
38 2 x 16 Women with Guns 02. Mar 2012
39 2 x 17 Reagan V. Reagan 09. Mar 2012
40 2 x 18 No Questions Asked 30. Mar 2012
41 2 x 19 Some Kind of Hero 06. Apr 2012
42 2 x 20 Working Girls 27. Apr 2012
43 2 x 21 Collateral Damage 04. May 2012
44 2 x 22 Mother's Day 11. May 2012
# Episode Title Airdate
1 1 x 1 Pilot 24. Sep 2010
2 1 x 2 Samaritan 01. Oct 2010
3 1 x 3 Privilege 08. Oct 2010
4 1 x 4 Officer Down 15. Oct 2010
5 1 x 5 What You See 22. Oct 2010
6 1 x 6 Smack Attack 29. Oct 2010
7 1 x 7 Brothers 05. Nov 2010
8 1 x 8 Chinatown 12. Nov 2010
9 1 x 9 Re-Do 19. Nov 2010
10 1 x 10 After Hours 03. Dec 2010
11 1 x 11 Little Fish 19. Jan 2011
12 1 x 12 Family Ties 26. Jan 2011
13 1 x 13 Hall of Mirrors 02. Feb 2011
14 1 x 14 My Funny Valentine 09. Feb 2011
15 1 x 15 Dedication 18. Feb 2011
16 1 x 16 Age of Innocence 25. Feb 2011
17 1 x 17 Silver Star 11. Mar 2011
18 1 x 18 To Tell the Truth 01. Apr 2011
19 1 x 19 Model Behavior 08. Apr 2011
20 1 x 20 All That Glitters 29. Apr 2011
21 1 x 21 Cellar Boy 06. May 2011
22 1 x 22 The Blue Templar 13. May 2011

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  • BSkyB (UK)
  • DiziMax (Turkey)
  • KVH Media Group (worldwide)
  • Nelonen (Finland)
  • Network Ten (Australia)
  • Network Ten (Australia)
  • ONE (Australia)
  • PRO 4 (Hungary)
  • PRO 4 (Hungary)
  • Paramount Home Entertainment (Germany)
  • Paramount Home Entertainment (Netherlands)
  • Paramount Home Entertainment (Netherlands)
  • Paramount Home Entertainment (USA)
  • Paramount Home Entertainment (USA)
  • Pop TV (Slovenia)
  • RTÉ (Ireland)
  • SBS9 (Netherlands)
  • TV2 (Hungary)
  • TV3 (New Zealand)
  • Universal Channel (Hungary)
  • Universal Channel (Hungary)
  • Universal Channel (Hungary)
  • Universal Channel (Hungary)
  • Universal Channel (Japan)
  • Universal Pictures Benelux (Netherlands)
  • Universal Pictures Benelux (Netherlands)
  • VIER (Belgium)
  • Panda Productions Inc.
  • Paw in Your Face Productions
  • CBS Productions
Special FX:
  • CBS Digital'
  • Phosphene'

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Thumb Actor Character name Appeareance
Donnie Wahlberg Donnie Wahlberg Danny Reagan 149
Bridget Moynahan Bridget Moynahan Erin Reagan-Boyle 149
Will Estes Will Estes Officer Jamie Reagan 149
Len Cariou Len Cariou Henry Reagan 149
Tom Selleck Tom Selleck Frank Reagan 149
Amy Carlson Amy Carlson Linda Reagan 149
Tony Terraciano Tony Terraciano Jack Reagan 149
Andrew Terraciano Andrew Terraciano Sean Reagan 149
Sami Gayle Sami Gayle Nicky Reagan-Boyle 143
Abigail Hawk Abigail Hawk Detective Abigail Baker 130
Gregory Jbara Gregory Jbara Garrett Moore 117
Marisa Ramirez Marisa Ramirez Maria Baez 89
Robert Clohessy Robert Clohessy Sid Gormley 86
Vanessa Ray Vanessa Ray Officer Eddie Janko 77
Alex Ziwak Alex Ziwak Undercover Detective 63
Jerry Todisco Jerry Todisco Undercover Cop 51
Jennifer Esposito Jennifer Esposito Jackie Curatola 46
Nicholas Turturro Nicholas Turturro Sgt. Anthony Renzulli 41
David Ramsey David Ramsey Mayor Carter Poole 19
Peter Conboy Peter Conboy New York City Police Officer 19
Steve Schirripa Steve Schirripa Anthony Abetemarco 18
John Ventimiglia John Ventimiglia Dino Arbogast 16
James Nuciforo James Nuciforo Jim 16
Tahnee Jade Tahnee Jade Undercover Cop 16
Dennis Rees Dennis Rees NYPD Officer 14
Sebastian Sozzi Sebastian Sozzi Vinny Cruz 13
Gameela Wright Gameela Wright Reporter #1 13
Bruce Altman Bruce Altman Mayor Frank Russo 10
James Zeiss James Zeiss Businessman 10
Stephen Sapienza Stephen Sapienza NYPD Officer 10
John Rue John Rue Ed Hines 9
Teena Byrd Teena Byrd Cop 9
Barbara Vincent Barbara Vincent NYPD Officer 9
Mike Houston Mike Houston Uniform 8
Samantha Lee Johnson Samantha Lee Johnson College Student 8
James Lesure James Lesure Alex McBride 7
Ato Essandoh Ato Essandoh Reverend Darnell Potter 7
Victor Slezak Victor Slezak Chief of Intel 7
Jennifer Restivo Jennifer Restivo ME Laura Trent 7
Roger Brenner Roger Brenner NYPD /Officer 7
Megan Ketch Megan Ketch Detective Kate Lansing 6
Dylan Moore Dylan Moore Sydney Davenport 6
Victor Cruz Victor Cruz CSU Flores 6
Tabitha Holbert Tabitha Holbert Taru Tech 6
Frank Spagnolo Frank Spagnolo Captain 6
Ashley North Ashley North Passerby 6
Holt McCallany Holt McCallany Robert McCoy 5
Eric Morris Eric Morris Noble Sanfino 5
LaTanya Richardson LaTanya Richardson Lt. Dee Ann Carver 5
Peter Hermann Peter Hermann John 'Jack' Boyle 5
Anthony Mangano Anthony Mangano Detective 5
Andrea Roth Andrea Roth Kelly Davidson 5
Amy Morton Amy Morton Amanda Harris 5
Bebe Neuwirth Bebe Neuwirth Kelly Peterson 5
Brandhyze Stanley Brandhyze Stanley Grace Michaels 5
Marmee Cosico Marmee Cosico Gallery Member 5
Greg Paul Greg Paul Undercover Cop 5
Gary Ferster Gary Ferster NYPD Police Officer 5
Elli Elli Rabbi Elli 5
Christopher Chickonie Christopher Chickonie CSU Tech 5
Richard R. Corapi Richard R. Corapi Wealthy Restaurant Patron 5
Louis Cancelmi Louis Cancelmi Thomas Wilder 4
Matthew Rauch Matthew Rauch Lawrence Skolnick 4
Colleen Clinton Colleen Clinton Agent Anderson 4
Mike Pniewski Mike Pniewski Vaughn Morgan 4
Selenis Leyva Selenis Leyva M.E. Craig 4
Jonathan Cohn Jonathan Cohn Tony Sanfino 4
Tom Day Tom Day ICU Doctor 4
Benton Greene Benton Greene Uniform [Pharmacy] 4
Frank Ferruccio Frank Ferruccio Detective Tony Marretti 4
Lindsay Mushett Lindsay Mushett Ashley Juliano 4
Racine Russell Racine Russell Officer Cosgrove 4
Alexis Suarez Alexis Suarez Cop #3 4
Pallavi Sastry Pallavi Sastry Cameron 4
Mike Catapano Mike Catapano Undercover Officer 4
Elizabeth M. Kelly Elizabeth M. Kelly Cadet 4
Michael T. Weiss Michael T. Weiss Sonny Malevsky 4
Edward M. Kelahan Edward M. Kelahan NYPD Officer 4
Brian Roland Brian Roland Richard 4
Mark Morettini Mark Morettini Detective Powell 4
Kevin O'Rourke Kevin O'Rourke Mons. Walter Donahue 4
Yvonna Kopacz Wright Yvonna Kopacz Wright Ava Hotchkiss 4
Gerard Sullivan Gerard Sullivan Secret Service Agent 4
Harry Sutton Jr. Harry Sutton Jr. Rober, Reporter 4
James Schram James Schram The Bar Regular 4
Nick Sandow Nick Sandow Lt. Alex Bello 4
Rosemary Howard Rosemary Howard Nurse Whittaker 4
Bobby Cannavale Bobby Cannavale Charles Rosselini 3
Robert John Burke Robert John Burke Jyle Hogan 3
Noelle Beck Noelle Beck Sue Connors 3
Method Man Method Man Mario Hunt 3
Al Sapienza Al Sapienza Phil Sanfino 3
Mara Davi Mara Davi Bianca Sanfino 3
Deborah Offner Deborah Offner Judge Katrina McCarthy 3
Rikki Klieman Rikki Klieman Judge Fowler 3
Frederick Weller Frederick Weller Jacob Krystal 3
Jaime Lincoln Smith Jaime Lincoln Smith Sergeant Thomas Kent 3
Miriam A. Hyman Miriam A. Hyman ME Emile Cooper 3
Cindy Cheung Cindy Cheung Judge 3
Chad Lindsey Chad Lindsey Young Officer 3
Joe Forbrich Joe Forbrich ESU Captain 3
Staci-Lyn Charles Staci-Lyn Charles ADA Morgan 3
Justin Clarke Justin Clarke Drug Addict #2 3
Aldous Davidson Aldous Davidson Hiro 3
Albert Christmas Albert Christmas Sanchez 3
Logan Crawford Logan Crawford Reporter 1 3
Cliff Moylan Cliff Moylan Brian Polansky 3
Moe Hindi Moe Hindi Mobster 3
Joy Flowers Joy Flowers Photographer /Juror /Reporter 3
Inna Muratova Inna Muratova Secretary 3
Joe Avellar Joe Avellar Reporter #3 3
Mike Malvagno Mike Malvagno College Student 3
Gianmarco Soresi Gianmarco Soresi Reporter #1 3
Jermaine McNeal Jermaine McNeal Reporter 3
Todd Faulkner Todd Faulkner TARU Detective 3
Onika Day Onika Day EMT 3
Patricia Kalember Patricia Kalember Dr. Keller 3
Denise Scilabra Denise Scilabra Police Officer 3
DeShawn Harold Mitchell DeShawn Harold Mitchell Uni #1 3
Josh Tower Josh Tower Lieutenant 3
Michael Quinlan Michael Quinlan Journalist 3
Delaney Williams Delaney Williams Bureau Chief Dennis Egan 3
Scott Eliasoph Scott Eliasoph Hospital Visitor 3
Rey Lucas Rey Lucas Dia Noticias Reporter 3
Faith Logan Faith Logan Teenager 3
Matthew DeCapua Matthew DeCapua Reporter #4 3
Luis Ayala Luis Ayala Bar Patron 3
Tom Bruno Tom Bruno FDNY Stunt #4 3
Gina Rados Gina Rados Detective 3
Liz Logan Liz Logan Dominican Woman 3
Peter Riga Peter Riga Man on Street 3
Shindo Ki Rodriguez Shindo Ki Rodriguez Pedestrian 3
Peter Gerety Peter Gerety Bishop Donovan 2
Michael Imperioli Michael Imperioli Robert Lewis 2
Paul Fitzgerald Paul Fitzgerald Detective Deleon 2
Teddy Sears Teddy Sears Sam Croft 2
Megan Boone Megan Boone Candice McElroy 2
Frank Whaley Frank Whaley Gary Heller 2
David Wilson Barnes David Wilson Barnes Doc 2
Kamar de los Reyes Kamar de los Reyes Santana 2
James Colby James Colby Walter Ryder 2
Tonya Glanz Tonya Glanz Officer Kara Walsh 2
Nestor Serrano Nestor Serrano Captain Derek Elwood 2
Leslie Hope Leslie Hope Anne Farrell 2
Esai Morales Esai Morales Sgt. Trey Delgado 2
Denzel Whitaker Denzel Whitaker Curtis Turner 2
Griffin Newman Griffin Newman Sam Johnson 2
Kirk Acevedo Kirk Acevedo Javi Baez 2
Cady Huffman Cady Huffman Sheila Gormley 2
Paul Calderon Paul Calderon Lieutenant Perez 2
Joanna Gleason Joanna Gleason Grace Newhouse 2
Steven Bauer Steven Bauer Gerry Guererro 2
Jimmy Palumbo Jimmy Palumbo Chief Winston 2
Bruce Cutler Bruce Cutler Himself 2
Jason Jurman Jason Jurman Jeffrey 2
David Fonteno David Fonteno ESU Captain 2
Laura Breckenridge Laura Breckenridge Dana 2
Danielle Savre Danielle Savre Emily Harrison 2
Sticky Fingaz Sticky Fingaz Clinton 'Ice' Wallace 2
Jeff Wincott Jeff Wincott ESU Captain 2
Ana Nogueira Ana Nogueira Nona Palmeira 2
Dave Coleman Dave Coleman Josh 2
Michael Rispoli Michael Rispoli Vitale 2
Tibor Feldman Tibor Feldman M.E. Dr. Craig Esterbrook 2
Chris Conroy Chris Conroy Brandon Mitchell 2
Felix Solis Felix Solis Hector Florez 2
Marnie Schulenburg Marnie Schulenburg Coreen 2
Ashlie Atkinson Ashlie Atkinson Sandra Colby 2
Catherine Wolf Catherine Wolf Aunt Sophia 2
Andrea Navedo Andrea Navedo Yolanda Gonsalves 2
Andrea Burns Andrea Burns Mitchell's Lawyer 2
Stephen Rowe Stephen Rowe Johnny Lyons 2
Quincy Tyler Bernstine Quincy Tyler Bernstine Faith Turner 2
Douglas J. Aguirre Douglas J. Aguirre Firing Range Officer 2
Omar Maskati Omar Maskati Hector Santiago 2
Robin Campbell Robin Campbell Nurse 2
Karim Sioud Karim Sioud Mustafa Haddad 2
Antoinette LaVecchia Antoinette LaVecchia Vicky Savecchio 2
Harry Raab Alderson Harry Raab Alderson Joseph 2
Kelvin Hale Kelvin Hale Detective Hawks 2
Joselin Reyes Joselin Reyes Valerie 2
Bill Irwin Bill Irwin Cardinal Brennan 2
John Bedford Lloyd John Bedford Lloyd Vincenzo 2
Canedy Knowles Canedy Knowles Nurse #3 2
Norah O'Donnell Norah O'Donnell Norah O'Donnell 2
José Báez José Báez Drug Dealer 2
Christian Keiber Christian Keiber Arelli Lawrence 2
Richard Kline Richard Kline Judge Angioli 2
Catherine Chadwick Catherine Chadwick Judge Keller 2
Chris Fischer Chris Fischer Cop #1 2
Fredric Lehne Fredric Lehne Chief Trumball 2
Raquel Almazan Raquel Almazan Paramedic 2
Darien Sills-Evans Darien Sills-Evans ESU Guy 2
Makenna Barrett Makenna Barrett Lottie Holden 2
Tommy Bayiokos Tommy Bayiokos Reagan's High Commanding Officer 2
Patrick Devaney Patrick Devaney NYPD Captain 2
Larry Gregory Larry Gregory Chief Wallace 2
Dan Hedaya Dan Hedaya Vincent Rella 2
Chazz Palminteri Chazz Palminteri Angelo Gallo 2
Raymond Mamrak Raymond Mamrak Fashion Photographer 2
Kelly Miller Kelly Miller Reporter #1 2
Taylor Rose Taylor Rose Danielle Levine 2
Ed Heavey Ed Heavey Billy Jackson 2
Jeff Grossman Jeff Grossman Police Officer 2
Isaiah Stokes Isaiah Stokes Leader 2
Christian Frazier Christian Frazier Rev. Potter's Bodyguard 2
Brian Adam DeJesus Brian Adam DeJesus Orlando 2
Sean Patrick Reilly Sean Patrick Reilly Al Cleary 2
Philip Hoffman Philip Hoffman Lawyer 2
Jeffrey C. Hawkins Jeffrey C. Hawkins Doctor 2
Gilbert Cruz Gilbert Cruz Super 2
Mia Nuciforo Mia Nuciforo Mia 2
Brigitte Viellieu-Davis Brigitte Viellieu-Davis Rosario 2
Nicole Bonifacio Nicole Bonifacio College Student 2
Tracy Howe Tracy Howe Rory Brennan 2
Jack O'Connell Jack O'Connell Stanich 2
Mitchell L. Mack Mitchell L. Mack Jessy Lincoln 2
Alice Barden Alice Barden Defense Attorney 2
Tommy McInnis Tommy McInnis EMT 2 2
Danny Johnson Danny Johnson ESU Captain 2
Garry Pastore Garry Pastore Stavros 2
Shelley Juel Scott Shelley Juel Scott Uniform 2
Robert McKay Robert McKay Dave 2
Leo Minaya Leo Minaya Javier Fernandez 2
Annie Meisels Annie Meisels Nurse #1 2
Patricia Hodges Patricia Hodges Cop 2
Larisa Polonsky Larisa Polonsky Chelsea 2
Christopher Parker Christopher Parker ESU Swat 2
Tijuana Ricks Tijuana Ricks ESU 2
Norman Schultz Norman Schultz Uniform in Squad Room 2
Nancy Ellen Shore Nancy Ellen Shore Businesswoman Pedestrian 2
Mahira Kakkar Mahira Kakkar Doctor 2
Karen Shallo Karen Shallo Mrs. Meyers 2
Doua Moua Doua Moua Big Eyes 2
Izzy Ruiz Izzy Ruiz Officer 1 2
Ari Werlein Ari Werlein District 65 Lieutenant 2
Jared Morrison Jared Morrison Detective 2
Mark Margolis Mark Margolis Whitey Brennan 2
Nikki Holister Nikki Holister Helpful Stranger 2
Alex Kruz Alex Kruz Officer 2
Tobias Truvillion Tobias Truvillion Otto 2
Mousa Kraish Mousa Kraish Khalid Hassan 2
Joe Starr Joe Starr Bill 2
Dillon Mathews Dillon Mathews Courtroom Admin 2
Craig Waletzko Craig Waletzko Conor's Dad 2
Brian Sgambati Brian Sgambati Detective Kelsey 2
Guyviaud Joseph Guyviaud Joseph Uniform 2
Nick Nappy Nick Nappy Businessman 2
Thomas D. Weaver Thomas D. Weaver Power Fundraiser 2
John Cannon John Cannon Uniform #2 2
Rodney Smith Rodney Smith Uni 2 2
Stewart J. Zully Stewart J. Zully Chief Donovan 2
