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Thumb Actor Character name Appeareance
Ronnie O'Sullivan Ronnie O'Sullivan Himself 22
Jimmy White Jimmy White Himself - Analyst /Himself 17
Neal Foulds Neal Foulds Himself - Analyst 16
David Hendon David Hendon Himself - Commentator 15
John Higgins John Higgins Himself 13
Judd Trump Judd Trump Himself 13
Mark Allen Mark Allen Himself 12
Mike Hallett Mike Hallett Himself - Commentator 12
Andy Goldstein Andy Goldstein Himself - Presenter 11
Kyren Wilson Kyren Wilson Himself 11
Marco Fu Marco Fu Himself 10
Philip Studd Philip Studd Himself - Commentator 9
Liang Wenbo Liang Wenbo Himself 8
Barry Hawkins Barry Hawkins Himself 7
Mark Davis Mark Davis Himself 7
Anthony Hamilton Anthony Hamilton Himself 6
Mark Williams Mark Williams Himself 6
Mark King Mark King Himself 6
Neil Robertson Neil Robertson Himself 5
Colin Murray Colin Murray Himself - Presenter 5
Stuart Bingham Stuart Bingham Himself 4
Michael Holt Michael Holt Himself 4
Luca Brecel Luca Brecel Himself 4
Kurt Maflin Kurt Maflin Himself 4
Ricky Walden Ricky Walden Himself 4
Scott Donaldson Scott Donaldson Himself 4
Chris Wakelin Chris Wakelin Himself 4
Fergal O'Brien Fergal O'Brien Himself 4
Robert Milkins Robert Milkins Himself 4
Joe Perry Joe Perry Himself 4
Craig Steadman Craig Steadman Himself 4
Joe Swail Joe Swail Himself 4
Jamie Cope Jamie Cope Himself 3
Liam Highfield Liam Highfield Himself 3
Joe Johnson Joe Johnson Himself - Commentator 3
Yu Delu Yu Delu Himself 3
Zhang Anda Zhang Anda Himself 3
Robin Hull Robin Hull Himself 3
Kritsanut Lertsattayatthorn Kritsanut Lertsattayatthorn Himself 3
Dominic Dale Dominic Dale Himself 3
Stephen Maguire Stephen Maguire Himself 3
Fraser Patrick Fraser Patrick Himself 3
Zhou Yuelong Zhou Yuelong Himself 3
Michael Georgiou Michael Georgiou Himself 3
Jack Lisowski Jack Lisowski Himself 3
Oliver Lines Oliver Lines Himself 3
Mitchell Mann Mitchell Mann Himself 3
Matthew Stevens Matthew Stevens Himself 3
Gareth Allen Gareth Allen Himself 2
Jamie Curtis-Barrett Jamie Curtis-Barrett Himself 2
Graeme Dott Graeme Dott Himself 2
Ali Carter Ali Carter Himself 2
Peter Ebdon Peter Ebdon Himself 2
Nigel Bond Nigel Bond Himself 2
Xiao Guodong Xiao Guodong Himself 2
Stuart Carrington Stuart Carrington Himself 2
Sam Craigie Sam Craigie Himself 2
Rory McLeod Rory McLeod Himself 2
Jimmy Robertson Jimmy Robertson Himself 2
Leo Scullion Leo Scullion Himself - Referee 2
Itaro Santos Itaro Santos Himself 2
Anthony McGill Anthony McGill Himself 2
Ben Woollaston Ben Woollaston Himself 2
Jamie Bodle Jamie Bodle Himself 1
Sam Baird Sam Baird Himself 1
Greg Coniglio Greg Coniglio Himself - Referee 1
Ryan Day Ryan Day Himself 1
David Gilbert David Gilbert Himself 1
Martin Gould Martin Gould Himself 1
Marcel Eckardt Marcel Eckardt Himself - Referee 1
Matt Smith Matt Smith Himself - Presenter 1
Andrew Higginson Andrew Higginson Himself 1
Alfie Burden Alfie Burden Himself 1
Li Hang Li Hang Himself 1
Gary Wilson Gary Wilson Himself 1
Jak Jones Jak Jones Himself - Snooker Player 1
Mark Selby Mark Selby Himself 1
Peter Lines Peter Lines Himself 1
Ken Doherty Ken Doherty Himself 1
Mike Dunn Mike Dunn Himself 1
Jason Ferguson Jason Ferguson Himself - Presentation Party 1
Michael White Michael White Himself 1
Ian Preece Ian Preece Himself 1
Paul Davison Paul Davison Himself 1
Zhao Xintong Zhao Xintong Himself 1
Igor Figueiredo Igor Figueiredo Himself 1
Stephen Hendry Stephen Hendry Himself - Guest /Himself - Prese 1
Matthew Selt Matthew Selt Himself 1
David Grace David Grace Himself 1
Sean O'Sullivan Sean O'Sullivan Himself 1
Hossein Vafaei Ayouri Hossein Vafaei Ayouri Himself 1
David John David John Himself 1
Mark Joyce Mark Joyce Himself 1
Mei Xi Wen Mei Xi Wen Himself 1
Shaun Murphy Shaun Murphy Himself 1
Alan McManus Alan McManus Himself 1
Tian Pengfei Tian Pengfei Himself 1
Dechawat Poomjaeng Dechawat Poomjaeng Himself 1
Michael White Michael White Himself 1
James Wattana James Wattana Himself 1
Gary Wilson Gary Wilson Himself - Snooker Player 1

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