Chance 2016

  • Year: 2016
  • Country: USA
  • Running time: 60 min
  • Distributor: Hulu
# Episode Title Airdate
11 2 x 1 Episode #2.1 ... 2017
12 2 x 2 A Very Special Onion n/a
13 2 x 3 Episode #2.3 ... 2017
14 2 x 4 Episode #2.4 ... 2017
15 2 x 5 Episode #2.5 ... 2017
16 2 x 6 Treasures in Jars of Clay ... 2017
17 2 x 7 Episode #2.10 ... 2017
# Episode Title Airdate
1 1 x 1 The Summer of Love 19. Oct 2016
2 1 x 2 The Axiom of Choice 19. Oct 2016
3 1 x 3 Hiring It Done 26. Oct 2016
4 1 x 4 The Mad Doctor 02. Nov 2016
5 1 x 5 A Still Point in the Turning World 09. Nov 2016
6 1 x 6 The Unflinching Spark 16. Nov 2016
7 1 x 7 Unlocking Your Hidden Powers 23. Nov 2016
8 1 x 8 The House of Space and Time 30. Nov 2016
9 1 x 9 Camera Obscura 07. Dec 2016
10 1 x 10 Fluid Management 14. Dec 2016

  • Hulu (USA)
  • Fox 21
  • Groundswell Productions

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Thumb Actor Character name Appeareance
Hugh Laurie Hugh Laurie Eldon Chance 11
Ethan Suplee Ethan Suplee D 10
LisaGay Hamilton LisaGay Hamilton Suzanne Silver 10
Greta Lee Greta Lee Lucy 10
Stefania Owen Stefania Owen Nicole Chance 10
Paul Adelstein Paul Adelstein Raymond Blackstone 10
Gretchen Mol Gretchen Mol Jaclyn Blackstone 10
Sal Lopez Sal Lopez Jean-Baptiste 6
William W. Barbour William W. Barbour Neighbor 4
Kevin Carscallen Kevin Carscallen High School Bicycle Student 4
Joe Metheny Joe Metheny Nicole's Boyfriend 4
Thomas W. Stewart Thomas W. Stewart Pedestrian /Hotel Guest 4
Marcella Bragio Marcella Bragio Restaurant Patron 3
Christian Aguilera Christian Aguilera Student 3
Michael Rupnow Michael Rupnow Neil 3
Dan Warner Dan Warner Frank Taylor 3
Carol Jefferson Carol Jefferson Office Worker 3
Steve Tanabe Steve Tanabe Man in Liquor Store 3
Diane Farr Diane Farr Christina 2
Dana Boden Dana Boden Blackstone's Henchman 2
Danielle Crook Danielle Crook Girl in Dog Park 2
Bruce Blau Bruce Blau Super 2
James Lee Hardman James Lee Hardman Military Soldier 2
Carolyn Fluehr Carolyn Fluehr Student 2
Douglas Gawoski Douglas Gawoski Pedestrian 2
Michael McGrady Michael McGrady Sanford Pringle 2
James P. Morrow James P. Morrow Furniture Store Shopper 2
Mark Sivertsen Mark Sivertsen Medic 2
Rick Richardson Rick Richardson bailiff - J Nixon 2
David L. Schormann David L. Schormann Courtroom Sheriff 2
Molly Shaiken Molly Shaiken Oakland Police Officer 2
William Clements William Clements Pedestrian & Business Hotel Gues 2
James J. Der Jr. James J. Der Jr. Pedestrian /Hotel Guest 2
Mostafa Elmorsy Mostafa Elmorsy Hospital Orderly 2
Cassandra Hendry Cassandra Hendry High School Student 2
Debra Lamb Debra Lamb Waitress 2
Mary Lu Marr Mary Lu Marr Hospital patient 2
Jane Stillwater Jane Stillwater Older Woman 2
Tywain Willis Tywain Willis Crackheadrw 2
