Law of Perdition 2017

Law of Perdition
# Episode Title Airdate
1 1 x 1 Angelawaken 12. Feb 2017
2 1 x 2 Meth Town USA 12. Feb 2017
3 1 x 3 Pecking Order 12. Feb 2017
4 1 x 4 Angelamerica 12. Feb 2017
5 1 x 5 Crickers and Rich Kids 12. Feb 2017
6 1 x 6 What's A Devil To Do? 12. Feb 2017
7 1 x 7 Even Good Guys Have Bad Days 12. Feb 2017
8 1 x 8 Dead Body Brick Road 12. Feb 2017
9 1 x 9 Everyone Has to Pay 12. Feb 2017

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Thumb Actor Character name Appeareance
Andrew Hunsicker Andrew Hunsicker Detective Christopher Petrowski 9
Makenzy Caldwell Makenzy Caldwell Crime Scene Victim 9
Evangeline Young Evangeline Young Angela 8
Michael Johnson Michael Johnson Captain Beverly 8
Carmela Hayslett Carmela Hayslett Rebecca Petrowski 6
Chuck Maher Chuck Maher Munky 4
Daquan Wright Daquan Wright Malik 4
Danny Plaza Danny Plaza Mr. Peck 4
John O'Donnell John O'Donnell Will Pepper 4
B.O. Rand B.O. Rand Aamir 3
Aaralyn Anderson Aaralyn Anderson Chloe 2
Joe Polito Joe Polito Principal McClusky 2
John Martineau John Martineau Officer Mike Hinzman 2
Marti Keegan Marti Keegan Karen Blainey 2
Lily Cassimore Lily Cassimore Chloe 2
David Warren David Warren Lipwitz 2
William Perkis William Perkis Deputy Sheriff 2
Kathleen Grillo Kathleen Grillo High School Student 2
Candace Brianna Candace Brianna Fiona 1
Missy Levy Missy Levy Forensics Team Member 1
Danny Plaza Danny Plaza Mr. Peck 1
Liliana Daly Liliana Daly High School Student 1
Janine Smalley Janine Smalley Forensics Team Member 1
James F. Murray Jr. James F. Murray Jr. Mr. Walsh 1
Kerwin Gonzalez Kerwin Gonzalez Jared's Buddy 1
David B. Stewart III David B. Stewart III Deputy Sheriff 1
Frank Halbiger Frank Halbiger Officer Riley 1
David Gechman David Gechman Zack 1
Wendy Young Wendy Young Mrs. Walsh 1
Matthew Sherer Matthew Sherer Jared Whitmore 1
Gary Ward II Gary Ward II Crime Scene Detective 1
Dolores Hillgrube Dolores Hillgrube Deputy Sheriff 1
Will Sachs Will Sachs Hitman #1 1
Tom Donnelly Tom Donnelly E.M.T. #2 1
Ktya Crivellari Ktya Crivellari Bianca 1
Will Tee Will Tee E.M.T. #1 1
Brad Trechak Brad Trechak Crime Scene Detective 1
Tara Deveney Tara Deveney Flip Flop Cop 1
Hannah Amacker Hannah Amacker High School Student 1
Tom Kelly Tom Kelly High School Student 1
Michael Brach Michael Brach High School Student 1
Zaria Mainor Zaria Mainor High School Student 1
Regina Hennessey Regina Hennessey High School Student 1
Chris Haber Chris Haber Deputy Sheriff 1
Daniel Richardson Daniel Richardson High School Student 1
Howard J. Lees Howard J. Lees Forensics Team 1

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