Gina Hernandez Gina Hernandez Detective 2
Rory Duffy Rory Duffy Uniform 1 2
Alexis Windsor Alexis Windsor Detective 2
Nneoma Nkuku Nneoma Nkuku Easter 2
Brian Michael Brian Michael Hoffman's Partner 2
Haas Manning Haas Manning Jason 2
Mark Richard Goldman Mark Richard Goldman Coffee shop patron 2
Bobby Knudsen Bobby Knudsen Assistant District Attorney 2
Jamil Mena Jamil Mena Uniform #1 2
Richie Noodles Richie Noodles Police Officer 2
Otto Sanchez Otto Sanchez Diego 2
Jennifer Butler Jennifer Butler Detective 2
Ernesto Nodal Ernesto Nodal Muslim Man 2
Addison LeMay Addison LeMay Boris the Bodyguard 2
Nnamudi Amobi Nnamudi Amobi Uniform #2 2
Shawn Michael Shawn Michael Escalade Bobby 2
Taryn Tonelli Taryn Tonelli Cindy 2
Jacqueline Honulik Jacqueline Honulik Designer's Model 2
James Lyones James Lyones Diner Patron 2
Edgar Felix Edgar Felix Priest 2
Blanchard Ryan Blanchard Ryan Female Reporter 2
Marcia M Francis Marcia M Francis Neighborhood Background 2
Kingsley Yeboah Kingsley Yeboah Gang Member 2
Steven Weisz Steven Weisz Court Officer 2
Ann Marie Yoo Ann Marie Yoo Escort Girl 2
Devin Zamir Coleman Devin Zamir Coleman Child 2
Naeem Uzimann Naeem Uzimann Worshiper 2
Kevin Bielinski Kevin Bielinski Police Officer in Bar 2
John Celentano John Celentano Detective Robert Parker 2
Bill Walters Bill Walters Hasidic Official 2
Dominic Chianese Dominic Chianese Happy Jack 1
Gloria Votsis Gloria Votsis Sabrina 1
Flex Alexander Flex Alexander Demarcus King 1
Vincent Laresca Vincent Laresca Salazar 1
Scott Cohen Scott Cohen Dr. Warren Wakefield 1
Annabella Sciorra Annabella Sciorra Dr. Grace Meherin 1
Dash Mihok Dash Mihok Eddie Stone 1
James McCaffrey James McCaffrey Det. William Carter 1
Luke Kirby Luke Kirby Detective Wolf Landsman 1
Caitlin FitzGerald Caitlin FitzGerald Benita 1
Mark Moses Mark Moses Curtis Swint 1
Olek Krupa Olek Krupa Maximilian Gruschenko 1
Tony Bennett Tony Bennett Tony Bennett 1
John Finn John Finn David Cummings 1
Frankie Faison Frankie Faison Jeffords 1
Josh Segarra Josh Segarra Mike Rose 1
Jim True-Frost Jim True-Frost Lyle Greene 1
Kristen Bush Kristen Bush Carol Hoffman 1
Tom Cavanagh Tom Cavanagh Mickey 1
Margaret Colin Margaret Colin Melanie Maines 1
Charlotte Sullivan Charlotte Sullivan Lacey 1
Afton Williamson Afton Williamson Officer Perez 1
Jessica Collins Jessica Collins Becky Walenski 1
James Naughton James Naughton Chief Bell 1
Michael O'Keefe Michael O'Keefe Lt. Tim Harrison 1
Victoria Cartagena Victoria Cartagena Letitia Williams 1
Sanjit De Silva Sanjit De Silva Sammy Khan 1
Adrienne Warren Adrienne Warren Rachel Manning 1
Tim Guinee Tim Guinee Stuart Wentworth 1
Reg Rogers Reg Rogers Vance Bradley 1
Johnathon Schaech Johnathon Schaech Detective Jimmy Mosley 1
Monica Raymund Monica Raymund Luisa Sosa 1
Treat Williams Treat Williams Lenny Ross 1
Dennis Haysbert Dennis Haysbert Deputy Chief Don Kent 1
Anthony Edwards Anthony Edwards Owen Cairo 1
Waleed Zuaiter Waleed Zuaiter Adam Hassan 1
Kevin Dillon Kevin Dillon Jimmy O'Shea 1
Lola Glaudini Lola Glaudini Anna 1
Hoon Lee Hoon Lee Detective Tuan 1
Tamara Tunie Tamara Tunie Monica Graham 1
Matt Servitto Matt Servitto Soren 1
Manley Pope Manley Pope King 1
Dana Ashbrook Dana Ashbrook Tommy Banks 1
Brian Haley Brian Haley Wayne Rivano 1
Eric Mabius Eric Mabius Richard Rourke 1
Thomas Bair Thomas Bair Kyle Rice 1
John Rothman John Rothman Walter Harris 1
Sam Robards Sam Robards Roger Carson 1
Whoopi Goldberg Whoopi Goldberg City Council Speaker Regina Thom 1
Carrie Underwood Carrie Underwood Carrie Underwood 1
Mike Colter Mike Colter Cliff Reacher 1
Karen Allen Karen Allen Betty Lowe 1
Aubrey Dollar Aubrey Dollar Sandy Huffman 1
Patrick Breen Patrick Breen Joseph Scott 1
David Alan Basche David Alan Basche Joe Pelligrino 1
Robert Sean Leonard Robert Sean Leonard William Holt 1
Brian Avers Brian Avers Zachary Danhart 1
Corey Parker Robinson Corey Parker Robinson Mark Taylor 1
Toby Moore Toby Moore Dick Reed 1
Alex Kingston Alex Kingston Commander Sloane Thompson 1
Richard Burgi Richard Burgi Councilman Tommy Mancini 1
Tara Westwood Tara Westwood Margaret Olson 1
Laurie Williams Laurie Williams Wendy 1
Kieran Campion Kieran Campion Vince Walker 1
Bess Rous Bess Rous Jill Gallagher 1
Bhavesh Patel Bhavesh Patel Jared Mehra 1
Tim Hopper Tim Hopper Carl Patrick 1
Charlie Semine Charlie Semine Officer Randy Cutter 1
Malcolm Goodwin Malcolm Goodwin Angelo Reid 1
Jayne Atkinson Jayne Atkinson Sharon Harris 1
Jordan Gelber Jordan Gelber Bobby 1
Phyllis Somerville Phyllis Somerville Beth Del Rio 1
Stephanie Berry Stephanie Berry Mrs. Taylor 1
Quincy Dunn-Baker Quincy Dunn-Baker Mark Wallace 1
Saundra Santiago Saundra Santiago Carmen Baez 1
Sheetal Sheth Sheetal Sheth Isabelle Nassar 1
Lili Mirojnick Lili Mirojnick Angela Ferrera 1
Jayce Bartok Jayce Bartok Andy Rice 1
Luke Guldan Luke Guldan Ralphie Vitale 1
Kevin Corrigan Kevin Corrigan Jimmy Pearson 1
Amy Hargreaves Amy Hargreaves Dr. Karen Folson 1
Ned Eisenberg Ned Eisenberg Sandy 1
Alexia Rasmussen Alexia Rasmussen Sophia Babikov 1
Roxanna Hope Roxanna Hope Jenna Milo 1
Chris Stack Chris Stack Kyle Freelander 1
Jack Gwaltney Jack Gwaltney Kevin Brennan 1
C.S. Lee C.S. Lee Mr. Lin 1
Manny Perez Manny Perez Fernando Ortiz 1
Natalie Knepp Natalie Knepp Laura Peck 1
Sarah Wynter Sarah Wynter Whitney Robshaw 1
John Dossett John Dossett Father McMurray 1
David Aaron Baker David Aaron Baker Father Leo 1
Jerick Hoffer Jerick Hoffer Dennis /Tallulah 1
Dennis Boutsikaris Dennis Boutsikaris Jack Quayle 1
Savannah Wise Savannah Wise Holly /Rhonda Lynne Watson 1
Austin Lysy Austin Lysy Howard Markham 1
Mitch Pileggi Mitch Pileggi Donald DeCarlo 1
Amy Wilson Amy Wilson Elaine Carson 1
Piter Marek Piter Marek Baahir Zaki 1
Warren Kole Warren Kole Thomas Sculley 1
Christine Evangelista Christine Evangelista Jolene 1
Rebecca Mader Rebecca Mader Tori Parsons 1
Danny Mastrogiorgio Danny Mastrogiorgio Detective Freehill 1
Elena Hurst Elena Hurst Rosalita 1
Ronald Guttman Ronald Guttman Claudio Calso 1
Chad Michael Collins Chad Michael Collins John Russell 1
Pawel Szajda Pawel Szajda Sergei Sokoloff 1
Joshua Burrow Joshua Burrow Miles Thomas 1
Victor Williams Victor Williams Oliver 1
Tom Pelphrey Tom Pelphrey Mike Galatis 1
Heather Lind Heather Lind Melissa Samuels 1
Scott Bryce Scott Bryce Dr. Alex Garland 1
Laila Robins Laila Robins Mrs. Lee 1
Owiso Odera Owiso Odera Detective Sidney Jeffries 1
Vincent Pastore Vincent Pastore Richie Tomlin 1
Shelley Hennig Shelley Hennig Maya 1
Jon Patrick Walker Jon Patrick Walker Dr. Ed Greenfield 1
Michael Mulheren Michael Mulheren Chris Scanlon 1
Will Chase Will Chase William Flood 1
David Vadim David Vadim Vigor Kovacs 1
Dominic Fumusa Dominic Fumusa Anthony Drake 1
Michael Aronov Michael Aronov Ricky Vintano 1
Greg Germann Greg Germann Dr. Michael Raskins 1
Ryann Shane Ryann Shane Chloe Carson 1
James Saito James Saito Dennis Eng 1
Brian J. Smith Brian J. Smith Robert Carter 1
Kelli O'Hara Kelli O'Hara Lisa 1
Frank Pando Frank Pando Alex Fuentes 1
Samrat Chakrabarti Samrat Chakrabarti Parmar Hameed 1
J.D. Williams J.D. Williams Benjamin Banks 1
Chris Tardio Chris Tardio Kevin Carr 1
Zachary Booth Zachary Booth Lorenzo Colt 1
Marjan Neshat Marjan Neshat Meliha Demir 1
Leo Fitzpatrick Leo Fitzpatrick Leo Packer 1
Justin Martin Justin Martin Jordan Silva 1
Christina Bennett Lind Christina Bennett Lind Robber #3 /Angela Cabot 1
Francis Capra Francis Capra Pablo Torres 1
Patricia Rae Patricia Rae Mrs. Ortiz 1
Molly Price Molly Price Hollie Rivano 1
Audrey Esparza Audrey Esparza Jana Garza 1
Mariann Mayberry Mariann Mayberry Janice Phillips 1
Ki Hong Lee Ki Hong Lee David Lin 1
Glenn Fleshler Glenn Fleshler Det. Walt Finney 1
Tom Mardirosian Tom Mardirosian Connie 1
Carlton Byrd Carlton Byrd Handsome 1
Aunjanue Ellis Aunjanue Ellis Sylvia Marshall 1
Richard Short Richard Short Lemon 1
Erik Palladino Erik Palladino Jimmy Costa 1
Malachi Weir Malachi Weir Agent Cisco 1
Brian Kerwin Brian Kerwin Pete Seabrook 1
Philip Ettinger Philip Ettinger John-John 1
Michelle Hurd Michelle Hurd CIA Anne Reynolds 1
Travis Schuldt Travis Schuldt Ken 1
Yohance Myles Yohance Myles Lee Baldokoski 1
Neal Bledsoe Neal Bledsoe Cassidy 1
Danny Bolero Danny Bolero Owner 1
James Snyder James Snyder Billy Coffin 1
Jeff Lima Jeff Lima Tomas Lugo 1
James Murtaugh James Murtaugh Ret. Det. Loggia 1
Jordan Baker Jordan Baker Chelsey Parker 1
Neal Huff Neal Huff Leaf Memphis 1
Gbenga Akinnagbe Gbenga Akinnagbe Pierre 1
Bob Dishy Bob Dishy Judge 1
Babs Olusanmokun Babs Olusanmokun Phantom 1
Dan Grimaldi Dan Grimaldi Tommy Barrone, Sr. 1
Haaz Sleiman Haaz Sleiman Teri Damiri 1
Jay Patterson Jay Patterson Dennis Driscoll 1
William Hill William Hill Roy 1
E.J. Bonilla E.J. Bonilla Julio 1
Ella Rae Peck Ella Rae Peck Caitlin Breyer 1
Peter Onorati Peter Onorati Vince D'Amato 1
Robbie Sublett Robbie Sublett Spencer Croft 1
Larry Mitchell Larry Mitchell Mickey O'Donnell 1
Mary Stuart Masterson Mary Stuart Masterson Katherine Tucker 1
Stephen O'Reilly Stephen O'Reilly Wally Cantrell 1
Malcolm Gets Malcolm Gets Prof. Brian Devlin 1
Stephen Henderson Stephen Henderson Judge Harlan Haywood 1
Marcia Jean Kurtz Marcia Jean Kurtz Marion Davis 1
Amelia Rose Blaire Amelia Rose Blaire Sarah Grant 1
Bill Buell Bill Buell Ralph 1
Carrie Yaeger Carrie Yaeger Sabrina's Lawyer 1
Zack Robidas Zack Robidas Officer Peter Grasso 1
Nathaniel Marston Nathaniel Marston Ronnie Cleary 1
Stephen Schnetzer Stephen Schnetzer Hassan Nejari 1
Adam Mucci Adam Mucci Linkner 1
Marc Menchaca Marc Menchaca Marty Brock 1
Angela Sarafyan Angela Sarafyan Frannie Ferguson 1
Luke Robertson Luke Robertson Boris 1
Sylvia Kauders Sylvia Kauders Mrs. Caruso 1
Joseph Siravo Joseph Siravo Nicholas Bianco 1
RJ Brown RJ Brown Martin Brown 1
Zach Appelman Zach Appelman Sean Bartch 1
Michelle Krusiec Michelle Krusiec Nancy Wakefield 1
Aaron Lazar Aaron Lazar Dr. Levin 1
Roe Hartrampf Roe Hartrampf Bryan Parker 1
Misha Kuznetsov Misha Kuznetsov Uri Denko 1
Jack McGee Jack McGee Father Peter Quinn 1
Billy Magnussen Billy Magnussen Rand Hilbert 1
Gwynneth Bensen Gwynneth Bensen Anna 1
Danny McCarthy Danny McCarthy Jerrie Demarest 1
Jasmine Carmichael Jasmine Carmichael Olivia Gordon 1
Charisma Carpenter Charisma Carpenter Marianne Romano 1
Michael Badalucco Michael Badalucco Ronnie Russo 1
Tom Lipinski Tom Lipinski Johnny Tesla 1
James Carpinello James Carpinello Russell Price 1
Aida Turturro Aida Turturro Miss Dominga 1
Michael Nouri Michael Nouri Nick Constantine 1
Joseph Sikora Joseph Sikora Mark Phelan 1
Robert Bogue Robert Bogue Parker 1
C. Thomas Howell C. Thomas Howell Alex Polanski 1
Rebecca Budig Rebecca Budig Connie Patrick 1
Anastasia Barzee Anastasia Barzee Elizabeth Fox 1
Elle Fairbanks Elle Fairbanks Maria Romano 1
Thom Barry Thom Barry ADA Saul Ward 1
Christina Vidal Christina Vidal ADA Marta Avila 1
Carolyn McCormick Carolyn McCormick Joyce Powers 1
Frankie J. Alvarez Frankie J. Alvarez Father Phillip 1
Anthony DeSando Anthony DeSando Joey Razzano 1
Lenny Venito Lenny Venito Louis Weems 1
E.J. Carroll E.J. Carroll Bernard Goodwin 1
Meghann Fahy Meghann Fahy Lacey Chambers 1
Ramsey Faragallah Ramsey Faragallah Imam 1
Scott Aiello Scott Aiello Officer Abrams 1
Jason Kolotouros Jason Kolotouros Kevin Moran 1
Stephen Kunken Stephen Kunken Jacob 1
Amanda Setton Amanda Setton Sylvia 1
Annie Wersching Annie Wersching Joyce Carpenter 1
Diane Neal Diane Neal Kelly Blake 1
Remy Auberjonois Remy Auberjonois Preston Ellis 1
Jessica Blank Jessica Blank Heather Drake 1
Daniel Jenkins Daniel Jenkins Jerry Phillips 1
Priscilla Lopez Priscilla Lopez Mrs. Fernandez 1
Olga Merediz Olga Merediz Inez 1
Jayne Houdyshell Jayne Houdyshell Roseanne Galecki 1
Charlie Tahan Charlie Tahan Michael Keenan 1
Sharon Washington Sharon Washington Doris Cooper 1
Steve Cirbus Steve Cirbus Kiril 1
Terry Serpico Terry Serpico Major Harrison 1
George Katt George Katt Officer Horvat /Davor Vlasic 1
Lauren Kelly Lauren Kelly Diane 1
Gary Wilmes Gary Wilmes Roth 1
Saidah Arrika Ekulona Saidah Arrika Ekulona Leslie Fuller O.R. Pharm. 1
Erik Jensen Erik Jensen Jimmy 1
Michael Beach Michael Beach FBI Agent Adam Parker 1
Gregg Edelman Gregg Edelman Seymour Kerwin 1
Henry Zebrowski Henry Zebrowski Hugh Stayton 1
Theo Stockman Theo Stockman Timothy Abbey 1
Corbin Bleu Corbin Bleu Officer Blake 1
Wrenn Schmidt Wrenn Schmidt Anna Goodwin 1
Tyler Elliot Burke Tyler Elliot Burke Richard Sullivan 1
Florencia Lozano Florencia Lozano Sophia Calso 1
Candy Buckley Candy Buckley Shelly Wilder 1
C.J. Wilson C.J. Wilson Bruce Richmond 1
Stacey Yen Stacey Yen Doctor 1
Aja Naomi King Aja Naomi King Denise 1
Tawny Cypress Tawny Cypress Patrice 1
Gabriel Rush Gabriel Rush Tyler Jeffries 1
Brian Wiles Brian Wiles Mike 1
Richie Stephens Richie Stephens Vlad 1
Mark Ivanir Mark Ivanir Ivan Radchenko 1
Lusia Strus Lusia Strus Angela Jackson 1
Debargo Sanyal Debargo Sanyal Malik 1
Darren Goldstein Darren Goldstein Asher Lefko 1
Daniel London Daniel London Tyler Green 1
Albert Jones Albert Jones Roland Gates 1
Daniel J. Watts Daniel J. Watts Adrian Cooke 1
Liza Lapira Liza Lapira Taru 1
Chance Kelly Chance Kelly Dillon Carney 1
Shane McRae Shane McRae Johnny Evans 1
Louis Ozawa Changchien Louis Ozawa Changchien Abdul Sayid 1
Geraldine Hughes Geraldine Hughes Meara McGuire 1
Kate Jennings Grant Kate Jennings Grant SWAT Team Leader 1
Tina Benko Tina Benko Lauren Vickers 1
