We Were Tomorrow 2017

We Were Tomorrow
# Episode Title Airdate
1 1 x 1 Eden 01. May 2017
2 1 x 2 Marked 01. May 2017
3 1 x 3 Sacrifice 01. May 2017
4 1 x 4 Salvation 01. May 2017

  • Mad Lane Productions
  • Troop Productions

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Thumb Actor Character name Appeareance
Chai Romruen Chai Romruen Noah Reeves 4
Madeleine Kennedy Madeleine Kennedy Evelyn Reeves 4
Beau Brady Beau Brady Warrick Blane 4
Alicia Banit Alicia Banit Siena Woodlands 4
Gyton Grantley Gyton Grantley Cain Foster 4
Nic Westaway Nic Westaway Jonathan Reeves 4
Tessa James Tessa James Petra 4
Jason Wilder Jason Wilder Jacob 4
Tim Pocock Tim Pocock William Blane 4
Hallie Baker Hallie Baker Fay Jackson 4
Haiden Walker Haiden Walker Mauro López 4
Nikolai Nikolaeff Nikolai Nikolaeff Lloyd 3
Christopher Kirby Christopher Kirby Alchemist 3
Lara Jean Marshall Lara Jean Marshall Georgia-May Ford 3
Amie Casey Amie Casey Roxy Woodlands 3
Dave Beamish Dave Beamish Nero 3
Marco Naddei Marco Naddei Riley 3
Ellie Popov Ellie Popov Lucinda 3
Maya Stange Maya Stange Rebekah Reeves 2
Dean Netherwood Dean Netherwood Sheriff Ford 2
Charlie Austin Charlie Austin Nixy 1
Paul Adams Paul Adams Bishop 1
Chiara Axnick Chiara Axnick Young Evelyn 1
Mary Baker Mary Baker Prime Minister 1
Philippe Deseck Philippe Deseck Felix 1
Leopold Lui Leopold Lui Oriental Alchemist 1
Donnie Baxter Donnie Baxter Grounds Keeper 1
Keira Bird Keira Bird Cellist 1
Thomas Davenport Thomas Davenport Ramiel 1
Benjamin Newall Benjamin Newall John 1
Chris Bridgewater Chris Bridgewater Ricket 1
Michael Davey Michael Davey Splinter 1
Giuseppe Cassin Giuseppe Cassin Bobby 1
Malua Fa'aleava Malua Fa'aleava Outlaw 1
Brielle Pyne Brielle Pyne Bruck 1
Cameron Caulfield Cameron Caulfield Young William 1
Shea Taylor Jnr Shea Taylor Jnr Kupaar 1
Ngara Timoti Ngara Timoti Crux 1
Jayden Caulfield Jayden Caulfield Young Warrick 1
Britt Laspina Britt Laspina Joanne 1
Anna Waters-Massey Anna Waters-Massey Old Fay 1
Emily Crow Emily Crow Sybil 1
Francesca Mella Francesca Mella Young Rebekah 1
Jye Whatson Jye Whatson Trill 1
Luca Mella Luca Mella Patrick Woodlands 1
Christopher Monsour Christopher Monsour Joshua 1
Maitland Devlin Maitland Devlin Young Noah 1
Sienna Johnston Sienna Johnston Young Siena 1
Seany Olsen Seany Olsen Outlaw 1
Ari McCarthy Ari McCarthy Roger 1
Harley Osgood Harley Osgood Outlaw 1
Ben Newell Ben Newell John 1
Emily Rowbottom Emily Rowbottom Receptionist 1
Joy Symons Joy Symons Sarah Blane 1
Shea Taylor Shea Taylor Punba 1
Joshua Terare Joshua Terare Lachlan 1

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