Living Nightmares 2017

Living Nightmares
  • Year: 2017
  • Language: English
  • Country: USA
# Episode Title Airdate
1 1 x 1 Confession 01. Apr 2017
2 1 x 2 Lanna n/a
3 1 x 3 I Watch Candice n/a
4 1 x 4 The Thing in the Hall n/a
5 1 x 5 Bloodthirsty n/a
6 1 x 6 The Mayan Stone n/a

  • Prophecy Films
  • English

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Thumb Actor Character name Appeareance
Chloe Chiappelli Chloe Chiappelli Melissa 1
Kimberly Cruchon Brooks Kimberly Cruchon Brooks Lanna Willis 1
Kevin R Allen Kevin R Allen The Guide 1
Niki Cipriano Niki Cipriano Charlie Fain 1
Jimmie Chiappelli Jimmie Chiappelli Charles 1
Dennis Doyle Jr. Dennis Doyle Jr. Woody 1
Christy Edwards Christy Edwards Jeanette 1
Tim Kaiser Tim Kaiser Gerald Willis 1
Deborah Chenault Green Deborah Chenault Green Mavis Marris 1
Carl Hale II Carl Hale II Mr. Roberts 1
Michael Tremblay Michael Tremblay Mr. Mastrachio 1
Gary Mitchell Gary Mitchell n/a 1
Deborah Lane Spencer Deborah Lane Spencer Jenny 1
Courtney Steward Courtney Steward Joslyn 1
Carey Torrice Carey Torrice Scarlette 1
David Winans II David Winans II n/a 1
Didrik Davis Didrik Davis Tony 1
Hillary Stanley Davis Hillary Stanley Davis Restaurant Patron 1
Amy Francis Amy Francis Newspaper employee 1
Michael Frazier Michael Frazier Newspaper employee 1
Matthew Hemstronght Matthew Hemstronght Restaurant Patron 1
Isis Jones Isis Jones Newspaper employee 1
Kevin McGaffey Kevin McGaffey Restaurant Patron 1
Trudy Miller Trudy Miller Restaurant Patron 1
Madic Montague Madic Montague Newspaper employee 1
Lauren Wiseman Lauren Wiseman Newspaper employee 1

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