Alexandra Wentworth Alexandra Wentworth Naomi 1
Dikran Tulaine Dikran Tulaine Lech Choinski 1
Reed Birney Reed Birney Burden Maxwell 1
Jacqueline Torres Jacqueline Torres Maria De La Cruz 1
Geovanni Gopradi Geovanni Gopradi Waiter 1
Laura Campbell Laura Campbell Tess 1
Josh Joya Josh Joya Manny Ortiz 1
Doug E. Doug Doug E. Doug Lamar Roberts 1
Elizabeth A. Davis Elizabeth A. Davis Tatiana 1
David Beach David Beach Bruce Bruckner 1
Jen Ponton Jen Ponton Kasia Mazurski 1
Julia Goldani Telles Julia Goldani Telles Morgan 1
Norm Lewis Norm Lewis DA James Campbell 1
Caitlin McGee Caitlin McGee Melissa Rella 1
Jason Ralph Jason Ralph Jake Singer 1
Alexandra Socha Alexandra Socha Hannah Lancaster 1
Omar J. Dorsey Omar J. Dorsey Ernie 'Goodnight' Mason 1
Dashiell Eaves Dashiell Eaves Robber #1 /Eli Campbell 1
Ramin Karimloo Ramin Karimloo Barry Hamidi 1
Rick Gonzalez Rick Gonzalez Ricky 1
Hannah Hodson Hannah Hodson Yolanda 1
James Preston James Preston Blake Woods 1
Kevin Kilner Kevin Kilner Agt. Richard Keller 1
Jay O. Sanders Jay O. Sanders Jimmy Reagan 1
Aaron Dean Eisenberg Aaron Dean Eisenberg Michael Oates 1
Celina Jade Celina Jade ME Marisa Lee 1
James Martinez James Martinez Officer Salazar 1
Judy Marte Judy Marte Vivian 1
Sean Cullen Sean Cullen Tom Breyer 1
Joe Tapper Joe Tapper David Harris 1
Patch Darragh Patch Darragh Joe Kaplan 1
Bernie McInerney Bernie McInerney Oscar 1
Stink Fisher Stink Fisher Joe Frye 1
Frank Wood Frank Wood Father Markhum 1
Matt Walton Matt Walton Kevin Schmidt 1
Kenya Brome Kenya Brome Defense Lawyer 1
Gretchen Egolf Gretchen Egolf Ann Cleary 1
Suzanne Shepherd Suzanne Shepherd Lucille Abetemarco 1
Okieriete Onaodowan Okieriete Onaodowan Damon Williams 1
Annika Boras Annika Boras Lacy Campisi 1
Max Arciniega Max Arciniega Esteban Torres 1
Vincent Curatola Vincent Curatola Chief Norm Valenti 1
Malik Yoba Malik Yoba Darryl Reid 1
Kerry Butler Kerry Butler Mary Jo Clarkson 1
Patrick Collins Patrick Collins Jimmy Quinn 1
Samantha Buck Samantha Buck Sheri Dean 1
Robert Turano Robert Turano Captain 1
Bianca Amato Bianca Amato Cindy Perry 1
Sofia Regan Sofia Regan Dr. Jennifer Bennet 1
Tom Mason Tom Mason Rick 1
Kathrine Narducci Kathrine Narducci Anna Bianco 1
Michael Drayer Michael Drayer Marcus Beale 1
Noel Joseph Allain Noel Joseph Allain Boris Ostrovsky 1
Juan Javier Cardenas Juan Javier Cardenas Fake Detective 1
Casey Siemaszko Casey Siemaszko Josh Thorp 1
Andrew Stewart-Jones Andrew Stewart-Jones Officer Kamins 1
America Olivo America Olivo Officer Jill Carpenter 1
Chris McKinney Chris McKinney Bobby Flores 1
James Biberi James Biberi Kola 1
Raquel Castro Raquel Castro Martina Fernandez 1
Joe Holt Joe Holt Donald 1
Michael Gaston Michael Gaston JIm Voutay 1
Rasha Zamamiri Rasha Zamamiri Aisha Nejari 1
McCaleb Burnett McCaleb Burnett Jimmy Deleo 1
Angela Reed Angela Reed Mrs. Holmes 1
Morgan Turner Morgan Turner Stacey Clarke 1
Charles Borland Charles Borland Lt. James McCarthy 1
Wass Stevens Wass Stevens Stevie 'Angels' D'Angelo 1
Daniel Stewart Sherman Daniel Stewart Sherman John Coogan 1
Michael Michele Michael Michele Lois Potter 1
Bonnie Root Bonnie Root Kathy Elliot 1
Norbert Leo Butz Norbert Leo Butz Detective Kramer 1
Kevin O'Donnell Kevin O'Donnell Detective Mike Hofferman 1
Kelly AuCoin Kelly AuCoin Jack Cavanaugh 1
Neal Matarazzo Neal Matarazzo Mr. Vickers 1
David Anzuelo David Anzuelo Mr. Campos 1
Michael Kostroff Michael Kostroff Mr. Wojcik 1
Brian Muller Brian Muller Derek 1
Carter Redwood Carter Redwood Officer Eric Russell 1
Rose Hemingway Rose Hemingway Stephanie Rose 1
Roger R. Cross Roger R. Cross James Reed 1
Matthew Miniero Matthew Miniero T.J. Stewart 1
Brandon Gill Brandon Gill Willis Stratton 1
Judy Reyes Judy Reyes Coryna Garza 1
Lilla Crawford Lilla Crawford Lily Coleman 1
Jackie Debatin Jackie Debatin Mickey, Club Owner 1
Gary Perez Gary Perez Detective Dennis Rivera 1
T. Ryder Smith T. Ryder Smith Miles 1
Leslie Hendrix Leslie Hendrix Mrs. Judith Wilson 1
Alfredo Narciso Alfredo Narciso Det. Montero 1
Jefferson White Jefferson White Officer Eric Carlson 1
Sakina Jaffrey Sakina Jaffrey Mrs. Demir 1
Daniel Abeles Daniel Abeles Officer Richard Clark 1
Nathan Darrow Nathan Darrow Officer Reynolds 1
Tom Kemp Tom Kemp Herb Eastman 1
Deidre Goodwin Deidre Goodwin Administrator Marie 1
John Jelks John Jelks Ray Bell 1
Joseph Latimore Joseph Latimore Mills 1
Billy Kay Billy Kay Xavier Sardina 1
Anthony J. Gallo Anthony J. Gallo Superintendant 1
Ezra Knight Ezra Knight Don Sperling 1
Marc Kudisch Marc Kudisch Terry Longacre 1
Joey Auzenne Joey Auzenne Mondo 1
Eric Todd Eric Todd Justin Taylor 1
John Scurti John Scurti Detective Harold Reed 1
Janet Zarish Janet Zarish Valerie Daniels 1
Sasha Allen Sasha Allen Carmen Hill 1
Hampton Fluker Hampton Fluker Sean Young 1
Diane Davis Diane Davis Karen Wallace 1
Michael James Shaw Michael James Shaw Ronald Lloyd 1
Valentina de Angelis Valentina de Angelis Nikolina 1
Lenny Platt Lenny Platt Joe Ferraro 1
Sepideh Moafi Sepideh Moafi Aaliya Zaki 1
Juan Carlos Hernández Juan Carlos Hernández Raul 1
Liza J. Bennett Liza J. Bennett Mrs. Gibson 1
Quinn VanAntwerp Quinn VanAntwerp Robert Rattner 1
Mary Bacon Mary Bacon Nada Draganic 1
Eddie Korbich Eddie Korbich Nicholas Salamone 1
Daniel Gerroll Daniel Gerroll Ray Curston 1
Bryan Scott Johnson Bryan Scott Johnson Det. Paul Collins 1
Daniel Sauli Daniel Sauli Siblano 1
Joe Lisi Joe Lisi NYPD Chief of Counterterrorism 1
Kecia Lewis-Evans Kecia Lewis-Evans Sandi Harper 1
Mason Pettit Mason Pettit Dean Charlton 1
Adam Scarimbolo Adam Scarimbolo Billy Reese 1
Julia Gibson Julia Gibson Mrs. Vickers 1
Ana Reeder Ana Reeder Louise Kendrick 1
Sydney James Harcourt Sydney James Harcourt Miguel Santana 1
Kohl Sudduth Kohl Sudduth Sam Holbrooke 1
Abbi Snee Abbi Snee Jennifer 1
Lucy Owen Lucy Owen Angela Ferraro 1
Michael DeLorenzo Michael DeLorenzo Fausto 1
Emanuele Ancorini Emanuele Ancorini John Vinchetti Jr 1
Byron Clohessy Byron Clohessy Uniform 1
Amanda Quaid Amanda Quaid Diana Corning 1
Joe Urla Joe Urla Officer Tedesco 1
Anthony Lee Medina Anthony Lee Medina Rudy Williams 1
Theodora Woolley Theodora Woolley Rada Radchenko 1
Kate Hodge Kate Hodge Theresa Keenan 1
Melissa Errico Melissa Errico Rivka Morganthal 1
Erin Dilly Erin Dilly Gwen Rice 1
Kellie Overbey Kellie Overbey Jodi Weiss 1
La Tanya Hall La Tanya Hall Sabine Winston 1
Scott Sowers Scott Sowers Russo 1
F. Murray Abraham F. Murray Abraham Leon Goodwin 1
Alison Wright Alison Wright Brijita Holden 1
Izabella Miko Izabella Miko Milena 1
Kevin Morrow Kevin Morrow Glenn Knapp 1
Conor Romero Conor Romero Sam Moore 1
Jason Cerbone Jason Cerbone Detective Johnny Vassallo 1
Michael Pemberton Michael Pemberton Sgt. Clancy 1
Naian González Norvind Naian González Norvind Chrissie Watkins 1
Jason Manuel Olazabal Jason Manuel Olazabal Javier 1
Ski Carr Ski Carr Octavio Nunez 1
Rebecca Naomi Jones Rebecca Naomi Jones Barbara Keyes 1
Jason Kravits Jason Kravits Dave Greenwald 1
Jon Lindstrom Jon Lindstrom Judge Fenton 1
Alice Kremelberg Alice Kremelberg Alyson Duvitz 1
Matthew Porretta Matthew Porretta Congressman Albom 1
David Lee Russek David Lee Russek Jimmy Costello 1
Jeremie Harris Jeremie Harris Lyle Trevino 1
Michelle Veintimilla Michelle Veintimilla Sybil Cairo 1
Walid Amini Walid Amini Baltazar Aboud 1
Nikiya Mathis Nikiya Mathis Donna 1
Matthew Humphreys Matthew Humphreys Arthur Phillips 1
Geneva Carr Geneva Carr Sally Burton 1
David Patrick Kelly David Patrick Kelly Donald Berry 1
Max Adler Max Adler Andy Fisher 1
Jasmine Cephas Jones Jasmine Cephas Jones Shania Costa 1
Graham Winton Graham Winton Monroe 1
Susan Kelechi Watson Susan Kelechi Watson Detective 1
Armando Riesco Armando Riesco Raoul Delgado 1
Ralph Byers Ralph Byers Randy St. Clair 1
Marcus Lorenzo Marcus Lorenzo Rico Ramirez 1
Daniel Oreskes Daniel Oreskes Alan Murtaugh 1
Daniel Eric Gold Daniel Eric Gold Grady 1
David Bishins David Bishins Inspector Reid 1
Heidi Armbruster Heidi Armbruster Michele Grande 1
Daren Donofrio Daren Donofrio Police Cadet 1
Socorro Santiago Socorro Santiago Manuela Torres 1
Jeremy Luke Jeremy Luke Det. Douglas 1
Keith Eric Chappelle Keith Eric Chappelle NYPD Officer Haskins 1
Grainger Hines Grainger Hines Senator Stanford Harris 1
Louisa Krause Louisa Krause Kimberly 1
Ariane Rinehart Ariane Rinehart Tara 1
Gary Basaraba Gary Basaraba Jimmy Burke 1
Anna Baryshnikov Anna Baryshnikov Jenny Strong 1
Catherine Curtin Catherine Curtin Ruth Bukowski 1
Jeremy Dash Jeremy Dash Tattooed Gang Member 1
Andy Powers Andy Powers Officer Wallace 1
David Pittu David Pittu Agent Jason Tomasetti 1
Rosemary De Angelis Rosemary De Angelis Mrs. Goldfarb 1
Anthony Fazio Anthony Fazio Willie the Junkie 1
Susan Misner Susan Misner Karen Waters 1
Liza Colón-Zayas Liza Colón-Zayas Ana Baez 1
Venida Evans Venida Evans Mrs. Alice Jackson 1
John Enos III John Enos III Jimmy Vitale 1
Babak Tafti Babak Tafti Hafiz Demir 1
Jonas Cohen Jonas Cohen Mitchell Greer 1
Jenna Stern Jenna Stern Rose Butler 1
Joel Garland Joel Garland Street Light Andy 1
Michael Potts Michael Potts Thorton Mead 1
Larry Pine Larry Pine NYPD Chief Surgeon 1
Sally Wheeler Sally Wheeler Doctor 1
Evan Parke Evan Parke Duwan 1
Stephen Barker Turner Stephen Barker Turner Richard Hansen 1
Ivan Martin Ivan Martin Sam Guttman 1
Sean Dugan Sean Dugan Father Quinn 1
Peter Rini Peter Rini Roger Kelly 1
David Starzyk David Starzyk Evan Beck 1
Khalil Kain Khalil Kain FBI Agent Hill 1
Marlene Lawston Marlene Lawston Nicky Reagan-Boyle 1
Alex Cranmer Alex Cranmer Officer Glen Butler 1
Johnny Hopkins Johnny Hopkins Kenny Becker 1
Andrew Hovelson Andrew Hovelson Chris Frye 1
Sharrieff Pugh Sharrieff Pugh Third Person Thorpe 1
Gabriel Salvador Gabriel Salvador Victor Perez 1
Eden Marryshow Eden Marryshow Mark Rivera 1
Ron Canada Ron Canada Deputy Dir. Tom Mason 1
Dominic Comperatore Dominic Comperatore Monsignor Lauro Ferraro 1
Josh Casaubon Josh Casaubon Josh Saunders 1
Zachary Spicer Zachary Spicer Det. Brent Miller 1
Brian Tarantina Brian Tarantina n/a 1
Mark Lotito Mark Lotito Mr. Foster 1
Will Rogers Will Rogers Owen 1
Dominique Fishback Dominique Fishback Charelle Tyler 1
Chelsea Lopez Chelsea Lopez Tina McDermott 1
Don Wallace Don Wallace Nelson Ortiz 1
Lucas Papaelias Lucas Papaelias Kenneth 1
James Chen James Chen Nelson Chiu 1
Joseph J. Parks Joseph J. Parks Frankie Reed 1
Eric Laneuville Eric Laneuville Marcus Greene 1
David Castro David Castro Louis Edwards 1
Maya Days Maya Days Sgt. Donner 1
John Cunningham John Cunningham Preston Rourke 1
Aaron Lohr Aaron Lohr Tommy Barrone, Jr. 1
Khan Baykal Khan Baykal Lizard 1
Shirley Rumierk Shirley Rumierk Parole Officer Ramirez 1
Michael J. Burg Michael J. Burg Detective Trotta 1
Michelle Hurst Michelle Hurst Councilwoman Collins 1
Angela Pierce Angela Pierce Susanna Taylor 1
Michelle Federer Michelle Federer Erika Ramus 1
Paulina Singer Paulina Singer Maribel Rivas 1
Craig Walker Craig Walker Ivano Draganic 1
Kurt McKinney Kurt McKinney Agent Stark 1
Nasser Faris Nasser Faris Imam Jadid 1
Tom Degnan Tom Degnan Fire Marshall Rick Kelly 1
Moogie Brooks Moogie Brooks Motorcyclist 1
Robert Prescott Robert Prescott Detective Crockett 1
Billy Smith Billy Smith Sgt. Rutkowski 1
Kett Turton Kett Turton Lukas Gorski 1
Judith Delgado Judith Delgado Maude 1
Tony Plana Tony Plana President Velverde 1
Eric Nelsen Eric Nelsen Alex Kasper 1
Jas Anderson Jas Anderson Rainey 1
Michael Godere Michael Godere Starvos Constantine 1
Carlos Leon Carlos Leon Eduardo Soto 1
Charles Mesure Charles Mesure Garda Commissioner Farrelly 1
Jade Yorker Jade Yorker Tyrell Dawes 1
Julito McCullum Julito McCullum Willie Hayward 1
Stephanie Fantauzzi Stephanie Fantauzzi Gabby Castillo 1
Kelli Barrett Kelli Barrett Maryann Russell 1
Timothy Busfield Timothy Busfield Charles Bynes 1
Franky G Franky G Sgt. Russell 1
Chip Brookes Chip Brookes Stuart Lemarque 1
Michele Hicks Michele Hicks Cat Holloway 1
Beth Chamberlin Beth Chamberlin Amy Seabrook 1
Murphy Guyer Murphy Guyer Sam Ellis 1
Sasha Frolova Sasha Frolova Adriana Pike 1
Nick Westrate Nick Westrate Liam 1
Billy Griffith Billy Griffith Darrell 1
John D'Leo John D'Leo Tommy 'Shadow' O'Rourke 1
Felicia Pearson Felicia Pearson Roxy Barnes 1
Tony Campisi Tony Campisi Gerry O'Grady 1
Paige Turco Paige Turco Detective Ryan 1
James Andrew O'Connor James Andrew O'Connor Lenny 'Sick' Saccio 1
Connie Ray Connie Ray Ruth 1
Briana Marin Briana Marin Luisa Salazar 1
Ali Marsh Ali Marsh Patricia Restin 1
Dan Butler Dan Butler SBS President Randy Grant 1
A.J. Buckley A.J. Buckley Sergeant Mabrey 1
Tim Devlin Tim Devlin Alphonso 1
J. Bernard Calloway J. Bernard Calloway Michael Hicks 1
Curtiss Cook Curtiss Cook Detective Jones 1
Stephen Hill Stephen Hill Det. Ted Foster 1
Adriana DeMeo Adriana DeMeo Laura Nelson 1
Michael Rivera Michael Rivera Grumpy 1
Andres Munar Andres Munar Officer Manny Francisco 1
Chelsea Spack Chelsea Spack Margaret Middleton 1
Jenny Powers Jenny Powers Marilyn 1
Emily Althaus Emily Althaus Christina Henley 1
Azhar Kahn Azhar Kahn Abdel Salem 1
Andre Ware Andre Ware Sergeant 1
Derek Klena Derek Klena Cormac Phillips 1
Jordan Leeds Jordan Leeds Michael Sutton 1
Eddie Allen Eddie Allen David Drexler 1
Tyagi Schwartz Tyagi Schwartz Ray Milo 1
Hassan Johnson Hassan Johnson Morgan Rutherford 1
Alex Fernandez Alex Fernandez Sgt. Daniel Vega 1
Andi Matichak Andi Matichak Caroline 1
