The Natural 2016

# Episode Title Airdate
1 1 x 1 Prologue ... 2016
2 1 x 2 Fitting In 19. May 2017

  • Black Folio Studios
  • Scalesoff Media

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Thumb Actor Character name Appeareance
Keith Kelly Keith Kelly Agent Richard Davis 1
Danny Miller Danny Miller James Wilson 1
Nino Guerrero III Nino Guerrero III Agent Javier Garcia 1
Craig Olson Craig Olson Agent Thomas Smith 1
Whitney Wickham Whitney Wickham Agent Pamela Miller 1
Katelin Stack Katelin Stack Lynn Wilson 1
Mario Andre Mario Andre The Manager 1
Richard Faulkner Richard Faulkner Louis Raymond 1
James Kim James Kim Agent Chew 1
Trevor Andre Trevor Andre Agent Roland 1
Ralph Gallardo Ralph Gallardo Alvaro Ortiz 1
Laura Brand Laura Brand Cafe Patron 1
Jay Budzynski Jay Budzynski Cafe Patron 1
Kristen Gonzales Kristen Gonzales Cafe Patron 1
Eric Ivasiecko Eric Ivasiecko Cafe Patron 1
Kat Johns Kat Johns Cafe Patron 1
Victoria Lantz Victoria Lantz Cafe Patron 1
Audry Mann Audry Mann Cafe Patron 1
Fei Men Fei Men Café patron with laptop 1
Rebekah Mondold Rebekah Mondold Cafe Patron 1
Natalie Olson Natalie Olson Cafe Patron 1
Penny Olson Penny Olson Cafe Patron 1
Relin Organa Relin Organa Waitress 1
Cheryl Parker Cheryl Parker Cafe Patron 1
Anthony Vernon Anthony Vernon Cafe Patron 1
Jasper Young Jasper Young Cafe Patron 1

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