Laurie Burke Laurie Burke Alice Kaye 1
Bobby August Jr. Bobby August Jr. Nurse George 1
Mike Alfieri Mike Alfieri EMT 1
Thomas Fonseca Thomas Fonseca Doctor 1
Jaden Alexander Jaden Alexander Mari 1
Javier Chavarin Javier Chavarin Hotel Maintenance Worker 1
Clarke Peters Clarke Peters Carl 1
Jennifer Field Jennifer Field EMT 1
Ahku Ahku Ragged Man 1
Thomas Cokenias Thomas Cokenias Desk Sergeant 1
Alison Aulakh Alison Aulakh Student 1
Jamie Atlas Jamie Atlas Paul 1
Jeanne Bautista Jeanne Bautista Patron 1
John Edward Cabrera John Edward Cabrera Pedestrian 1
Moises Amaya Moises Amaya Second Chair Attorney 1
Vinny DeGennaro Vinny DeGennaro Sandro 1
Lorenzo Conti Lorenzo Conti Bernard Jolly 1
Robert Chestnut Robert Chestnut Patron 1
Eliana López Eliana López Mariella Franko 1
Aleks Eydelman Aleks Eydelman Olena 1
Hayley Gagner Hayley Gagner Pedestrian 1
Trevor Locke Trevor Locke Medical Conference Attendee 1
Sandra Dee Sandra Dee Judge 1
Karen Kahn Karen Kahn Nurse 1
Yin Dumela Yin Dumela Pedestrian 1
Jennifer Black Jennifer Black Masseuse 1
Hugo E. Carbajal Hugo E. Carbajal Sgt. Moreno 1
Tom Hart Tom Hart Father of Kushel's wife 1
Allison Davies Allison Davies Holly Stein 1
Robin Calvert Robin Calvert Wheelchair Man 1
Kenneth Heaton Kenneth Heaton Burly Man 1
Dyendis Davis-Jones Dyendis Davis-Jones Nurse 1
Rocky Capella Rocky Capella Mercedes Driver 1
Teryn Macallan Teryn Macallan Havenwood School Student 1
Liisa Cohen Liisa Cohen M.J. 1
Jakeem Hawkins Jakeem Hawkins Damon 1
Kate Forristall Kate Forristall Mary Whitten 1
Chuck Isen Chuck Isen Dr. Kushel 1
Riley Chandler Riley Chandler Teenage D 1
Madelon Curtis Madelon Curtis Ruth Morrison 1
Jason W. Wong Jason W. Wong Dr. Simon Wei 1
Eric Nahinu Eric Nahinu Oakland Police Officer 1
Damara Reilly Damara Reilly Defense Lawyer 1
Afsheen Olyaie Afsheen Olyaie Bellman 1
Patricia Simmons Patricia Simmons Hospital Visitor 1
Cheryl Fonseca Cheryl Fonseca Doctor 1
Andy Rolfes Andy Rolfes Detective #2 1
Ron Roggé Ron Roggé D.K. 1
Steve Dakota Steve Dakota Medical Conference Attendee 1
Austin Jansma Austin Jansma Conf.Attendee 1
Quinn Friedman Quinn Friedman Young D 1
Joanna Kay Joanna Kay Hospital Administrator 1
Eileen Vazquez Eileen Vazquez Pedestrian 1
Haining Luan Haining Luan L.S. 1
Yuly Mireles Yuly Mireles Carolina 1
Jeff Redlick Jeff Redlick Coffee shop patron 1
Andrew Koponen Andrew Koponen Police Officer 1
Steven Wiig Steven Wiig Takeout Guy 1
René Peraza René Peraza Detective Ribeiro 1
Mike Martinez Mike Martinez Tall Solid Man 1
Mari Kearney Mari Kearney Cloris Flowers 1
John Lobato John Lobato Pedestrian 1
David Mendenhall David Mendenhall Pedestrian 1
Sean Michael McGrory Sean Michael McGrory Sanford Pringle II 1
Brian Sampson Brian Sampson Oakland Police Officer 1
Matt Reaves Matt Reaves Military Vet 1