Paul Anthony Stewart Paul Anthony Stewart Peter Westlake 1
Lois Robbins Lois Robbins Cynthia Murtaugh 1
Sarah Steele Sarah Steele Rebecca 1
Julyana Soelistyo Julyana Soelistyo Dr. Sumardi 1
Nick Dillenburg Nick Dillenburg Det. John Welby 1
Bob Jesser Bob Jesser Office Manager 1
Lauren Bittner Lauren Bittner Alyssa Mulrow 1
Miles Grose Miles Grose Luis 1
Don Harvey Don Harvey Det. Connelly 1
Kaliswa Brewster Kaliswa Brewster Liza Daniels 1
Leslie Lyles Leslie Lyles Mrs. Freelander 1
Brett Dalton Brett Dalton Phillip Gibson 1
Yancey Arias Yancey Arias Detective Jose Cruz 1
Dan Lauria Dan Lauria Stan Rourke 1
Dylan Chalfy Dylan Chalfy Kevin Firestone 1
José Ramón Rosario José Ramón Rosario Francisco Lopez 1
Peter J. Fernandez Peter J. Fernandez Inspector 1
Jeff Kim Jeff Kim Billy Chin 1
Joey Slotnick Joey Slotnick Show Writer Klein 1
Craig muMs Grant Craig muMs Grant Leon Bendix 1
Ian Colletti Ian Colletti Eric Butler 1
Ana Kayne Ana Kayne Officer Kelsey Bryson 1
Enid Graham Enid Graham FBI SA Emily Valko 1
Mia Barron Mia Barron Dean Janet Walters 1
Mark Tallman Mark Tallman Officer Wallace 1
Joel de la Fuente Joel de la Fuente Edward Gomez 1
Christina Brucato Christina Brucato Ann Delamar 1
Asa Somers Asa Somers Frank 1
Jordan Lage Jordan Lage Damon Camia 1
Michael Buscemi Michael Buscemi Owen Stapleton 1
Kevin McCormick Kevin McCormick Randall 'Ghost' Sykes 1
Jo Armeniox Jo Armeniox Tiffani 1
Kyle Julian Graham Kyle Julian Graham Cadet 3 1
Andrew Pang Andrew Pang Doctor 1
Dana Cuomo Dana Cuomo Gina 1
Elizabeth Ard Elizabeth Ard Socialite 1
Neal Lerner Neal Lerner Jerry Randall 1
Sarah Wilson Sarah Wilson Sara Allen 1
Patrick Byas Patrick Byas Jeffrey Starks 1
Brock Harris Brock Harris Derrick Sanders 1
Gregg Bello Gregg Bello Benny Roth 1
Reginald Huc Reginald Huc Desk Sgt. Wakefield 1
Erin Cummings Erin Cummings Lori D'Angelo 1
Jeremy Bobb Jeremy Bobb Jonathan Gelman 1
Brendan Griffin Brendan Griffin Bobby Mulrow 1
Jesse Ray Sheps Jesse Ray Sheps Malik Nejari 1
William Abadie William Abadie Alex Schecter 1
Marsha Dietlein Marsha Dietlein Mrs. Clarke 1
George Merrick George Merrick Lance Olson 1
Brian O'Neill Brian O'Neill Joseph Strong 1
Leslie Denniston Leslie Denniston Joan 1
Gregory Lay Gregory Lay Christopher Dean 1
Marc Blucas Marc Blucas Russell Berke 1
Josh Mostel Josh Mostel Victor Flores 1
Jeff Leaf Jeff Leaf Officer Paul Delman 1
James Francis Ginty James Francis Ginty FBI Agent Anthony Cook 1
Gillian Alexy Gillian Alexy Ellen Sloan 1
Jane Dashow Jane Dashow Neighbor 1
Andrew Polk Andrew Polk Rabbi Moscowitz 1
Donnamarie Recco Donnamarie Recco Trina Hamilton 1
Ellen Parker Ellen Parker Mrs. Polanski 1
Jake Cherry Jake Cherry Victor Bajek 1
Jon DeVries Jon DeVries Mr. Freelander 1
Becky London Becky London Alice O'Brien 1
Ernie Sabella Ernie Sabella Leon 1
J. Mallory McCree J. Mallory McCree Deshawn Williams 1
Alex Carter Alex Carter Special Agent Alexander Clune 1
Kathleen McNenny Kathleen McNenny ER doctor 1
Thomas Schall Thomas Schall Father Francis Xavier Ainsworth 1
Marceline Hugot Marceline Hugot Mrs. Carmichael 1
Marisol Sacramento Marisol Sacramento Lily Rivera 1
Justin Grace Justin Grace Officer Mark Hayes 1
James Rebhorn James Rebhorn Archbishop McGovern 1
Elizabeth Norment Elizabeth Norment Gail Holt 1
Lisa Birnbaum Lisa Birnbaum Young Woman 1
Fidel Vicioso Fidel Vicioso Darryl 1
Kristin Griffith Kristin Griffith Laura Gates 1
George R. Sheffey George R. Sheffey Ganley 1
Chris Beetem Chris Beetem Matthew Restin 1
Brandon Tyler Harris Brandon Tyler Harris Ryan Gallagher 1
Edward J. Burns Edward J. Burns Chris Pappas 1
Willie C. Carpenter Willie C. Carpenter Rodney Beckett 1
Michael Braun Michael Braun Jeremiah Kade 1
Jackie Cruz Jackie Cruz Rosa Alvarez 1
Rocco Sisto Rocco Sisto Gordon Rykert 1
Rodrigo Lopresti Rodrigo Lopresti Keith Daley 1
Sam Gilroy Sam Gilroy David Gore 1
Elliot Villar Elliot Villar James Montero 1
Annie Q. Annie Q. Lila 1
Donal Brophy Donal Brophy Andrew 1
Tim Ransom Tim Ransom John McFarland 1
Danny Henriquez Danny Henriquez Chavo 1
Kevin Kane Kevin Kane Officer Bill Becker 1
Clark Jackson Clark Jackson 1
Pamela Dunlap Pamela Dunlap Judge Dolan 1
Parisa Fitz-Henley Parisa Fitz-Henley Lizzy Hughes 1
Jessica Rothe Jessica Rothe Sylvie Freeland 1
Jon David Casey Jon David Casey Homeless Romeo 1
Melanie Evans Melanie Evans Young DA 1
Auden Thornton Auden Thornton Angie 1
Shirley Roeca Shirley Roeca Aunt Marisol 1
Robert Montano Robert Montano Tommy Vasquez 1
Renée Bang Allen Renée Bang Allen Conor's Mom 1
Marcus Callender Marcus Callender EMT, Bike Path 1
Clarke Peters Clarke Peters Nathan Anderson 1
Ali Ahn Ali Ahn Ella Ryu 1
Lori Loughlin Lori Loughlin Grace Edwards 1
Karlin Biederman Karlin Biederman Alex Collins 1
Ken Howard Ken Howard Malcolm 1
Chris Cardona Chris Cardona Repairman 1
Brian Anthony Wilson Brian Anthony Wilson Dino Mancini 1
Jay Devore Jay Devore Milo Finley 1
Manuel Herrera Manuel Herrera Osvaldo V. 1
Drew Beasley Drew Beasley Dylan Russo 1
Danny Rutigliano Danny Rutigliano Blaze Couriers Owner 1
Malachi Omega Malachi Omega Terrell Spaulding 1
Alice Ripley Alice Ripley Beverly Elvers 1
Jon Rua Jon Rua Ricky 1
Mariko Takai Mariko Takai Mrs. Lin 1
John Pirkis John Pirkis Nicholas Walker 1
Aisha De Haas Aisha De Haas Traffic Agent 1
Demosthenes Chrysan Demosthenes Chrysan Bartosz Mazurski 1
Brad Calcaterra Brad Calcaterra Taze 1
Caleb McLaughlin Caleb McLaughlin ToneLane 1
Kathryn Erbe Kathryn Erbe Dr. Bennett 1
Dominic Colon Dominic Colon Omar 1
Joe Coots Joe Coots ESU Commander 1
Haviland Morris Haviland Morris Linda Tomlin 1
Jeanette Dilone Jeanette Dilone Noni 1
Mani Yarosh Mani Yarosh Ana Marcovic 1
Alexandria Suarez Alexandria Suarez Teresa 1
Nicole Powell Nicole Powell Patrol Supervisor 1
Paul Urcioli Paul Urcioli Roy Coben 1
January LaVoy January LaVoy Denise Donohue 1
Ami Sheth Ami Sheth Farrah 1
Domenick Lombardozzi Domenick Lombardozzi Lt. Sutton 1
Marc Bouwer Marc Bouwer Himself 1
Robert Funaro Robert Funaro Captain Browne 1
John Speredakos John Speredakos Gerry O'Brien 1
Lisa Kaminir Lisa Kaminir Margarite Juliano 1
Marty Lawson Marty Lawson Uniformed Officer 1
Kate Skinner Kate Skinner Alice 1
Erik Heger Erik Heger Guy 1
Lisa Arnett Lisa Arnett Penelope 1
Seth Barrish Seth Barrish Alex Lawlor 1
Daryl Edwards Daryl Edwards Russ Howard 1
Zabryna Guevara Zabryna Guevara Angela 1
Liz Fye Liz Fye Maya 1
Raul Casso Raul Casso Sebastian Calso 1
Michael Madsen Michael Madsen Benjamin Walker 1
Kelcy Griffin Kelcy Griffin Renee James 1
Joseph Anderson Joseph Anderson Shawn Mason 1
Veanne Cox Veanne Cox Camilla Lawson 1
Sean Weil Sean Weil Theodore Wessel 1
Nadia Dajani Nadia Dajani Jane Cooley 1
Kevin T. Collins Kevin T. Collins Sully 1
Josh Banks Josh Banks Russell Wilson 1
Slate Holmgren Slate Holmgren Bob 1
Carmine Cangialosi Carmine Cangialosi Str8Arrow 1
Aiden Eyrick Aiden Eyrick Jacob Haas 1
Tom Riis Farrell Tom Riis Farrell Fred Rosebrock 1
Leia Thompson Leia Thompson Bartender 1
Timothy Stickney Timothy Stickney ADA Edward Smith 1
Victor Garber Victor Garber Donald Stein 1
Teddy Cañez Teddy Cañez Congressman Suarez 1
James Moyer James Moyer Dude at News Office 1
Joe Sabatino Joe Sabatino Billy Lloyd 1
Jonathan Gordon Jonathan Gordon Trevor Reid 1
Mike Hodge Mike Hodge Elliot North 1
Camilo Almonacid Camilo Almonacid Waiter 1
Sol Miranda Sol Miranda Mrs. Campos 1
John Rankin John Rankin Meech 1
Don Guillory Don Guillory Joe Raymond 1
Sean Meehan Sean Meehan Lt. Nash 1
Sai Rao Sai Rao Jennings 1
Hank Chen Hank Chen Harry Bell 1
Isaac Cruz Isaac Cruz Martin Cabrese 1
William Sadler William Sadler Armin Janko 1
Julia Haubner Julia Haubner Diner 1
Tom Wopat Tom Wopat Craig Iverson 1
Mark Axelowitz Mark Axelowitz CSU detective 1
Terence Archie Terence Archie Khalid 1
Margot White Margot White Vanessa 1
Michael Lombardi Michael Lombardi Sal Vinchetti 1
Devon Malik Beckford Devon Malik Beckford Dishwasher 1
Meg Carriero Meg Carriero Reporter #3 1
Corey Brown Corey Brown Church Security 1
Annunziata Gianzero Annunziata Gianzero Maria 1
Joseph Riccobene Joseph Riccobene Larry Bonniello 1
Malik Hammond Malik Hammond Yoo-Hoo 1
Jeff Berg Jeff Berg Willis 1
Townsend Ambrecht Townsend Ambrecht Deceased's Son 1
Yoriko Haraguchi Yoriko Haraguchi Rachel 1
Fab 5 Freddy Fab 5 Freddy Atticus 1
Jill Marie Lawrence Jill Marie Lawrence Janice Peterson 1
Reyna de Courcy Reyna de Courcy Lydia 1
Omar Torres Omar Torres Police at Citifield 1
Jenna Gavigan Jenna Gavigan Tess Cahill 1
Clark Beasley Jr. Clark Beasley Jr. Bailiff 1
Mateo Gomez Mateo Gomez Manuel 1
Joseph D Fisher Joseph D Fisher Undercover Det 1
John Behlmann John Behlmann Officer Timothy Doherty 1
Eddie Manley Eddie Manley Chris Keenan 1
Todd Susman Todd Susman Judge Schlossberg 1
Bruno Irizarry Bruno Irizarry Squad Detective 1
Andrew Kober Andrew Kober Joey Marsh 1
Arianna Hoeppner Arianna Hoeppner Girl #1 1
George Feaster George Feaster Homeless Guy 1
Keenan Jolliff Keenan Jolliff Trent 1
Boomer Esiason Boomer Esiason Himself 1
Frank Liotti Frank Liotti George Dano 1
Lohrasp Kansara Lohrasp Kansara Raheem 1
Berto Colon Berto Colon Det. Torres 1
Cormac Bluestone Cormac Bluestone Reporter #2 1
Dominik Tiefenthaler Dominik Tiefenthaler Nicholas Costa 1
Michael Kennealy Michael Kennealy ESU Tech 1
Jerrell Lee Jerrell Lee Melvin Williams 1
Rachel Ticotin Rachel Ticotin Carmen Castillo 1
Nick Gregory Nick Gregory Stephen 1
John Bolton John Bolton Tom Pincus 1
Jeremy Beiler Jeremy Beiler Tech 1
Brett Berg Brett Berg Barista 1
Jose Soto Jose Soto Luis 1
Noah Fleiss Noah Fleiss Paul 1
Richard D. Busser Richard D. Busser DSNY Guy 1
Nicolette Pierini Nicolette Pierini Penelope Drake 1
Jason Babinsky Jason Babinsky Martin Carstairs 1
Mike Masters Mike Masters Secret Service Agent 1
Sara Amante Sara Amante Jen 1
Jennifer Mercein Jennifer Mercein Socialite 1
Julian Gamble Julian Gamble Chief Ronnie Monroe 1
Penny McNamee Penny McNamee Marie Grasso 1
Mckean Rand Mckean Rand Eddie 1
Daisy Tahan Daisy Tahan Stacy Goldman 1
Donald Sage Mackay Donald Sage Mackay Lt. Mike Collier 1
Marc John Jefferies Marc John Jefferies Omar Davis 1
Samantha Soule Samantha Soule Joyce 1
Alexandra Metz Alexandra Metz Courtney Thurman 1
John Wojda John Wojda n/a 1
Donnetta Lavinia Grays Donnetta Lavinia Grays EMT 1
Jarod Einsohn Jarod Einsohn Dylan Sanders 1
Danny Hoch Danny Hoch Billy Leo 1
Patrick Brana Patrick Brana Calvin Benton 1
Andrew Dolan Andrew Dolan Harold Kellen 1
Portia Portia Penny 1
Kristen Adele Kristen Adele Greer's Daughter 1
Matthew C. Flynn Matthew C. Flynn Bill Donnelly 1
Alok Tewari Alok Tewari Imam Ansar 1
Luis Moco Luis Moco Louie 1
Joe Maruzzo Joe Maruzzo Sal Laduca 1
Frank Deal Frank Deal Detective Alan Batalli 1
Kevin Collins Kevin Collins Roger Thornton 1
Mark Borkowski Mark Borkowski Desk Sergeant Wolinski 1
Anita Gillette Anita Gillette Colleen McGuire 1
Gabe Fazio Gabe Fazio Jimmy Wallace 1
Taylor Gildersleeve Taylor Gildersleeve Girl #2 1
Anthony Grasso Anthony Grasso Sergeant 1
Vince Gatton Vince Gatton Podcast Engineer 1
Mark Armstrong Mark Armstrong Atwater 1
Quincy Chad Quincy Chad Security Guard Bobby 1
Syd Diesel Syd Diesel Court Officer 1
Roman Blat Roman Blat Undercover Detective 1
Patrick Oliver Jones Patrick Oliver Jones Reporter 2 1
Anthony Arkin Anthony Arkin Abe Silver 1
Guiesseppe Jones Guiesseppe Jones Officer Coles 1
Robyn Payne Robyn Payne Reporter #2 1
Timothy Adams Timothy Adams John Knight, ESU Captain 1
Thomas M. Hammond Thomas M. Hammond Monsignor Milano 1
Curt Carlson Curt Carlson ESU #1 1
Colleen Zenk Colleen Zenk Joan 1
Joseph Costa Joseph Costa Pharmacist 1
Mandy Bruno Mandy Bruno Antonia Salducci 1
Shannon Ashe Shannon Ashe Lindsey Wentworth 1
Ricki Noel Lander Ricki Noel Lander Sophia 1
Mitchell McGuire Mitchell McGuire John McKenna 1
Robert Lenzi Robert Lenzi Hot Dog 1
Muhammed Cunningham Muhammed Cunningham Stinger 1
Karina Casiano Karina Casiano Maria Lora 1
Leif Riddell Leif Riddell Dean Aaron Dekker 1
Heather Burns Heather Burns Sister Mary 1
Michael Borrelli Michael Borrelli Richie 1
Karen Aldridge Karen Aldridge Desiree Jones 1
Justine Cotsonas Justine Cotsonas Alyson 1
Teresa Yenque Teresa Yenque Lucinda Garza 1
Grant Crawford Grant Crawford Uniform Officer #1 1
Bruce McGill Bruce McGill Big Rick Wolf 1
Matt Dellapina Matt Dellapina Dr. Silverwald 1
Melissa Benoist Melissa Benoist Renee 1
Michael Maize Michael Maize Derek Gibbs 1
Willa Fitzgerald Willa Fitzgerald Lacey Sutherland 1
Keith Pillow Keith Pillow Morgan's Underling 1
Sophia Rokhlin Sophia Rokhlin Helen Korth 1
Jon McCormick Jon McCormick John Redding 1
Michael Morettini Michael Morettini Detective Powell 1
Eva Kaminsky Eva Kaminsky Brittany Davis 1
Margaret Anne Florence Margaret Anne Florence Angela 1
Robert Farrior Robert Farrior Skip Ballister 1
Chuck Lewkowicz Chuck Lewkowicz Burt 1
Elena Goode Elena Goode Vicky 1
Rachel Alana Handler Rachel Alana Handler Veteran 1
David Shih David Shih CSU Tech 1
Ezra Barnes Ezra Barnes Dr. Ingram 1
Jake Miller Jake Miller Michael Hudson 1
Andrew Block Andrew Block Charlie Salamone 1
Kareem Savinon Kareem Savinon Danito 1
Lucas Salvagno Lucas Salvagno Miles Tarshis 1
James Ciccone James Ciccone Super 1
Kevin Csolak Kevin Csolak Luke Ryder 1
Hemky Madera Hemky Madera Ted Santiago 1
Gabriel Furman Gabriel Furman Jessie Collins 1
Peter Davenport Peter Davenport Waiter 1
Alex Hernandez Alex Hernandez Tiny 1
