Dear White People 2017

  • Year: 2017
  • Language: English
  • Country: USA
  • Running time: 30 min
  • Distributor: Netflix
# Episode Title Airdate
1 1 x 1 Chapter I 28. Apr 2017
2 1 x 2 Chapter II 28. Apr 2017
3 1 x 3 Chapter III 28. Apr 2017
4 1 x 4 Chapter IV 28. Apr 2017
5 1 x 5 Chapter V 28. Apr 2017
6 1 x 6 Chapter VI 28. Apr 2017
7 1 x 7 Chapter VII 28. Apr 2017
8 1 x 8 Chapter VIII 28. Apr 2017
9 1 x 9 Chapter IX 28. Apr 2017
10 1 x 10 Chapter X 28. Apr 2017

Dear White People is an upcoming American satirical television series based on the 2014 film of the same name. Justin Simien will return to write and direct several episodes of the series. Ten 30-minute episodes have been ordered by Netflix. The first season will be released on April 28, 2017. (Source: Wikipedia)

  • Netflix (worldwide)
  • Lionsgate Television
  • English

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Thumb Actor Character name Appeareance
Marque Richardson Marque Richardson n/a 8
Antoinette Robertson Antoinette Robertson Coco Conners 7
Ashley Blaine Featherson Ashley Blaine Featherson Joelle Brooks 7
Brandon P Bell Brandon P Bell Troy Fairbanks 7
Logan Browning Logan Browning Samantha White 6
John Patrick Amedori John Patrick Amedori Gabe 6
Wyatt Nash Wyatt Nash Kurt Fletcher 6
Deron Horton Deron Horton Lionel Higgins 6
Jemar Michael Jemar Michael Al 6
Jeremy Tardy Jeremy Tardy Rashid Bakr 6
Nia Jervier Nia Jervier Kelsey 6
Caitlin Carver Caitlin Carver Muffy 3
Obba Babatundé Obba Babatundé Dean fairbanks 3
Jeff Larson Jeff Larson Gordon 3
Erich Lane Erich Lane Clifton 3
Nicholas Anthony Reid Nicholas Anthony Reid James 3
Alex Alcheh Alex Alcheh Milo 3
John Paul Jones II John Paul Jones II Core Student 3
Ally Maki Ally Maki Ikumi 2
Francia Raisa Francia Raisa Vanessa 2
Presilah Nunez Presilah Nunez Olive Bishop 2
Luke O'Sullivan Luke O'Sullivan Conner 2
Zee James Zee James Monique 2
Taylor Foster Taylor Foster Becca 2
Mike Powers Mike Powers POTUS 2
D.J. Blickenstaff D.J. Blickenstaff Arman 2
Brandon Black Brandon Black Kordel 2
Sheridan Pierce Sheridan Pierce Abigail 2
Andy Senita Andy Senita TightforTop97 1
Kevin Clough Kevin Clough Todd 1
John Colton John Colton Douglas Hancock 1
Nolan Gerard Funk Nolan Gerard Funk Addison 1
Kirsten Prout Kirsten Prout Emily 1
Stewart Skelton Stewart Skelton Leonard McCullen 1
Lauren York Lauren York Danielle 1
Kati Salowsky Kati Salowsky n/a 1
Joe Conti Joe Conti Red State Brown Eye 1
Ty Trumbo Ty Trumbo Pegasus Guy 1
Santana Dempsey Santana Dempsey Jenny 1
Dasha German Dasha German Student 1
Kyle Butenhoff Kyle Butenhoff White Lebron 1
Mia Victoria Juel Mia Victoria Juel Alumni 1
Destiny Toliver Destiny Toliver Toddler Girl 1
Scott Michael Morgan Scott Michael Morgan Officer Smith 1
Alyssa Mann Alyssa Mann Preschool Teacher 1
Carlin James Carlin James Nelson 1
Jelena Nik Jelena Nik Sarah 1
Max Marshall Max Marshall Jock 1
Preston James Hillier Preston James Hillier Officer Cole 1
Johanna Middleton Johanna Middleton Charise 1
Matt Miller Matt Miller Coach 1
Jayme Bell Jayme Bell Computer Geek 1
Carol Ann Van Natten Carol Ann Van Natten Protestor 1
Lucas McGarvey Lucas McGarvey Chad 1
Ayinde Howell Ayinde Howell Barber 1 1
Julia Boyd Julia Boyd n/a 1
Mell Bowser Mell Bowser Dejon 1
Denell Johnson Denell Johnson Barber 1
Caleb Emery Caleb Emery White Student #2 1
Tyler Perez Tyler Perez Josh 1
Kendall Alexandria Kendall Alexandria Female Companion 1
Elena Dizon Elena Dizon Computer Geek #2 1
Austin Bowerman Austin Bowerman Bartender 1
Dan Bauer Dan Bauer Theater kid 1
Saxon Jones Saxon Jones White Student 1
Phong Le Phong Le Asian Student 1
Eric A.H. Watson Eric A.H. Watson Young Troy Fairbanks 1
Cornelius Peter Cornelius Peter Professor 1
Jessica Louise Long Jessica Louise Long Pink Hair 1
Ann Marie Gillis Ann Marie Gillis Edna 1
Corey Livingston Corey Livingston Cool Guy 1
Davon Sherman Davon Sherman Meticulous Student 1
Brandon Gibson Brandon Gibson Professor Coleman 1
Hashim Lafond Hashim Lafond Black Student 1

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