John Pendergast John Pendergast Lanky Kid 1
Tim Lajcik Tim Lajcik Bouncer 1
AnnaCorey AnnaCorey Becca 1
Debbie Omariba Debbie Omariba Junkie Woman 1
Monterey Morrissey Monterey Morrissey James Morrison 1
Kelly Richardson Kelly Richardson Kushel's wife 1
Joey Ruggiero Joey Ruggiero Pedestrian 1
Hawlan Ng Hawlan Ng Dr. Eric Martin 1
Natalie Stephany Aguilar Natalie Stephany Aguilar Pedestrian 1
Ross Turner Ross Turner Doctor 1
Tanya Ruth Tanya Ruth Girl 1
Karenna Pullen Karenna Pullen Student 1
Bianca von Krieg Bianca von Krieg Drug Dealer's Girlfriend 1
Alicia Restivo Alicia Restivo Pedestrian 1
Vanessa Ross Vanessa Ross Prostitute 1
Olivia Armstrong Olivia Armstrong Havenwood School Student 1
William T. Bayley William T. Bayley Furniture Mover 1
Bobby Ysip Bobby Ysip Chinese Resturant Patron 1
Joshua H. Behn Joshua H. Behn Pedestrian /Man on Date 1
Phillip Caires Phillip Caires Insurance Executive 1
Michael T Stewart Michael T Stewart Detective 1
Al-Saadoon Thanya Al-Saadoon Thanya Furniture Store Shopper 1
Judy Cerda Judy Cerda Doctor 1
Phillip E. Walker Phillip E. Walker Conf.Attendee 1
Tsulan Cooper Tsulan Cooper Homeless Morning Woman 1
Courtney Shaffer Courtney Shaffer Nurse 1
Zachary Culbertson Zachary Culbertson Tenderloin Tough 1
Jerry Wu Jerry Wu Doctor 1
Thomas Dalby Thomas Dalby Pedestrian 1
Stacy Fairley Stacy Fairley Nurse 1
Luis Fierros Luis Fierros Barista 1
Gail Gamble Gail Gamble Mom 1
Carlos R. Hailey Carlos R. Hailey Orderly 1
Tcarla Horn Tcarla Horn Havenwood School Student 1
Ginger Jackson Ginger Jackson Teacher 1
Christina July Kim Christina July Kim Attorney 1
Adam Long Adam Long Pedestrian 1
Sophia Marcs Sophia Marcs Pedestrian 1
Makenzie Massagli Makenzie Massagli Hotel Guest 1
Gina Mathios Gina Mathios Street Pedestrian 1
Rachel Matsuoka Rachel Matsuoka Pedestrian 1
Heidi Michaelis Heidi Michaelis Pedestrian 1
Mahal Montoya Mahal Montoya Attorney 1
Jeff Mosley Jeff Mosley Annoyed Driver 1
Steve Warky Nunez Steve Warky Nunez Cafe Patron 1
Tom O'Reilly Tom O'Reilly Neighbor 1
Dalton Puckett Dalton Puckett Highschool Teen 1
Duane Ram Duane Ram Officer L. Styles 1
Phil Reeves Phil Reeves Leonard Haig 1
Joleen Sanders Joleen Sanders Hotel Patron 1
Chad Sibilia Chad Sibilia Truck Driver 1
Susan Soriano Susan Soriano Mariella's Aunt 1
Megan Stack Megan Stack Restaurant Patron 1
Anastassia Tchibissova Anastassia Tchibissova Pedestrian 1
Etienne Vick Etienne Vick Pedestrian Antique Shop 1
Jeanne Young Jeanne Young Parent /driver 1
Brett Zimmerman Brett Zimmerman Neil 1
Cybele Zufolo Cybele Zufolo Leonard Haig's Secretary 1
Walter Mack Walter Mack Havenwood School Student 1
Andy Tabbat Andy Tabbat Male couple with dog 1
James D. Weston II James D. Weston II Precision Driver 1

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