David Margulies David Margulies Solomon 1
Jason Alan Carvell Jason Alan Carvell Chris Teller 1
Grizz Chapman Grizz Chapman Tiny Giondo 1
Ken Arnold Ken Arnold Fat Cat 1
Philip Hernandez Philip Hernandez Reuben Tavares 1
Emma Adele Galvin Emma Adele Galvin Maggie Parker 1
De'Adre Aziza De'Adre Aziza Sharon Parsons 1
Joseph Adams Joseph Adams Robert Young 1
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio Sophia Lanza 1
Ari Stachel Ari Stachel Chuck Murtaugh 1
Tovah Feldshuh Tovah Feldshuh Sylvia Hayden 1
Walt Frasier Walt Frasier Arnie 1
Julienne Hanzelka Kim Julienne Hanzelka Kim Abdel Salem's Lawyer 1
Saul Rubinek Saul Rubinek Sy Goodman 1
Stewart Steinberg Stewart Steinberg Salvatore Bonniello 1
Peter Mark Bockman Peter Mark Bockman Priest 1
Ryan Lynn Ryan Lynn Anthony Kasper 1
Evander Duck Evander Duck Judge McCarthy 1
Susie Essman Susie Essman Judge Clarice Karl 1
Linda Powell Linda Powell Pauline 1
Alex Charak Alex Charak Wayne Foster 1
Nicholas E. Calhoun Nicholas E. Calhoun Max Murdock 1
Karina Arroyave Karina Arroyave Valerie Trainor 1
Frank De Julio Frank De Julio David 1
James Coll James Coll ESU 1
Gregory Haney Gregory Haney Larissa 1
Michael Wieser Michael Wieser Ray 1
John Cramer John Cramer Russ Anderson 1
Drew Leary Drew Leary McCarty 1
Justin Adams Justin Adams Cop in Bar 1
Sondra James Sondra James Retiree Lady 1
Paula Boudreau Paula Boudreau Mrs. Banse 1
Iliana Guibert Iliana Guibert Councilwoman Hernandez 1
Michael Massimino Michael Massimino Doorman 1
James P. Anderson James P. Anderson Montreal Catholic Priest 1
Larry Petersen Larry Petersen Boss 1
George Hampe George Hampe Mike 1
Megan Byrne Megan Byrne Lawyer 1
Don Castro Don Castro Peter Chen 1
Ian Paola Ian Paola Paco Flores 1
Sonya Harum Sonya Harum Sofie Lightner 1
Frank Alfano Frank Alfano Perp #3 1
Brian Munn Brian Munn Businessman 1
Kerri Miller Kerri Miller Jess Weinstein 1
Michael Emery Michael Emery Phil Daelman 1
Jonathan Iglesias Jonathan Iglesias Ralph Lewis 1
Ronny Mercedes Ronny Mercedes Jonny Borrero 1
Steven Randazzo Steven Randazzo Lenny Grazioso 1
William Popp William Popp Marcus Donovan 1
Scott Parkinson Scott Parkinson Ron Peters 1
Mark Badaczewski Mark Badaczewski Stas 1
Bridget Gabbe Bridget Gabbe Kelsey 1
Ana Berry Ana Berry TV Reporter 1
Shirine Babb Shirine Babb Paula Knight 1
Ta'rea Campbell Ta'rea Campbell Miranda Gibbs 1
Ejyp Johnson Ejyp Johnson Trevor 1
Juan Castano Juan Castano Preston Miller 1
Jourdan JoJo Battiste Jourdan JoJo Battiste Kendrick Morrow 1
Rich Campbell Rich Campbell Pianist 1
Kathy Searle Kathy Searle Diane Reade 1
Jeffrey Omura Jeffrey Omura Patrick Dunleavy 1
William DeMeo William DeMeo Vinny Vario 1
Juan Carlos Infante Juan Carlos Infante Jose Gomez 1
Dwayne A. Thomas Dwayne A. Thomas Angel Granderson 1
Simon Feil Simon Feil ADA Howard Lombardi 1
Cynthia Mace Cynthia Mace Siobhan Collins 1
Leon Outlaw Jr. Leon Outlaw Jr. Michael Potter 1
Richard Brevard Richard Brevard Bartender 1
Karen Culp Karen Culp Mrs. Foster 1
Shaun Kevlin Shaun Kevlin Buchanan 1
Sharon Lawrence Sharon Lawrence Christine Sanders 1
Autumn Guzzardi Autumn Guzzardi Kristen Delaney 1
David Deblinger David Deblinger Meyer Black 1
Daryl Embry Daryl Embry Print Journalist 1
Jacob Greene Jacob Greene David Harper III 1
Rudy Mungaray Rudy Mungaray Lupino 1
Nafeesa Monroe Nafeesa Monroe Bank Manager 1
Alanna Blair Alanna Blair Cecilia Kampling 1
Ed Moran Ed Moran Detective Summers 1
Jennifer Raab Jennifer Raab Socialite 1
Kacie Sheik Kacie Sheik Christy Stewart 1
Robert Sella Robert Sella Brian - Clerk 1
Tituss Burgess Tituss Burgess Priest 1
Kevin Chew Kevin Chew Uniform 1
Scott Winters Scott Winters Doctor 1
Marc Bonan Marc Bonan Brian Stratton 1
Andhy Méndez Andhy Méndez Billy Atwater 1
Sean Ringgold Sean Ringgold Pierre 1
Angela Polite Angela Polite Mother Jeffers 1
Ari Butler Ari Butler Reporter 1
Adam Davenport Adam Davenport Bouncer 1
Dave Bachman Dave Bachman Attorney 1
Sevan Greene Sevan Greene Tech 1
Kim Rosen Kim Rosen Polly Wollman 1
Peter Appel Peter Appel Joe Salducci 1
Michael Gibson Michael Gibson Jack 1
James McDaniel James McDaniel Chief Daniels 1
Joe Cassidy Joe Cassidy Det. Lewis Hardy 1
Alejandra Reyes Alejandra Reyes Babymama 1
Liarra Bartlett Liarra Bartlett Uniformed Officer 1
Irene Doudonis Irene Doudonis Clerk 1
Julee Cerda Julee Cerda Defense Attorney 1
Rayan Lawrence Rayan Lawrence Officer Reggie Taylor 1
Jane Fergus Jane Fergus Reporter #3 1
Michael Basile Michael Basile EMT 1
Sean Collins Sean Collins Undercover Cop 1
James Madio James Madio Dom 1
Ben Livingston Ben Livingston Gavin Sutherland 1
Angela Pietropinto Angela Pietropinto Mrs. Sudarsky 1
Kevin Kolack Kevin Kolack EMT 2 1
Lenny Lemer Lenny Lemer Lieutenant 1
Marcus Carl Franklin Marcus Carl Franklin Tom Mackey 1
Sofia Sokolov Sofia Sokolov Sofia 1
Andrew Cao Andrew Cao Cop 1
Tom Bateman Tom Bateman Morgue Clerk 1
James Michael Farrell James Michael Farrell Detective Drexel 1
Edward Cordiano Edward Cordiano Vincent Harrah 1
Kris Eivers Kris Eivers Gunman 1
Tom Titone Tom Titone PBA Lawyer 1
Michael Izquierdo Michael Izquierdo Ian Seroy 1
Marquis Rodriguez Marquis Rodriguez Eric 1
Rafael Benoit Rafael Benoit Pedro Mendoza 1
Allie Woods Jr. Allie Woods Jr. Willie 1
Hyejin J. Hyejin J. ATF Agent 1
April Yvette Thompson April Yvette Thompson Letitia 1
Jim Brooks Jim Brooks Moses Thug #2 1
A.C. Davison A.C. Davison Pete Johnson 1
Kate Boyer Kate Boyer Michele 1
Sasha Hutchings Sasha Hutchings Ariel Rice 1
Christopher Martinez Christopher Martinez Devon Williams 1
John-Patrick Driscoll John-Patrick Driscoll Detective Langraf 1
Brian Gildea Brian Gildea Officer Kravitz 1
Rosalyn Coleman Rosalyn Coleman Lisa Kelly 1
R.J. Foster R.J. Foster Bartender 1
Rajesh Bose Rajesh Bose Pablo Salazar 1
Erin Burnison Erin Burnison Rose Davis 1
Tim Wright Tim Wright Coach 1
Jadah Marie Jadah Marie Ashley Reed 1
Thomas Poarch Thomas Poarch Reporter #1 1
Happy Anderson Happy Anderson Bartender 1
Vladimir Calixte Vladimir Calixte Toussaint Lazard 1
Emmy Harrington Emmy Harrington Tech 1
Sean Crespo Sean Crespo Larry Hale 1
Joseph Melendez Joseph Melendez Emilio Flores - Hitman 1
Justin Ahdoot Justin Ahdoot Raj Choudry 1
Todd Julian Todd Julian Tyler Lee 1
Drew McVety Drew McVety Michael Sanders 1
Dorell Anthony Dorell Anthony Patron #1 1
Emily Coffin Emily Coffin Mrs. Kaplan 1
Myles Clohessy Myles Clohessy Rick 'Junior' Wolf 1
Christopher J. Domig Christopher J. Domig Charles Zappa 1
Ray Wiederhold Ray Wiederhold ESU Sergeant 1
Todd Gearhart Todd Gearhart Matt Douglas 1
Chandra Thomas Chandra Thomas Denise Brown 1
Ryan Barry Ryan Barry Uniform 1
James Thomas Bligh James Thomas Bligh Police Officer 1
Jake Boyd Jake Boyd Marshall Huntington 1
Ariel Eliaz Ariel Eliaz Dusan 1
Rob Leo Roy Rob Leo Roy Vince's Attorney 1
Colin Ryan Colin Ryan Campus Cop 1
Kushtrim Hoxha Kushtrim Hoxha Robert Sava 1
Louie Leonardo Louie Leonardo Santo Castillo 1
Dakin Matthews Dakin Matthews Judge Wilson 1
Usman Ally Usman Ally Vendor 1
Ethan Herschenfeld Ethan Herschenfeld Anton Petrov 1
Rachael Emrich Rachael Emrich Stacy Fryman 1
Nick Diamantis Nick Diamantis Broker 1
Steven Brinberg Steven Brinberg Vijayjay Sings 1
Isaiah Frizzelle Isaiah Frizzelle Taru #2 1
Karen Contreras Karen Contreras Neighbor 1
Katia Koziara Katia Koziara Pharmacist 1
Richard Lyntton Richard Lyntton German Tourist 1
Richard Waugh Richard Waugh Donald Banse 1
Mikhael Bassilli Mikhael Bassilli Alan 1
Michael Lopez Michael Lopez Ricky Cisneros 1
Topher Mikels Topher Mikels Mischa Gruschenko 1
Michael Devine Michael Devine Guard 1
Dina Pearlman Dina Pearlman Marla Kanelos 1
Atticus Burrello Atticus Burrello Luka Draganic 1
Bernardo Cubria Bernardo Cubria Uniformed Officer 1
Narada Campbell Narada Campbell Ronnie 1
Wallace Smith Wallace Smith Officer Ritter 1
David Rasche David Rasche Armin Janko 1
Laine Rettmer Laine Rettmer Lori 1
David Carranza David Carranza Venezuela Fan #2 1
Matthew Boston Matthew Boston Eddie Krumfeldt 1
Kristoffe Brodeur Kristoffe Brodeur Officer Landau 1
Ohene Cornelius Ohene Cornelius Ohene Cornelius 1
Audrey Chaffee Audrey Chaffee Lucy 1
Ralph Rodriguez Ralph Rodriguez Richard Turkel 1
Rebecca Gibel Rebecca Gibel Beatrice 1
Gino Cafarelli Gino Cafarelli Tony - Hard Hat 1 1
Tanya Perez Tanya Perez Agent Martinez 1
Regan Mizrahi Regan Mizrahi Wyatt Richmond 1
Anthony Duluc Anthony Duluc Police Cadet 1
Jimonn Cole Jimonn Cole Derek Redlich 1
Sadie Sink Sadie Sink Daisy Carpenter 1
Teresa Lim Teresa Lim Leslie Chang 1
Cezar Williams Cezar Williams Detective 1
Akim Black Akim Black Cory Fields 1
Channing Jackson Channing Jackson Hiram Diaz 1
Raymond Neil Hernandez Raymond Neil Hernandez Man 1
Odiseas Georgiadis Odiseas Georgiadis Andre Bell 1
Eric Bryant Eric Bryant Jr. ADA Judd 1
Bobby Evers Bobby Evers Cousin 1
Kario Pereira-Bailey Kario Pereira-Bailey Samir 1
Ryan Johnston Ryan Johnston Joey 1
Amanda Holston Amanda Holston Officer Collins 1
Chris Perfetti Chris Perfetti ADA Elliot Pinsky 1
Ariel Bonilla Ariel Bonilla Oscar 1
Logan Sutherland Logan Sutherland Lacrosse Player 1
John Siokas John Siokas Uniform 1
Jeff Mantel Jeff Mantel ESU Captain 1
Hamish Allan-Headley Hamish Allan-Headley Uniform #2 1
Nikolas Kontomanolis Nikolas Kontomanolis Dimitri Floros 1
Natalie Kaye Clater Natalie Kaye Clater Dominican Girl #2 1
Gary Hilborn Gary Hilborn Desk Clerk #2 1
Marshall Elliott Marshall Elliott Broker #2 1
Marc Raco Marc Raco Sgt. Matthews 1
Carolyn Baeumler Carolyn Baeumler Meg Coogan 1
Malachi Nimmons Jr. Malachi Nimmons Jr. Barry 1
Lauren Messina Lauren Messina Podcast Producer 1
Perry Yung Perry Yung Sung Lee 1
John Mainieri John Mainieri Father Duff 1
Martino Caputo Martino Caputo Sgt. Mannato 1
Ella Davis Ella Davis Gabriela Draganic 1
Toni D'Antonio Toni D'Antonio Consula 1
Malik Dixon Malik Dixon Smooth Operator 1
Jake Eavey Jake Eavey Perp #2 1
Ron Maestri Ron Maestri Cafe Patron 1
Nadia Gan Nadia Gan Ming-Tai 1
Louis Vanaria Louis Vanaria NJ Teller 1
Bryan T. Donovan Bryan T. Donovan Brendan McGuire 1
Jacob Bila Jacob Bila Jimmy Jr. 1
Boris McGiver Boris McGiver Trevor Holt 1
Sir Brodie Sir Brodie Ed Shabazz 1
Maya Dajón Maya Dajón Witness 1
Katherine C. Hughes Katherine C. Hughes Amy 1
Barbara Galella Barbara Galella Parishioner #1 1
J.J. Singleton J.J. Singleton David Powell 1
John Capes John Capes Charles Bryce 1
Natalia Segura Natalia Segura Elena Diaz 1
Jaleesa Capri Jaleesa Capri Natalie Foster 1
Beth Dzuricky Beth Dzuricky Woman 1
Krystina Bailey Krystina Bailey Charina 1
Shannon Marie Sullivan Shannon Marie Sullivan Brooke 1
Ananias Dixon Ananias Dixon Wendall 1
Maureen Mueller Maureen Mueller Molly McKenna 1
Jared Zirilli Jared Zirilli Val Savecchio 1
Li Jun Li Li Jun Li Nicka 1
Ian Bedford Ian Bedford Guard #2 1
Lyman Chen Lyman Chen Patrol Cop 1
Andrew Rothenberg Andrew Rothenberg Andy Barstow 1
Ricky Garcia Ricky Garcia Cargo Driver 1
Jennifer Cody Jennifer Cody Amber 1
Joe Jones Joe Jones Ian Cameron 1
Yair Ben-Dor Yair Ben-Dor Naseem 1
Francesca McLaughlin Francesca McLaughlin Sissy 1
Catrina Ganey Catrina Ganey Mrs. Bell 1
Matt Mulhern Matt Mulhern Steve Brandt 1
Alexis Bronkovic Alexis Bronkovic Cathy 1
Julian Joseph Julian Joseph Kelvin 1
Madison Wright Madison Wright Skinny Girl 1
Orlagh Cassidy Orlagh Cassidy Anne Carter 1
Joseph Dimartino Joseph Dimartino Doctor Trauma Room 1
Danny Garcia Danny Garcia Officer Steve Smith 1
Nicole Coulon Nicole Coulon Female Tourist 1
Stan Demidoff Stan Demidoff Jay Kampling 1
Nicole Lewis Nicole Lewis Court Clerk 1
Alberto Rosende Alberto Rosende Carlos Santiago 1
Vikki Eugenis Vikki Eugenis Mary 1
Joshua Cameron Joshua Cameron Salem Haddad 1
Coral Peña Coral Peña Olivia Francisco 1
Anna Eilinsfeld Anna Eilinsfeld Svetlana Bayul 1
Jorge Cordova Jorge Cordova D.A. Grant Bridges 1
James Mena James Mena Aide 1
Jimmy Brooks Jimmy Brooks Moses Thug 1
Victor Verhaeghe Victor Verhaeghe Dave Greenwald 1
Craig DiFrancia Craig DiFrancia Chris Maldonado 1
Richard Shoberg Richard Shoberg Truscott Huntington 1
Elizabeth Havrilla Elizabeth Havrilla Gallery Patron 1
Andrea Cirie Andrea Cirie Miriam Katz 1
Brian D. Coats Brian D. Coats Dispatcher 1
Janie Brookshire Janie Brookshire Alexis Barnett 1
Kevin D'Arcy Kevin D'Arcy Luke Lent 1
Tamika Sonja Lawrence Tamika Sonja Lawrence Nina Davis 1
Charlie McWade Charlie McWade Bruno Gallo 1
Yuval Boim Yuval Boim Levi 1
Robert Wuhl Robert Wuhl Captain Ward Gibson 1
Tatiana Fulmer Tatiana Fulmer Shanna Gates 1
Cristal Casellas Cristal Casellas Hot Hispanic Girl 1
Roy Jackson Roy Jackson Detective Tiny 1
Brit Whittle Brit Whittle David Marwick 1
Cassidy Gifford Cassidy Gifford Mandy 1
Claire Byrne Claire Byrne Nun 1
Chantal Maurice Chantal Maurice Uni 1
Michael Barra Michael Barra Dominick Barbosa 1
Michael Capperella Michael Capperella Tommy Russell 1
Dalton Harrod Dalton Harrod Mark 1
Ken Krugman Ken Krugman Man #2 1
Joe Dawson Joe Dawson Justin Armel 1
Gibson Frazier Gibson Frazier Dr. Randall Glenroy 1
Peter Coyote Peter Coyote Senator Ted McCreary 1
Leanne Agmon Leanne Agmon Allie Scott 1
Eric Murray Eric Murray Ronald Tourneff 1
Lyndsey Anderson Lyndsey Anderson Homeless Woman 1
Jordan Fargo Jordan Fargo New Kid Patient 1
James Holloway James Holloway Officer Caminitti 1
David J. Cork David J. Cork Winslow Martin 1
Ben Getz Ben Getz Reynaldo 1
Christopher Jon Gombos Christopher Jon Gombos Joey Sava 1
Caroline Grossman Caroline Grossman Janie 1
