Klondike 2014

# Episode Title Airdate
1 1 x 1 Episode #1.1 20. Jan 2014
2 1 x 2 Episode #1.2 20. Jan 2014
3 1 x 3 Episode #1.3 21. Jan 2014
4 1 x 4 Episode #1.4 21. Jan 2014
5 1 x 5 Episode #1.5 22. Jan 2014
6 1 x 6 Episode #1.6 22. Jan 2014

  • Discovery Channel (USA)
  • Discovery Channel (Greece)
  • Discovery Channel (Japan)
  • Koch Media (Germany)
  • Koch Media (Germany)
  • TV5 (Finland)
  • Discovery Channel
  • Entertainment One Television
  • Nomadic Pictures
  • Scott Free Productions
  • Alberta Film Development Program of the Alberta Government
Special FX:
  • Universal Production Partners (UPP)'

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Type Name
Featured in Gold Rush: The Dirt: Klondike Klash
Featured in Gold Rush: The Dirt: Klondike
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Thumb Actor Character name Appeareance
Abbie Cornish Abbie Cornish Belinda Mulrooney 6
Marton Csokas Marton Csokas The Superintendent 6
Ian Hart Ian Hart Soapy Smith 6
Greg Lawson Greg Lawson Goodman 6
Conor Leslie Conor Leslie Sabine 6
Richard Madden Richard Madden Bill Haskell 6
Tim Blake Nelson Tim Blake Nelson Meeker 6
Augustus Prew Augustus Prew Byron Epstein 6
Johnny Simmons Johnny Simmons Jack London 6
Tim Roth Tim Roth The Count 6
Sam Shepard Sam Shepard Father Judge 6
Dustin MacDougall Dustin MacDougall Hush 6
Trevor Woroby Trevor Woroby Townsfolk 6
Dave El Wray Dave El Wray Merchant /townfolk 6
Jeff Hänni Jeff Hänni Shop Keeper 6
Colin Cunningham Colin Cunningham Swiftwater Bill 4
Sean Nicholson Sean Nicholson Townsman 4
Ron Selmour Ron Selmour Sundown 4
Michael Greyeyes Michael Greyeyes n/a 3
Scott McAdam Scott McAdam Reporter 3
Ronald F.T. Bettis Ronald F.T. Bettis Student /Townsman 3
Daman Malone Daman Malone Townsman 3
Sophia Lauchlin Hirt Sophia Lauchlin Hirt Maid Mary 2
Brian Markinson Brian Markinson Cavendesh 2
Cliff Liknes Cliff Liknes Scumbag #1 2
Mitchell Verigin Mitchell Verigin Foley 2
Devin Eason Devin Eason Townsman 2
Bill Baksa Bill Baksa Bartender #2 2
Rohan Campbell Rohan Campbell First Mate 2
Neil Webb Neil Webb Card Playing Mountie 2
Victor Atelevich Victor Atelevich Reporter #2 1
Christopher Austman Christopher Austman Frank 1
Aaron Zeffer Aaron Zeffer Slit-Throat Mountie 1
Randy Birch Randy Birch Half-Mad Miner 1
Cody Bird Cody Bird Gugan 1
Joel Jackshaw Joel Jackshaw Scumbag #3 1
Graeme Black Graeme Black Krueger 1
Justin Brunelle Justin Brunelle Young Mountie 1
Chris Enright Chris Enright Dentist 1
Nicholas Campbell Nicholas Campbell Beckett 1
Vanessa Holmes Vanessa Holmes Ed, the Miner's Wife 1
Jake Church Jake Church Mountie 1
Adrian Hough Adrian Hough Dan Condon 1
Mikaela Cochrane Mikaela Cochrane Courtesan 1
Christopher Clare Christopher Clare Colorado Bartender 1
Stafford Perry Stafford Perry Miner 1
Pamela Crawford Pamela Crawford Saloon Singer 1
Andy Curtis Andy Curtis Shopkeeper Stan 1
Larry Reese Larry Reese McDonald 1
Diego Diablo Del Mar Diego Diablo Del Mar Dyea Vendor 1
Caleb Ellsworth-Clark Caleb Ellsworth-Clark Petro 1
Shayla Stonechild Shayla Stonechild Soapy's Tingit Girl 1
Chief Leonard George Chief Leonard George Older Tingit Hunter 1
David van Belle David van Belle Miner 1
Fred Hillyer Fred Hillyer Mortician 1
James D. Hopkin James D. Hopkin Orator 1
Sean Hoy Sean Hoy Heckler 2 1
Chris Ippolito Chris Ippolito Heckler 1 1
Adam Jack Adam Jack Bar Patron 1
Chris Kelly Chris Kelly Bystander 1
Ian Kilburn Ian Kilburn Booted Miner 1
Christian Laurian Kerr Christian Laurian Kerr Boy 1
Wade Lameman Wade Lameman Younger Tingit 1
Terry Lawrence Terry Lawrence Hotel Clerk 1
Johnny Mah Johnny Mah Mr. Night 1
Brian Martell Brian Martell Patron 1
Andrew Neil McKenzie Andrew Neil McKenzie Student 1
Sorin Mihailovici Sorin Mihailovici Tolstoy 1
Marilyn Norry Marilyn Norry Gorna 1
Alejandro Rae Alejandro Rae Zuck 1
Michael Shepherd Michael Shepherd Grizzled Miner 1
Reid Spencer Reid Spencer Boatseller 1
Dave Trimble Dave Trimble Realtor 1
Sarah Troyer Sarah Troyer Courtesan 2 1
Gerrick Winston Gerrick Winston Mill Worker 1
Chris Yee Chris Yee Chinese Dealer 1
Tim Ajro Tim Ajro Miner 1
Brian MacDougall Brian MacDougall Laughing Mountie 1
Terry A. Brown Terry A. Brown NWMP Constable 1
Maria Fernandez Maria Fernandez Chinese Lady 1
Troy Fyhn Troy Fyhn Miner 1
Jules Hobson Jules Hobson Boat Builder 1
Garry MacLean Garry MacLean Bathhouse Patron 1
Jill Alanna Nixon Jill Alanna Nixon Bar Girl 1

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