The Ghostbusters: A Web Series 2016

The Ghostbusters: A Web Series
# Episode Title Airdate
1 1 x 1 Hot Date n/a
2 1 x 2 Lab Duty 31. Aug 2016
3 1 x 3 Expelled! 14. Feb 2017
4 1 x 4 The New Hire n/a
5 1 x 5 Episode #1.8 n/a
# Episode Title Airdate
0 U x 1 Teaser 14. Feb 2016

  • Blackflight Studios

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Thumb Actor Character name Appeareance
Joseph Lavender Joseph Lavender Erwin Schueler 2
Victor Rivera Victor Rivera Jack Stanton 2
Walter Robert Duckworth Walter Robert Duckworth Bruce Tanner 1
Becky Boyd Becky Boyd Restaurant Patron 1
Ronny Mathew Ronny Mathew Mr. Doobashuk 1
Ronald Ogden Ronald Ogden Eugene 1
Jacob Broadfoot Jacob Broadfoot Restaurant Patron 1
Julie Broadfoot Julie Broadfoot Restaurant Patron 1
Zoe Myers Zoe Myers K.C. Mitchell 1
Joshua K. Brown Joshua K. Brown Restaurant Patron 1
Debbie Ward Casey Debbie Ward Casey Restaurant Patron 1
James Clarke James Clarke Restaurant Patron 1
Blaine Clotfelter Blaine Clotfelter Restaurant Patron 1
Niki Edwards Niki Edwards Jessica Lane 1
Wilfredo Gonzalez Wilfredo Gonzalez Restaurant Patron 1
Aly Taylor Hoffman Aly Taylor Hoffman Restaurant Patron 1
Donny Pittaway Donny Pittaway Restaurant Patron 1
Bryce Maria Pitts Bryce Maria Pitts Waitress 1
Joseph Ricciardelli Joseph Ricciardelli Bartender 1
Ali Roberts Ali Roberts Erica Trent 1
Kelley Wilson Robinson Kelley Wilson Robinson Restaurant Patron 1
Ryan Sheehe Ryan Sheehe Restaurant Patron 1
Lindsay Zerressen Lindsay Zerressen Restaurant Patron 1

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