Daniella De Jesús Daniella De Jesús Maria Flores 1
Amanda Castanos Amanda Castanos Maid 1
John Siciliano John Siciliano Sergeant Terrance Sullivan 1
Patrick Murney Patrick Murney James Ratchet 1
Bradley W. Anderson Bradley W. Anderson Detective Steve Driscoll 1
Dennis Gagomiros Dennis Gagomiros FBI Agent Visnic 1
Oliver Hollmann Oliver Hollmann Zach 1
Jessica Ecklund Jessica Ecklund Connie 1
J.W. Cortes J.W. Cortes Uniformed Officer 1
Lars Stevens Lars Stevens Pietro 1
Tom Deckman Tom Deckman John Dexter 1
Matthew Dunehoo Matthew Dunehoo Homeless Man #2 1
Emily Dann Emily Dann Kathleen D'Amato 1
Kevin Yamada Kevin Yamada Detective 1
Denia Brache Denia Brache Dolores 1
Raissa Dorff Raissa Dorff Defense Attorney 1
Derek Binsack Derek Binsack Sam 1
Stuart Zagnit Stuart Zagnit Karl 1
Brennan Taylor Brennan Taylor Reporter #1 1
Maury Ginsberg Maury Ginsberg Scott Holden 1
Pat Bowie Pat Bowie Carol Reed 1
Vladimir Bibic Vladimir Bibic Yuri 1
Ryan Farrell Ryan Farrell Broker #1 1
Annalaina Marks Annalaina Marks Atlanta 1
Christopher M. Elassad Christopher M. Elassad Uniform 1
Ka-Ling Cheung Ka-Ling Cheung Asian Masseuse 1
Joel Brady Joel Brady Det. Crosetti 1
Mark David Watson Mark David Watson Officer Spencer 1
Fyvush Finkel Fyvush Finkel Moishe 1
Katherine Sigismund Katherine Sigismund Kathy Duncan 1
Richard Gallagher Richard Gallagher Tech 1
Ian Blackman Ian Blackman Lawyer 1
Abby Rain Heiser Abby Rain Heiser Student 1
Randy Clarke Lennon Randy Clarke Lennon Director 1
Kalyn West Kalyn West Rachel 1
Nina Lafarga Nina Lafarga Woman 1
Hunter Emery Hunter Emery Little G 1
Michael Lewis Michael Lewis Todd Collins 1
Angela Polk Angela Polk Regina Tomlin 1
Katie Henney Katie Henney Kate 1
Maggie Steele Maggie Steele NYPD Officer 1
Jakob Von Eichel Jakob Von Eichel Priest 1
Addy Bella Addy Bella Nadia Garza 1
Liam Campora Liam Campora Kyle 1
Jim Ford Jim Ford Driver 1
Steve Hamm Steve Hamm Uniform #2 1
Brian McCarthy Brian McCarthy Paul Davis 1
Diane Cossa Diane Cossa Mother 1
Leland Alexander Wheeler Leland Alexander Wheeler Billy Romero 1
Christopher Chan Christopher Chan Doctor 1
Ben Rezendes Ben Rezendes Andrew 1
John DeBlasio John DeBlasio Union Leader 1
Neimah Djourabchi Neimah Djourabchi Hot Dog Vendor 1
Arnie Burton Arnie Burton Jonathan Sands 1
Gregory Russell Cook Gregory Russell Cook Kevin Conklin 1
Charleigh E. Parker Charleigh E. Parker EMT 1 1
Daniel Bartkewicz Daniel Bartkewicz Teacher 1
Toccarra Cash Toccarra Cash Uniform #3 1
Clyde Baldo Clyde Baldo Ken Peters 1
Preston Simpson Preston Simpson Detective Gerken 1
Ryan Duncan Ryan Duncan PBA Rep Cafferty 1
Adrian Matilla Adrian Matilla Ticky /Thug #2 1
Derek Roché Derek Roché Paul Rossi 1
Chris Lazzaro Chris Lazzaro Devane 1
Ariana DeBose Ariana DeBose Sophia Ortiz 1
Cosette Rinab Cosette Rinab Charlotte Lewis 1
Erick Zamora Erick Zamora Julio 1
Filipe Valle Costa Filipe Valle Costa Hayes' partner 1
Rege Lewis Rege Lewis Facilities Manager 1
Jessica Riso Jessica Riso Young Woman 1
John Joseph Gallagher John Joseph Gallagher Desk Clerk 1
Esther David Esther David Reporter #2 1
Katie Maguire Katie Maguire Officer Flanagan 1
Ayumi Patterson Ayumi Patterson Lisa 1
Marguerite Stimpson Marguerite Stimpson Emily Mathews 1
Audrie Neenan Audrie Neenan Imelda 1
Valerie Brookshire Valerie Brookshire Uniform #2 1
Kim Roberts Kim Roberts Judge Waters 1
Elle Catanzarite Elle Catanzarite Little Noni 1
J.J. Wynder J.J. Wynder Marcus Green 1
Chris Vaina Chris Vaina Spectator 1
Molly Anne Coogan Molly Anne Coogan Keira 1
Christina Choe Christina Choe Amy Lin 1
Ron Domingo Ron Domingo Jamal Khan 1
Andre Da Silva Andre Da Silva ESU Captain Diaz 1
Connor Gibbons Connor Gibbons Patrick 1
Pomme Koch Pomme Koch Onlooker #1 1
Jennifer Lim Jennifer Lim Wai-Chee 1
Nicholas J. Giangiulio Nicholas J. Giangiulio Sergeant 1
Luke Forbes Luke Forbes Jefferson 1
Kareem Hamdy Kareem Hamdy Hookah Scene 1
Jason Furlani Jason Furlani Uniform 1
David Julian Melendez David Julian Melendez Eduardo 1
Petronia Paley Petronia Paley Josephine Stratton 1
Mike Havok Mike Havok Subway Victim 1
Sophie Joo Sophie Joo Bargirl 1
Leighton Bryan Leighton Bryan Theresa, Reporter 1
Christina Jackson Christina Jackson Ariel 1
Catherine Blades Catherine Blades Darcy 1
Nicole Rutigliano Nicole Rutigliano Drug Dealers Girlfriend 1
Imran W. Sheikh Imran W. Sheikh Manny 1
Aaron Michael Davies Aaron Michael Davies Protester #1 1
Adrian Alvarado Adrian Alvarado Jorge 1
Christopher Mann Christopher Mann Deputy Commissioner of Ops 1
Branden Wellington Branden Wellington Firefighter #1 1
Jay Hieron Jay Hieron Ramon Sanchez 1
Kevin Riley Kevin Riley David Fisher 1
Jack Cambria Jack Cambria Jack 1
Casey Krehbiel Casey Krehbiel Passerby 1
Valerie Smaldone Valerie Smaldone Leah Powell 1
Eboni Flowers Eboni Flowers Mayor's Aide 1
Gregg Micheals Gregg Micheals Wall Street Banker 1
Miriam Cruz Miriam Cruz Grandmother 1
Gregory Abbey Gregory Abbey Investigator Davis 1
Steven Cambria Steven Cambria Court Officer 1
Karen Tsen Lee Karen Tsen Lee Woman 1
Tim Intravia Tim Intravia Waiter 1
Lee Summers Lee Summers Sgt. Stiles 1
Samuel Ray Gates Samuel Ray Gates Reporter #1 1
Brian Fuqua Brian Fuqua Reporter #2 1
Alex Corrado Alex Corrado Rogers 1
Stephen McGahan Stephen McGahan Amy's 6-year-old 1
Ruari Fay Ruari Fay Frat Boy 1
Brent Werzner Brent Werzner Christopher Collins 1
Idriis Mandala-Lupe Idriis Mandala-Lupe Van Guy 1
Dieter Riesle Dieter Riesle Vladmir Sarbonis 1
Stephen W. Tenner Stephen W. Tenner Detective Argenzio 1
Lucy Fava Lucy Fava Sudi Zaki 1
Jose Leon Jose Leon Officer Vargas 1
Hannelore Williams Hannelore Williams Rosie Guttierez 1
Dean Neistat Dean Neistat Sgt. Bobby Donahue 1
Czarina Mada Czarina Mada Uniform 1
Jack DiFalco Jack DiFalco Mason Reyes 1
Katie Flahive Katie Flahive Officer Donna Nichols 1
Valence Thomas Valence Thomas John 1
Tony Mazzulli Tony Mazzulli Taru Tech. 1
Chris Bellant Chris Bellant Assistant Director 1
Brian Edwards Brian Edwards CSU Tech 1
Hazel Anne Raymundo Hazel Anne Raymundo Nurse 1
Michael De Nola Michael De Nola Wayne Levinsky 1
Ben Hyland Ben Hyland Tommy 1
Jeannette Faye Jeannette Faye Sinead 1
Duane Murray Duane Murray P.D. Adelman 1
John Clarence Stewart John Clarence Stewart Officer Keith Roosevelt 1
Karen Morris Karen Morris Business Woman 1
Ronald Kuby Ronald Kuby Roy Dukaski 1
Nikki Guevarra Nikki Guevarra Hayley 1
Kate Rogal Kate Rogal Valerie Traynor 1
Cliff Samara Cliff Samara Manny's Father 1
Andrew Paterini Andrew Paterini Press 1
Carlos Franco Carlos Franco Torres 1
Philip Martin Reid Philip Martin Reid Dontrell Tariq 1
Laurence Blum Laurence Blum Cop 1
Traci Hovel Traci Hovel Girlfriend #1 1
Matt Shingledecker Matt Shingledecker Rob 1
Fady Kerko Fady Kerko El Haq's Associate 1
Alicia Harding Alicia Harding Nurse 1
Amir Ali Said Amir Ali Said Malik 1
Raúl Castillo Raúl Castillo Raul 1
Jimmy Callahan Jimmy Callahan Detective Billy Kellin 1
Victor Pagan Victor Pagan Jose Duran 1
Dennis Leonard Johnson Dennis Leonard Johnson Robber #2 1
Maddox Skigen Maddox Skigen Alex 1
Darby Lynn Totten Darby Lynn Totten Woman 1
Jerah Milligan Jerah Milligan Ron Ward 1
Joan Rosenfels Joan Rosenfels Mrs. Griffin 1
Ivette Diaz Dumeng Ivette Diaz Dumeng Young Mother 1
Brent Bateman Brent Bateman Firefighter #2 1
Pico Alexander Pico Alexander Darren Bentley 1
Cara Grace O'Connor Cara Grace O'Connor Little Girl 1
Dan Shor Dan Shor Len Hardin 1
Daniel Garcia Daniel Garcia Photographer 1
Stanley Nallem Stanley Nallem Young Boy 1
Jimmy Brewer Jimmy Brewer Ben 1
Alex Emanuel Alex Emanuel Sean Stevens 1
Kate Eastman Kate Eastman Pregnant Woman 1
Cary Donaldson Cary Donaldson Desk Clerk 1
Carole Demas Carole Demas Beth Eastman 1
Caleb Wallace Caleb Wallace Vincent Martin 1
Damien Bosco Damien Bosco Police Officer 1
Juney Smith Juney Smith Doorman 1
David Karges David Karges TARU Officer 1
Alice Schaerer Alice Schaerer Neighborhood Woman 1
Julia Tokarz Julia Tokarz Waitress 1
Jeremy Rishe Jeremy Rishe Nevermind 1
Vinicius Damasceno Vinicius Damasceno Miguel Lora 1
Matt Golden Matt Golden Father 1
Benjamin Snyder Benjamin Snyder Matthew D'Angelo 1
Michael Elian Michael Elian Barista 1
Samora Suber Samora Suber Supporting 1
David Brown David Brown Bodega Owner 1
Kresh Novakovic Kresh Novakovic Plainclothes Cop #2 1
Shanga Parker Shanga Parker Counterman Rakesh 1
Paul Michael Valley Paul Michael Valley Richard Hart 1
D.K. Bowser D.K. Bowser Super 1
Ron Fehmiu Ron Fehmiu Zoran Brasha 1
Sidiki Fofana Sidiki Fofana Moses Thug #1 1
Rio Puertollano Rio Puertollano Esteban 1
Dina Drew Dina Drew Woman 1
Bobby Guarino Bobby Guarino Siwicki 1
Karolina Muller Karolina Muller Milli 1
Lee Shepherd Lee Shepherd Dr. Fried 1
Mike Sharits Mike Sharits Eric Woodman 1
Raleigh Dean Craighead Raleigh Dean Craighead Tom Cascarelli 1
Emily Nicole Hansen Emily Nicole Hansen Skinny Blonde 1
Frances Eve Frances Eve Assistant 1
Carter Roy Carter Roy Pellegrino 1
Kachina Dechert Kachina Dechert Katy Fontana 1
Grant Rosenmeyer Grant Rosenmeyer Brian 1
Nick Gehlfuss Nick Gehlfuss Jimmy the Bookie 1
Sebastian Coates Sebastian Coates Jack's Friend 1
David Lavine David Lavine Doctor 1
Edvin Ortega Edvin Ortega Uniform 1 1
Paul Amodeo Paul Amodeo Priest 1
Alex Sgambati Alex Sgambati Mindy Gummerman 1
Dj Nino Carta Dj Nino Carta Undercover Detective 1
Allison Poccia Allison Poccia Helen Davis 1
Ben Hollandsworth Ben Hollandsworth Party Promoter 1
Jim Lynch Jim Lynch Father Barnes 1
Frank Fortunato Frank Fortunato Uniformed Officer 1
Max Maslow Max Maslow Angela's Son 1
Beau Baxter Beau Baxter David Cohen 1
Dave T. Koenig Dave T. Koenig Larry 1
Steve Greenstein Steve Greenstein Owner 1
Teo Rapp-Olsson Teo Rapp-Olsson Todd Bukowski 1
Stephen Reich Stephen Reich ATF Agent Schilling 1
Jeremy Gallant Jeremy Gallant Perez's Friend 1
Jorge Vega Jorge Vega Little Kid 1
Antino Angyl Crowley Antino Angyl Crowley Head Banger 1
Jason Humble Jason Humble Undercover Detective 1
Michelle Wilson Michelle Wilson Paramedic 1
James Georgiades James Georgiades Gus Galanis 1
Drew Hirshfield Drew Hirshfield CCS Detective 1
Stacy Keach Stacy Keach Cardinal 1
Keet Davis Keet Davis Gangbanger 1 1
Jo-Anne Lee Jo-Anne Lee Clinic Receptionist 1
Curtis Hahne Curtis Hahne Canine Cop 1
Gavin-Keith Umeh Gavin-Keith Umeh Rocco Jenson 1
Elaine del Valle Elaine del Valle Sophia Martin 1
Maria Di Angelis Maria Di Angelis Rose 1
Mickey Jaiven Mickey Jaiven Thug #1 1
Christopher Halladay Christopher Halladay Gun Store Clerk 1
Alison Campbell Alison Campbell Young Woman 1
Matt Wall Matt Wall Warren 1
Michael Guagno Michael Guagno Doorman 1
Kelli Mackenzie Kelli Mackenzie Escort 1
Christian Wallace Christian Wallace Vincent Martin 1
Samuel Smith Samuel Smith Security Guy 1
Joseph Lyle Taylor Joseph Lyle Taylor Ronnie D'Angelo 1
Kevin Hogan Kevin Hogan Doctor 1
Ernesto Rosas Ernesto Rosas Bartender 1
James Farley James Farley Chief of Police 1
Brad Fryman Brad Fryman Johnny Lovell 1
Paul Lussier Paul Lussier Distinguished Guest 1
Phillip Chorba Phillip Chorba Motel Manager 1
Paul Castro Jr. Paul Castro Jr. Scottie Lloyd 1
TaiVon McKinney TaiVon McKinney Officer Smith 1
Gabe Hernandez Gabe Hernandez Bar Owner 1
Jada Jarvis Jada Jarvis Supporter 1
Luciana Faulhaber Luciana Faulhaber Lucinda - Bartender 1
Flaco Navaja Flaco Navaja Victor Mendez 1
Alexander Jameson Alexander Jameson Boy with Bat 1
Madeline Weinstein Madeline Weinstein Carla Redding 1
James Hosey James Hosey Boy 1
Sonnie Brown Sonnie Brown Anita Rosen 1
Uzo Aduba Uzo Aduba Nurse 1
Anthony Engellis Anthony Engellis Michael Reade 1
Christopher Lanceley Christopher Lanceley Guy 1
Khemali Murray Khemali Murray Corrections Officer 1
Jessica Perez Jessica Perez Melissa Galsillo 1
Adam Lindo Adam Lindo Jose Nunez 1
Jonathan Walker Jonathan Walker Jeffrey Durning 1
Bowman Wright Bowman Wright Drug Dealer 1
James L. Lorenzo James L. Lorenzo Darren Macintyre 1
Jim Siokos Jim Siokos Uniform #1 1
Abigail Friend Abigail Friend Emma 1
Lameece Issaq Lameece Issaq Bank Teller 1
Jeff Wiens Jeff Wiens PBA Attorney for Cutter 1
Curtis Lyons Curtis Lyons Raid Team Member 1
Erica Newhouse Erica Newhouse Amy 1
Adrienne C. Moore Adrienne C. Moore Nurse 1
Merel Julia Merel Julia Baez's Mother 1
Nedra McClyde Nedra McClyde Clerk 1
Takako Haywood Takako Haywood Mayor's Secretary 1
Steven DeMarco Steven DeMarco Long-Haired Biker 1
Elena McGhee Elena McGhee Homeless Woman 1
Tim Smallwood Tim Smallwood David Carvell 1
Daron Ross Daron Ross ESU Officer #1 1
Nicholas J. Coleman Nicholas J. Coleman Officer Landau 1
Morissa Trunzo Morissa Trunzo Tiffany Mink 1
Jason Griffith Jason Griffith Suit 1
Lyric Hurd Lyric Hurd Joy Brown 1
Gerardo Rodriguez Gerardo Rodriguez Sergeant Alvarez 1
Lidiane Fernandes Lidiane Fernandes Patron #2 1
Robert Keiley Robert Keiley Bomb Squad Officer 1
Erin Mackey Erin Mackey Rachel 1
Assibey Blake Assibey Blake Under Cover Cop 1
Douglas Taurel Douglas Taurel Police Officer 1
Krista Flanigan Krista Flanigan Melissa 1
Salvatore Inzerillo Salvatore Inzerillo Jorge 1
Eric Santiago Eric Santiago Karate Instructor 1
Chetna Goel Chetna Goel Neighborhood kid 1
James Russell James Russell Desk Clerk 1
Kristin Parker Kristin Parker Rebecca Collins 1
Steve Arbuckle Steve Arbuckle Oliver Peele 1
James Patterson James Patterson Kyle 1
Patrick T. Johnson Patrick T. Johnson Chief Timothy Dunne 1
Skylin Rodriguez Skylin Rodriguez Little Nona 1
Nathaniel Stampley Nathaniel Stampley ESU 1
Mario Brassard Mario Brassard Restaurateur 1
Marcos A. Gonzalez Marcos A. Gonzalez Photographer 1
Angel Caban Angel Caban Nestor 1
Andrew Pastides Andrew Pastides Dorian 1
Christian Steiner Christian Steiner Reporter 2 1
Meg Gibson Meg Gibson Pender 1
Andrea Ramos Andrea Ramos Marianna 1
Kay Copeland Kay Copeland Rich Girl 1
Drew Bongianni Drew Bongianni Lieutenant of 2-7 1
Rob Falcone Rob Falcone Handyman 1
Gracie Beardsley Gracie Beardsley Young Girl 1
Tara Gadomski Tara Gadomski Librarian 1
Kal Parekh Kal Parekh Dr. Pruit 1
Tarik Lowe Tarik Lowe Robber #1 /Terrence Banks 1
Eric Leviton Eric Leviton Rudy Jackson 1
Jon Necaj Jon Necaj Student 1
Mark Hattan Mark Hattan Detective 1
Alberto Bonilla Alberto Bonilla Rolando Vega 1
Lynn Marocola Lynn Marocola NYPD Police Officer 1
Paul Woodburn Paul Woodburn Captain 1
Charisse Matthews Charisse Matthews Mayor's Aide 1
Cortez Nance Jr. Cortez Nance Jr. Osvaldo 1
Elizabeth Loyacano Elizabeth Loyacano Tina Costello 1
Bruce Winant Bruce Winant Scott Rosen 1
Tracy Wilder Tracy Wilder PBA Attorney for Walsh 1
David Shumbris David Shumbris John Johanssen 1
Robin Skye Robin Skye Judge Adrian Jones 1
Jeffrey Parrillo Jeffrey Parrillo Cadet 1
Francesca Reale Francesca Reale Gabriella Morretti 1
Brian Silliman Brian Silliman Homeless Man 1
Airon Armstrong Airon Armstrong Bruce Epstein 1
Pat Labez Pat Labez Reporter on TV 1
Veronica Reyes-How Veronica Reyes-How Gloria Santiago 1
Scott Richard Foster Scott Richard Foster ESU Officer #2 1
Vanessa Urzia Vanessa Urzia Erika's Daughter 1
Amelia Fowler Amelia Fowler Waitress 1
Terence Lorino Terence Lorino John Bell 1
Shevy Gutierrez Shevy Gutierrez Uni 1
Jamie Marie Hannigan Jamie Marie Hannigan Crime Scene Investigation Unit 1
Isaiah Negrón Isaiah Negrón Tommy 1
James Russell James Russell Desk Clerk 1
Brian Faherty Brian Faherty Ronald 1
Jacqueline Knapp Jacqueline Knapp Mrs. Cantwell 1
Erika Woods Erika Woods Nurse 1
Raul Aranas Raul Aranas Clerk 1
Jeaniene Green Jeaniene Green Nurse 1
Aiden Medina Aiden Medina Ernesto 1
Andrew Halliday Andrew Halliday Hotel Manager 1
Melissa Ward Melissa Ward Eleanor Rice 1
Mark Johannes Mark Johannes Kenneth Harrington 1
Jeremy Burnett Jeremy Burnett Uniform Cop 1
Tam Mutu Tam Mutu Sgt. Ray Langley 1
Trent Kendall Trent Kendall Roger Winters 1
Kathreen Khavari Kathreen Khavari Ayla Demir 1
Kate Middleton Kate Middleton Angela Marino 1
Mike McClusky Mike McClusky Officer Carter 1
John Mavungo John Mavungo Church Security 1
Jessica Tyler Wright Jessica Tyler Wright Reporter 1
Marcella Lowery Marcella Lowery Mrs. Greer 1
R.A. Guirand R.A. Guirand ER doctor 1
Mara Measor Mara Measor Chelsea 1
James Villemaire James Villemaire Tom Henkes 1
Neil Hellegers Neil Hellegers Attendant 1
Aaron Morton Aaron Morton Paramedic 1
Juri Henley-Cohn Juri Henley-Cohn Luke Avila 1
Bruce Conner Bruce Conner Police Officer 1
Charles Brice Charles Brice James Prince 1
Almeria Campbell Almeria Campbell Deb Waldren 1
Wolfgang Jackson Lacz Wolfgang Jackson Lacz Son 1
Paul Robert Jones Paul Robert Jones Cameraman 1
Camari Brown Camari Brown Uniform at Crime Scene 1
Kevin McKinney Kevin McKinney Van Guy 1
Christopher Stadulis Christopher Stadulis Limo Driver 1
Rick Bolander Rick Bolander EMT 1
Kate Levy Kate Levy Jeane Richards 1
Barbara Haas Barbara Haas Shopper 1
Ben Diskant Ben Diskant Officer 1
Lawrence Ballard Lawrence Ballard Willis 1
Sophie Hayden Sophie Hayden Naomi 1
Ed Wheeler Ed Wheeler Councilman Welch 1
Paul A Nielsen Paul A Nielsen Police Chief at Conference 1
Manuel Cortes Alcazar Manuel Cortes Alcazar Gang Member 1
Zonya Love Zonya Love Bystander #1 1
Jaden Harmon Jaden Harmon Derick Bell 1
Fiona Choi Fiona Choi Tech 1
Daniel Morgan Shelley Daniel Morgan Shelley Uniform #1 1
Julian Silva Julian Silva Nerd #1 1
Rufus Collins Rufus Collins Dale Hunnicut 1
Jenny Fellner Jenny Fellner Tourist Woman 1
Tadashi Mitsui Tadashi Mitsui Japanese Businessman 1
Pedro Morillo Pedro Morillo Gangbanger #2 1
Frisco Cosme Frisco Cosme Ghost 1
Brian Donahue Brian Donahue Court Officer 1
David Jennings David Jennings Male Resident 1
Liche Ariza Liche Ariza Vendor 1
Jos Laniado Jos Laniado Arturo Vega 1
Marc D. Donovan Marc D. Donovan Producer 1
Isabelle Kornblau Isabelle Kornblau Young Attractive Woman 1
Faith Kelly Faith Kelly Junkie 1
John Kroft John Kroft Classmate - Steven 1
Edward Furs Edward Furs Super 1
Hannah McKechnie Hannah McKechnie Waitress 1
Maren Lord Maren Lord Female Patron 1
Anouk Dutruit Anouk Dutruit Natalia Bajek 1
Franky Tarantino Franky Tarantino Bashed Face Victim 1
Mark Azarcon Mark Azarcon Kidnapper 1
Antony Hagopian Antony Hagopian Gavin Bryant 1
Devin Harjes Devin Harjes Sam Padell - Mugger 1
Joseph Perrino Joseph Perrino Doorman Sergio 1
Eric Elizaga Eric Elizaga Delivery Guy 1
Alejandra Rivera Flaviá Alejandra Rivera Flaviá Olivia Rodriguez 1
Pete Hourihan Pete Hourihan Parker 1
Miles Chandler Miles Chandler Boy 1
Spelman M. Beaubrun Spelman M. Beaubrun Samba 1
Gina Sarno Gina Sarno Gallery Patron 1
Ben McHugh Ben McHugh Jonathan Barnett 1
Brian J. Carter Brian J. Carter U.S. Attorney 1
Robert C. Kirk Robert C. Kirk Lt. Vance 1
Kyle Paul Kyle Paul Kenneth Nelson 1
Omar A. Soriano Omar A. Soriano Thomas Miller 1
Tino Taylor Tino Taylor Carlos - Acid Man 1
Tavars Jazz Tavars Jazz Van Guy 1
Juan-Pablo Veza Juan-Pablo Veza Valverde Guard 1
Joe Gately Joe Gately Detective 1
Michelle Simone Miller Michelle Simone Miller Onlooker #2 1
Kevin Coubal Kevin Coubal Uniformed Officer 1
Brenda Kuciemba Brenda Kuciemba Pedestrian 1
Renzo Rios Renzo Rios Busboy 1
Preston Sadleir Preston Sadleir Clerk 1
Anthony J Sacco Anthony J Sacco Street Guy 1
Karen Ludwig Karen Ludwig Leslie - Keith's Mom 1
Shawn Gonzalez Shawn Gonzalez Los Lordes Gang Member 1
Shacha Temirov Shacha Temirov Nerd #2 1
Mike Burke Mike Burke Driver 1
Veronica Cruz Veronica Cruz Marina 1
Alan R. Rodriguez Alan R. Rodriguez Franco - Hard Hat 2 1
Roberto Lopez Roberto Lopez The Driver 1
Matthew Rocheleau Matthew Rocheleau Reporter 1
Mark Zeisler Mark Zeisler President Travis 1
Teniece Divya Johnson Teniece Divya Johnson Undercover Cop 3 1
Harri Molese Harri Molese Elderly Lady 1
Mauricio Ovalle Mauricio Ovalle Neighborhood Resident #1 1
Chad Knorr Chad Knorr Officer John Sproles 1
Tangara Jones Tangara Jones Nurse 1
Eugenia Kuzmina Eugenia Kuzmina Denise Salter 1
Joseph Maniscalco Joseph Maniscalco Soccer Dad 1
Alysia Reiner Alysia Reiner Hannah 1
Gregory Dann Gregory Dann Thomas Kowalski 1
Los Jones Los Jones Torres 1
Darren Lipari Darren Lipari Plainclothes Cop #1 1
Christian Barber Christian Barber Uniform Cop 1
JJ Condon JJ Condon Josh 1
Camila Perez Camila Perez Lorena Madrid 1
Ian Boyd Ian Boyd Precinct Witness 1
Morgan Nichols Morgan Nichols Lineup Detective 1
Adrienne Williams Adrienne Williams Judge Bryant 1
Mark McKinnon Mark McKinnon Cop 1
William Lex Ham William Lex Ham Patron 1
Patrick Dillon Curry Patrick Dillon Curry Student #1 1
Michael O'Neill Michael O'Neill Recycling plant worker 1
Elvis Lucas Elvis Lucas Prep Student 1
Robin Morse Robin Morse Phyllis Miller 1
James Harkness James Harkness City Lawyer 1
Mike DiSalvo Mike DiSalvo Print Reporter 1
Danny Lee Danny Lee FDNY EMT 1
Jodi Michelle Pynn Jodi Michelle Pynn Irate Driver #1 1
Gabrielle Flores Gabrielle Flores Adriana Ramos 1
Mariah Strongin Mariah Strongin Audra Kinney 1
Karina Ortiz Karina Ortiz Thorpe's Girl 1
Chloe Elaine Scharf Chloe Elaine Scharf School girl 1
Gabriella Palminteri Gabriella Palminteri Jenna Wallace 1
Adam Monley Adam Monley Gold Shield Cop 1
Asia Hernandez Asia Hernandez Marissa Bell 1
David Rossmer David Rossmer Rosen 1
Arron Lloyd Arron Lloyd Gangbanger #1 1
Ashley Gerasimovich Ashley Gerasimovich Claire 1
Keleigh Brockman Keleigh Brockman Lois King 1
Megan Haley Megan Haley Hostess 1
Leonardo Collaguazo Leonardo Collaguazo Teenager 1
Donovan Patton Donovan Patton Bellhop 1
Hugues Faustin Hugues Faustin Thug 1
Cadden Jones Cadden Jones Maitre d' 1
Sharri Jones Sharri Jones Model 1
Glenn Quentin Glenn Quentin Guy in Alley 1
Ginger Ruriko Busch Ginger Ruriko Busch Whitney 1
Holanda Demeloitz Holanda Demeloitz Underling 1
Patrick Noonan Patrick Noonan Guard 1
Nathan James Nathan James Highway Patrolman 1
Jeremy Cohen Jeremy Cohen Edward Silvestri 1
Declan Mulvey Declan Mulvey Uniform #1 1
Brian Luna Brian Luna Sergeant Martinez 1
Scott Martin Scott Martin Rikers Islnd Inmate 1
Joe Leon Joe Leon Restaurant Owner 1
Kevin Alexander Kevin Alexander Desk Sergeant 1
Lynne Valley Lynne Valley Attorney 1
Todd Fredericks Todd Fredericks Detective 1
Madison Hatch Madison Hatch Kevin Monroe 1
Tracy Swallows Tracy Swallows Leslie 1
David Fierro David Fierro Super 1
Stephen Litman Stephen Litman Darren Gorski 1
Ed Schiff Ed Schiff Rabbi Shmuel 1
Vesselin Todorov-Vinnie Vesselin Todorov-Vinnie Goon #3 1
Anthony Pierini Anthony Pierini Raymondo Jr. 1
Lara Wolf Lara Wolf Female Cop 1
Elliot Santiago Elliot Santiago Cashier 1
Luis Moreno Luis Moreno Suarez 1
Robbin Banx Robbin Banx Upscale Pedestrian 1
Joe Giorgio Joe Giorgio Uniform 1
Joseph Mancuso Joseph Mancuso Husband 1
Eric Arriola Eric Arriola Gangbanger #2 1
Deborah Twiss Deborah Twiss Sheila Gormley 1
Shannon Michael Wamser Shannon Michael Wamser Sergeant 1
Ken Schwarz Ken Schwarz Hameed's Lawyer 1
Rayford Howell Rayford Howell Sgt. Spinner 1
Darlene Violette Darlene Violette Maid 1
Char Sidney Char Sidney Mrs.Blake 1
Tracy Friedman Tracy Friedman Driver 1
Nicole Sudhaus Nicole Sudhaus Marlene 1
Ben Elledge Ben Elledge Irate Driver #2 1
Erin Bradford Erin Bradford Melissa Ford 1
Dena Tyler Dena Tyler Girlfriend #2 1
Kate Grimes Kate Grimes Lisa Sutherland 1
Marc Bicking Marc Bicking Reporter 1
Phil Nee Phil Nee Dr. Yi 1
Gianpaolo Venuta Gianpaolo Venuta Jared 1
Danny Berisha Danny Berisha Uniform 1
Foster Reisz Foster Reisz Doorman 1
James Meddock James Meddock Lincoln Jones 1
Glenn Turner Glenn Turner Homeless Guy 1
Jeffrey D. Petrauskas Jeffrey D. Petrauskas Derby Kid 1
Zeus Taylor Zeus Taylor Richie 1
Susana Victoria Perez Susana Victoria Perez Hooker 1
Renan Kanbay Renan Kanbay Tourist with Camera 1
Erica Sinner Erica Sinner German Tourist 1
Ashley Hill Ashley Hill Lucy Kandel 1
Olivia Wang Olivia Wang Rita 1
Greg Connolly Greg Connolly Mark 1
Cate Bottiglione Cate Bottiglione Renzulli's Wife 1
Jesse VanDerveer Jesse VanDerveer Child in School Playground 1
Eliud Kauffman Eliud Kauffman Thomas Martin 1
Amelia Pedlow Amelia Pedlow Diane Morris 1
John Weigand John Weigand Waiter 1
Jean-François Ogoubiyi Jean-François Ogoubiyi Faithful 1 1
Coy DeLuca Coy DeLuca Biker 1
Adam Henry Garcia Adam Henry Garcia Andre Calderon 1
Matt Thompson Matt Thompson Bike Guy 1
Isabella LeBlanc Isabella LeBlanc Ceremony Attendee 1
Jasmine Rush Jasmine Rush Uniform 1
James Shanahan James Shanahan Greg Galecki 1
Sammy Peralta Sammy Peralta Juan Nunez 1
Clinton Lowe Clinton Lowe Omar 1
Blake Segal Blake Segal Explorer Driver 1
Luciano Acuna Jr. Luciano Acuna Jr. Rey Santiago 1
Jamie Rezanour Jamie Rezanour Angela 1
Lee Stringer Lee Stringer Shoo Fly 1
Elisha Lawson Elisha Lawson Jason Gordon 1
Jay Santiago Jay Santiago Bodega Owner 1
Walter Mudu Walter Mudu Doorman 1
DeLance Minefee DeLance Minefee Emegency Medical Team 1
Russell Jordan Russell Jordan Clerk 1
Lukas Hassel Lukas Hassel Marty Dustin 1
Amanda Gardner Amanda Gardner Student #2 1
Jim Ireland Jim Ireland Dr. Barnard 1
Jocelyn Bioh Jocelyn Bioh Anya Barnes 1
Matthew Risch Matthew Risch Jonathan Pink 1
Matt Mickelson Matt Mickelson Tourist husband 1
Sandra Karas Sandra Karas Older Lady - Victim 1
Patty Riccardella Patty Riccardella Stage Manager 1
Randy Masters Randy Masters Courtroom Officer 1
Faran Tahir Faran Tahir El Haq 1
Hans Marrero Hans Marrero Thug #1 1
Allan Then Allan Then Waiter 1
Josh Hyman Josh Hyman Bachelor #3 1
Terrell Wheeler Terrell Wheeler Cop #1 1
Young Lee Young Lee Karim Naduri 1
Michael Sirow Michael Sirow Man 1
Joshua Lagos Joshua Lagos Perp 1
Mauricio Leyton Mauricio Leyton Adrian Baez 1
John Patrick Hayden John Patrick Hayden Carl 1
Andrew Madsen Andrew Madsen Bartender 1
Phedmos Prophete Phedmos Prophete Faithful 2 1
Sharon Maguire Sharon Maguire Female Attorney 1
Max Abe Plush Max Abe Plush Soccer Player 1
Jay Schmidt Jay Schmidt Liquor Store Employee 1
William Michals William Michals Waiter 1
Johnny Sanchez Johnny Sanchez Dominican Man 1
Julian Gavilanes Julian Gavilanes Uni 1
Simon MacLean Simon MacLean Attorney Maxwell 1
Emily Ann Garcia Emily Ann Garcia Tomas Family Member 1
Ahmad Castang Ahmad Castang Dante Mickelwhite 1
Danielle M. Williamson Danielle M. Williamson Student 1
Sage Kirwan Sage Kirwan Jane 1
Grant Monohon Grant Monohon Steve Nathan 1
Tom Kemnitz Jr. Tom Kemnitz Jr. Messenger 1
J. Alphonse Nicholson J. Alphonse Nicholson Schlenger 1
Danae Nason Danae Nason Leslie Caitlyn O'Rourke 1
Romell Witherspoon Romell Witherspoon Matt Cunningham 1
Andy Schneeflock Andy Schneeflock Office Manager 1
Natasha Tax Natasha Tax Nicky's Close Friend 1
Chris Werkmeister Chris Werkmeister Customer 1
Kika Cicmanec Kika Cicmanec Hostess 1
Corey Michael Lincoln Corey Michael Lincoln Lee Cranston 1
Sea McHale Sea McHale Kyle Miller 1
Jason Ford Jason Ford Waiter 1
Jessica Shelby Jessica Shelby Mary Salter 1
Bridget Barkan Bridget Barkan Rosie 1
Michael Drumgold Michael Drumgold Student #3 1
Brian Quijada Brian Quijada Venezuela Fan #1 1
Aaron Wyche Aaron Wyche Acevedo 1
Kim Wong Kim Wong Classmate - Girl 1
David Hammond David Hammond Perpetrator 1
Harold Bridgeforth Harold Bridgeforth Commuter 1
Suzanne H. Smart Suzanne H. Smart Crossing Guard 1
Stevie Steel Stevie Steel Jane Doe 1
Soraya Butler Soraya Butler Bystander #1 1
Hollis McCarthy Hollis McCarthy President Sullivan 1
Dave Bobb Dave Bobb Angry Man 1
Theresa Quadorozzi Theresa Quadorozzi Reporter #2 1
Dora Mavrakis Dora Mavrakis Press 1
Corwin C. Tuggles Corwin C. Tuggles Hakim 1
Jalina Mercado Jalina Mercado Hector Florez's Daughter 1
Martin Ewens Martin Ewens Nigel 1
Stuart Rudin Stuart Rudin Homeless Guy 1
Gabe Doran Gabe Doran Corrections Officer 1
Brenda Perez Brenda Perez Terri 1
Casey Roberts Casey Roberts Derby Kid 1
Carly Sullivan Carly Sullivan Masseuse 1
Warren Kelley Warren Kelley Bank Manager 1
Johnnie Mae Johnnie Mae Woman 1
Nico Coucke Nico Coucke Badass 1
Jamal Thomas Jamal Thomas Det. Nate Rogers 1
Michael Cole Michael Cole Crime Scene Technician 1
Stephane Nicoli Stephane Nicoli Student 1
Richard Bekins Richard Bekins Scott Gibson 1
Alex Trow Alex Trow Jogger 1
Louis Sallan Louis Sallan Traffic Cop 1
Bob Gaynor Bob Gaynor Cole Farragout 1
Dared Wright Dared Wright John #1 1
Chris Victor Chris Victor Police Officer 1
Charlie Garber Charlie Garber Hasidic Prayer Leader 1
Megan Weaver Megan Weaver Monica Kelly 1
Caroline Strong Caroline Strong Diana Del Rio 1
Angela Lin Angela Lin NYPD Translator 1
Elijah Boothe Elijah Boothe Student #4 1
Aidan McCloskey Aidan McCloskey Ceremony Attendee 1
Adam S. Phillips Adam S. Phillips Antonio Nunez 1
R. Marcus Taylor R. Marcus Taylor Felix The Doorman 1
Steve Garfanti Steve Garfanti Dinner Guest 1
Tom Greer Tom Greer Uniform #3 1
Rick Younger Rick Younger Councilwoman Lewis 1
Amy Sanders Amy Sanders Eileen Mercer 1
Lauren L. Owen Lauren L. Owen Rich Girl's Friend 1
Jennifer Capri Jennifer Capri Panicked Mom 1
Sam Towers Sam Towers Tyler Kemper 1
Sophia Parra Sophia Parra Trophy Wife 1
Matthew Ray Matthew Ray NYPD Core 1
Nate Lombardi Nate Lombardi Martinez 1
Quazzani Mounir Quazzani Mounir Ace 2 1
Dimitri Meskouris Dimitri Meskouris Henry Hartens 1
Nadine P. Simmons Nadine P. Simmons Hospital Visitor 1
Bill Timoney Bill Timoney Supervisor of Homeless Shelter 1
Susie Stewart Rubio Susie Stewart Rubio Woman 1
James Hose James Hose Boy 1
Jackson Loo Jackson Loo Doctor 1
Chuck Carrington Chuck Carrington Josh Glenn 1
Lorenzo Beronilla Lorenzo Beronilla Malaysian Gang Member 1
Stephen Niese Stephen Niese Ryan Sneed 1
Neal Mayer Neal Mayer Reporter #3 1
Meredith Jackson Meredith Jackson Event Manager 1
Omar Lopez Cepero Omar Lopez Cepero Security Guard #1 1
Wai Ching Ho Wai Ching Ho Stranger 1
Thea McCartan Thea McCartan Reporter #1 1
Johnny Rivera Johnny Rivera Bystander #2 1
Christian Navarro Christian Navarro Uniform #1 1
Derek Clarke Derek Clarke Protestor #1 1
Manny Ureña Manny Ureña Diego Perez 1
Mari Peikrishvili Mari Peikrishvili Nurse 1
Ben Yannette Ben Yannette Officer Acosta 1
J.C. Montgomery J.C. Montgomery Chief Sinclair 1
Cindy Motz Cindy Motz News Reporter 1
Josh Rothman Josh Rothman Detective 1
Topher Nuccio Topher Nuccio Bachelor #2 1
Carra Patterson Carra Patterson Officer Dolores Munoz 1
John Mancini John Mancini Marine 1
Guy Olivieri Guy Olivieri John Shea 1
Anthony Wruble Anthony Wruble Student 1
Pilar Witherspoon Pilar Witherspoon Nurse Gleason 1
Mat Hostetler Mat Hostetler Handler 1
Anthony Vincent Anthony Vincent Burly Cop #1 1
Shannon Janai Thornton Shannon Janai Thornton Sara 1
Omar Hernandez Omar Hernandez Bouncer 1
Paul Douglas Anderson Paul Douglas Anderson Bystander #2 1
Barbara Danicka Barbara Danicka Judge 1
Marina Squerciati Marina Squerciati Cameron 1
Therese Plaehn Therese Plaehn Reporter #3 1
Joel Quinones Joel Quinones Jave 'Tic-Tac' Baez Friend 1
Morgan Priester Morgan Priester Woop Woop Kid 1
Kirsten Wyatt Kirsten Wyatt Nurse 1
David Boston David Boston Ronnie the Bartender 1
Ben Young III Ben Young III Dmitry 1
Scott Thomas Scott Thomas Emmett O'Shea 1
Zack Roberts Zack Roberts Brian Zinneman 1
Rodney Sherman Rodney Sherman Park Pedestrian 1
Clint Ridley Clint Ridley Reporter 1
Aaron Isaacs Aaron Isaacs Security Guard #2 1
Audrey Martells Audrey Martells Protester #2 1
Pollyanna Uruena Pollyanna Uruena Dominican Girl #1 1
Jake Myers Jake Myers Camera Man 1
Joshua Schubart Joshua Schubart Union Member 1
Mlé Chester Mlé Chester Officer Anderson 1
Ajia Maximillian Minnis Ajia Maximillian Minnis Dancer 1
Tyler Evans Tyler Evans Host 1
Josh Powell Josh Powell Troy Sanders 1
Brett McClelland Brett McClelland Crime Scene Tech 1
Rob Morgan Rob Morgan Guy in the Crowd 1
Ryan Wruble Ryan Wruble Student 1
Matt Raimo Matt Raimo Actor 1
Melissa Stetten Melissa Stetten Woman 1
Neil Fleischer Neil Fleischer NYPD Sergeant 1
Mark Stuart Mark Stuart Dancer 1
Andrew Raab Andrew Raab Huckster 1
Ger del Busto Ger del Busto Dundee the Bartender 1
Dana L. Wilson Dana L. Wilson Laura Breckinridge 1
Megan Tusing Megan Tusing Stacy Vaughn 1
Charles E. Gerber Charles E. Gerber Hasidic Cantor 1
Craig Austin Craig Austin EMT #2 1
Nicole Patrick Nicole Patrick Melissa 1
Leah Dowdy Leah Dowdy Crying Girl 1
Joe Alo Joe Alo Lineup Suspect 1
Marc Alan Austen Marc Alan Austen Judge 1
Jacqueline Quinn Jacqueline Quinn Young Kalee 1
Gary Schnakenberg Gary Schnakenberg Homeless Man 1
Debra Walton Debra Walton Nurse #1 1
Izzy Ringer Izzy Ringer Unconscious Girl 1
Ellie Pettit Ellie Pettit Rebecca 1
Joshua Torrez Joshua Torrez David Fernandez 1
Doris McCarthy Doris McCarthy Grand Juror 1
Arielle Ingrassia-Smith Arielle Ingrassia-Smith Pedestrian 1
Ava D'Egidio Ava D'Egidio Wounded Girl 1
James Brickhouse James Brickhouse Court Officer 1
Mohamed Alshami Mohamed Alshami Pedestrian 2 1
Andy Royce Andy Royce Triad Member 1
Heather Eger Heather Eger High Ranking City Official 1
Liam Joseph Wright Liam Joseph Wright Ethan Bonniello 1
Alberto Vazquez Alberto Vazquez Super 1
Paul Malignaggi Paul Malignaggi Mel 1
Jenny L. Saldaña Jenny L. Saldaña Neighborhood Resident #2 1
Jesse Newman Jesse Newman Pedestrian 1
Keith Mackler Keith Mackler Protester 1
Todd Anthony Todd Anthony Boyfriend 1
Jeremy McLain Jeremy McLain Detective 1
Razor Rizzotti Razor Rizzotti Perp In Line Up 1
Christine Wright Christine Wright Paramedic #1 1
Anthony Ordonez Anthony Ordonez Joey D 1
Belinda Johnson Belinda Johnson Levitt's Wife 1
Matthew Gooley Matthew Gooley Police Lieutenant 1
Phynjuar Phynjuar Mrs. Williams 1
Tyrone Paul Jr. Tyrone Paul Jr. Daniel Carson 1
G-Rod G-Rod Mechanic 1
Faith Sandberg Faith Sandberg Amanda Stone 1
Eric Santamaria Eric Santamaria Pedestrian 1
Jarrod LaBine Jarrod LaBine Press Cameraman 1
Rob Stats Rob Stats Bruce Garrity 1
Diane Guerrero Diane Guerrero Carmen 1
Brett G. Smith Brett G. Smith Officer Bolton 1
Timothy Cavaretta Timothy Cavaretta Assistant District Attorney 1
Marco Verna Marco Verna Karantanos 1
Jason Mills Jason Mills Hanlon 1
Alicia Ruggiero Alicia Ruggiero Figure Skater 1
Andrew Goldfarb Andrew Goldfarb St. Angelo's Student 1
Verania Kenton Verania Kenton EMT #1 1
Andrea Weston Andrea Weston Nurse 1
Misha Whalen Misha Whalen Mrs. Gorski 1
Leajato Amara Robinson Leajato Amara Robinson Protester #3 1
Jenny Anne Hochberg Jenny Anne Hochberg Officer Lefkay 1
Famecia Ward Famecia Ward Lady at Shooting 1
Angel Rosa Angel Rosa Officer Montrose 1
Michael D. Joseph Michael D. Joseph Park Goer 1
Rosine 'Ace' Hatem Rosine 'Ace' Hatem Yelling Woman 1
William Mercado William Mercado Handball Player 1
Sara M. Rice Sara M. Rice Dancer 1
Joshua Rivera Joshua Rivera Latino Mugger 1
Dee Morris Dee Morris Skinny 1
Vincent Chan Vincent Chan College Professor 1
Mike Tableman Mike Tableman Cadet 1
Duke Valenti Duke Valenti Homicidal Biker 1
Gwendolyn Bucci Gwendolyn Bucci Dancer #2 1
Kate Udall Kate Udall Lara 1
Nihara Nichelle Nihara Nichelle Western Union Employee 1
Nishi Rajan Nishi Rajan Muslim Woman 1
Michael DeBarge Michael DeBarge Subway Commuter 1
Paugh Shadow Paugh Shadow Ukrainian Mafia Man in Bar 1
Edgar Ribon Edgar Ribon Chile Fan #2 1
Kevin Janaway Kevin Janaway Orderly 1
Stephen Bienskie Stephen Bienskie Restaurant Manager 1
Kyra Ruggiero Kyra Ruggiero Ice Skater 1
Steve Antonucci Steve Antonucci NYPD 1
Jeffrey M. Hartman Jeffrey M. Hartman Good Samaritan in Park 1
Chinaza Uche Chinaza Uche Pete - Good Samaritan 1
Shana Kaplan Shana Kaplan College Student 1
Carol Anne Mueller Carol Anne Mueller Teacher 1
Rose Sias Rose Sias Young Mom 1
Jason Yachanin Jason Yachanin Sound Tech 1
Marielle Young Marielle Young Christina Ruiz 1
Tod Rainey Tod Rainey Undercover Cop 1
Kevin Sebastian Kevin Sebastian Davey Lugo 1
Yumiko Harris Yumiko Harris Dancer 1
Michael E. Salinas Michael E. Salinas Officer Peters 1
Michael Twaine Michael Twaine Callahan 1
David Chen David Chen Wedding NYPD Cop 1
Luc Owono Luc Owono Community Affairs Officer 1
Salma Shaw Salma Shaw Cashier 1
Michael Monteiro Michael Monteiro Court Gallery Detective 1
Sam Yim Sam Yim Cashier 1
Moti Margolin Moti Margolin Huge Hasid 1
Brian Walters Brian Walters Dude 1
Ivan Quintanilla Ivan Quintanilla Drew 1
Sandie Rosa Sandie Rosa Donna Deleo 1
Gianluis Rosado Gianluis Rosado Courtroom Spectator 1
Ruth Zhang Ruth Zhang Store Owner 1
Gabriel Gutierrez Gabriel Gutierrez Carlos Villalobos 1
Romina Schwedler Romina Schwedler Secretary 1
Dan Schachner Dan Schachner TARU Detective 1
Cynette Wilson Cynette Wilson Assistant District Attorney 1
Coleman Annison Coleman Annison Student Protester 1
Richard Masur Richard Masur Assemblyman Shapiro 1
Alexander Baliev Alexander Baliev Waiter 1
Danielle Montezinos Danielle Montezinos Subway Victim 1
Grayson Taylor Grayson Taylor Ryan Stone 1
Alfred Sauchelli Jr. Alfred Sauchelli Jr. Bartender 1
Tiffany Hodges Tiffany Hodges Alana Robbins 1
Marvina Vinique Marvina Vinique Barbara Straman 1
Brianna Reid Brianna Reid Cousin Wilky 1
Tom McCaffrey Tom McCaffrey Police Officer 1
Randall McNeal Randall McNeal Dr. Jack Heller 1
Derrick Simmons Derrick Simmons Security Guard 1
Alexandra O'Daly Alexandra O'Daly Cop #3 1
Gonzalo Vargas Gonzalo Vargas Chile Fan #1 1
Katie Garner Katie Garner Fashion Show Attendant 1
Shawn Luckey Shawn Luckey CSU Tech 1
Lj Smith Lj Smith Police Lieutenant at Press Confe 1
Jacob A. Ware Jacob A. Ware Reporter #2 1
Kelly Tuohy Kelly Tuohy Waitress 1
Amelie McKendry Amelie McKendry Reporter 1
Courtney Cooper Courtney Cooper Cocktail Waitress 1
Kat Bartlett Kat Bartlett Clinic Patient 1
Mandy Fisher Mandy Fisher Hipster 1
Joshua Windley Joshua Windley Child 1
Maria Rivera Maria Rivera Ella Martin 1
Nancy Wetzel Nancy Wetzel Jenny 1
Eric Todd Eric Todd Justin Taylor 1
J.T. Patton J.T. Patton Uniform 1
Bryan Dechart Bryan Dechart Photographer 1
Kim Kauffman Kim Kauffman Skateboarder in Sandals 1
Dean Ciallella Dean Ciallella Wedding Guest 1
Douglas Schneider Douglas Schneider Det. Walker 1
Anthony Pasqua Anthony Pasqua Police Officer 1
Jalen William Desmond Jalen William Desmond Background 1
Dorothy Meyers Dorothy Meyers Restaurant Patron 1
Atif Lanier Atif Lanier Football Player 1
Grim Reaper Q. Grim Reaper Q. Nathan Earring Bradley 1
Jeff Rubino Jeff Rubino Cop #4 1
Armen Mazlumian Armen Mazlumian Polish Bartender 1
Volney Stefflre Volney Stefflre Todd Kowalchuk 1
Joseph A. Testa Joseph A. Testa Parishioner #2 1
Jeremiah Burch III Jeremiah Burch III Young Son 1
Shirley Dluginski Shirley Dluginski Crime Scene Onlooker 1
Eric Lommel Eric Lommel Jack Sparrow 1
Olivia Brown Olivia Brown Onlooker 1
Felder Charbonnet Felder Charbonnet Detective 1
George Signoriello George Signoriello All White Crowd Member 1
Kailey Valenti Kailey Valenti Ceremony Attendee 1
Mario Tarquinio Mario Tarquinio Hookah Bar Patron 1
Lucy Walters Lucy Walters Vanessa 1
Jessica Markowski Jessica Markowski Waitress 1
Terra Kimberly Scott Terra Kimberly Scott Nightclub Girl 1
Alan Avitan Alan Avitan Hospital patient 1
J.P. Serret J.P. Serret Jose Otero 1
Dorothea Swiac Dorothea Swiac Subway Witness 1
Angela Jeanneau Angela Jeanneau Employee 1
Theo van Golen Theo van Golen Field Trip Student 1
Richard Bird Richard Bird Himself 1
Kelly Southerland Kelly Southerland Wall Street Fight Club Guy 1
Dominique Huett Dominique Huett Sexy Plumber 1
Sarah Sugrue Sarah Sugrue Student Protester 1
Joseph Anthony Sudol Joseph Anthony Sudol Lance /Speed Dater #14 1
Robert Shulman Robert Shulman Hasidic Jew 1
Russ Spiegel Russ Spiegel Tony Bennett Bandmember 1
Leetopher Scott Leetopher Scott Poker Player 1
Joe White Joe White Steve, Reporter 1
Pernell Walker Pernell Walker Medic 1
Jordan Knight Jordan Knight Man in Police Station 1
Lindsay Torrey Lindsay Torrey Robin 1
Melanie Torres Melanie Torres Attractive Business Woman 1
Grant Koo Grant Koo Delivery Cyclist 1
Elizabeth Weitzen Elizabeth Weitzen Barista on Coffee Truck 1
Mike Proano Mike Proano Trick or Treater on Bike 1
Jessica Hoffman Jessica Hoffman Girl In Deli 1
Paul Jude Letersky Paul Jude Letersky Officer at Dedication Ceremony 1
Darly Wanatick Darly Wanatick Precinct Core Player 1
Gilbert Soto Gilbert Soto Businessman 1
Mary Elizabeth Reciniello Mary Elizabeth Reciniello Ice Skater 1
George Pendill George Pendill Reporter 1
Paul DuBois Paul DuBois Nervous Manager 1
Russell West Russell West Diner 1
Roy Pollack Roy Pollack NYPD Officer at Dedication Cerem 1
Michael Simon Hall Michael Simon Hall Speed Dater 1
Heather Marie Wolf Heather Marie Wolf Bridget 1
Andrea Boehlke Andrea Boehlke Toweled Girl 1