Crashing 2017

# Episode Title Airdate
9 2 x 1 Episode #2.1 n/a
10 2 x 2 Episode #2.2 ... 2017
# Episode Title Airdate
1 1 x 1 Artie Lange 19. Feb 2017
2 1 x 2 The Road 26. Feb 2017
3 1 x 3 Yard Sale 05. Mar 2017
4 1 x 4 Barking 12. Mar 2017
5 1 x 5 Parents 19. Mar 2017
6 1 x 6 Warm-Up 26. Mar 2017
7 1 x 7 Julie 02. Apr 2017
8 1 x 8 The Baptism 09. Apr 2017

  • Dizimax Comedy (Turkey)
  • HBO (USA)
  • Apatow Productions

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Thumb Actor Character name Appeareance
Pete Holmes Pete Holmes Pete 8
Lauren Lapkus Lauren Lapkus Jess 4
Artie Lange Artie Lange Artie Lange 4
George Basil George Basil Leif 4
Jo Yang Jo Yang Margo 3
Jermaine Fowler Jermaine Fowler Russell 3
Aparna Nancherla Aparna Nancherla Anaya 3
Dov Davidoff Dov Davidoff Jason 3
Zach Cherry Zach Cherry Chicken Wing Man 3
T.J. Miller T.J. Miller T.J. Miller 2
Henry Zebrowski Henry Zebrowski Porter 2
Rachael Ray Rachael Ray Rachael Ray 2
Dave Hanson Dave Hanson Young Man 2
Rachel Feinstein Rachel Feinstein n/a 2
Ashlie Atkinson Ashlie Atkinson Schmitty 2
Malachi Nimmons Jr. Malachi Nimmons Jr. n/a 2
Michelle Sohn Michelle Sohn n/a 2
Dan Naturman Dan Naturman Dan 2
Meeya Davis Meeya Davis n/a 2
Clemmie Evans Clemmie Evans n/a 2
Joe Ngo Joe Ngo n/a 2
Hannibal Buress Hannibal Buress Himself 1
Ilana Becker Ilana Becker Ellen 1
Audrie Neenan Audrie Neenan Mom 1
Sarah Silverman Sarah Silverman Herself 1
Fred Applegate Fred Applegate Dad 1
Gina Gershon Gina Gershon Susie 1
Jenn Lyon Jenn Lyon n/a 1
Kapil Bawa Kapil Bawa Deli Employee 1
Peter Maloney Peter Maloney Weird Old Man 1
Jay Oakerson Jay Oakerson Jay 1
Katy Grenfell Katy Grenfell Waitress 1
Greer Barnes Greer Barnes Greer 1
Gina Diaz Gina Diaz Baptismal Guest 1
Marcella Lowery Marcella Lowery n/a 1
Vanessa Bayer Vanessa Bayer Vanessa Bayer 1
Dov Tiefenbach Dov Tiefenbach Ryan 1
Carmine Famiglietti Carmine Famiglietti Sound Guy 1
Soara-Joye Ross Soara-Joye Ross Giselle 1
Josephine Huang Josephine Huang Sushi Waitress 1
Myrna Cabello Myrna Cabello Free Sample Lady 1
Gina Yashere Gina Yashere Gina 1
Joey Auzenne Joey Auzenne Drug Dealer 1
John Dinello John Dinello Stage Manager 1
Brian Scott Frias Brian Scott Frias Baptismal Guest 1
Anna Suzuki Anna Suzuki Woman 1
Ben Rosenblatt Ben Rosenblatt n/a 1
Christopher Akpobiyeri Christopher Akpobiyeri n/a 1
Samantha Lee Johnson Samantha Lee Johnson Baptism Attendee 1
Dawn McGee Dawn McGee Neighbor with Dog 1
John M. Cusimano John M. Cusimano John Cusimano 1
Keith Robinson Keith Robinson Keith 1
Stephen Belcamino Stephen Belcamino Free Cheese Guy 1
Steve Agee Steve Agee Himself 1
Dustin Chafin Dustin Chafin n/a 1
Dave Attell Dave Attell n/a 1
Jonathan Williams Jonathan Williams Bystander 1
Daniel Michael Perez Daniel Michael Perez n/a 1
Jeffrey Ross Jeffrey Ross Jeff 1
Anthony Lumia Anthony Lumia Neighborhood Boy 1
Geno Bisconte Geno Bisconte n/a 1
Hugh Cha Hugh Cha Young Korean Man 1
Ann Carr Ann Carr Pregnant Woman 1
Linda Cameron Linda Cameron n/a 1
James Zeiss James Zeiss Commuter 1
Shunori Ramanathan Shunori Ramanathan Casting Assistant 1
Matthew Cardarople Matthew Cardarople Zach 1
Daniel K. Isaac Daniel K. Isaac Korean Man 1
Gabe Fazio Gabe Fazio Boyfriend 1
Amanda Castanos Amanda Castanos n/a 1
Omar Shaukat Omar Shaukat Man 1
Maggie LeVine Maggie LeVine Comedy Club Patron 1
Todd Montesi Todd Montesi Todd Montesi 1
Ryan Donahue Ryan Donahue n/a 1
Dante Nero Dante Nero n/a 1
Faith Logan Faith Logan Comedy Club Patron 1
Patrick M. Walsh Patrick M. Walsh Angry Man 1
Valerie Scott Valerie Scott n/a 1
Shade Rupe Shade Rupe Artie Lange Fan 1
Marina Franklin Marina Franklin n/a 1
Dan Falato Dan Falato n/a 1
Ron Funches Ron Funches Himself 1
Aaron Jackson Aaron Jackson n/a 1
Joseph Dellger Joseph Dellger Nelson 1
Adam Ratcliffe Adam Ratcliffe n/a 1
Estee Adoram Estee Adoram n/a 1
Iman Richardson Iman Richardson Stylish Woman 1
Allan Havey Allan Havey n/a 1
Brad Calcaterra Brad Calcaterra Guy in Hoodie 1
Vincent Riviezzo Vincent Riviezzo Mobster 1
David Juskow David Juskow n/a 1
Andrea Lynn Green Andrea Lynn Green Young Woman 1
Tessa Skara Tessa Skara Drunk Girl 1
Amy Bettina Amy Bettina Julianne 1
Tricia O'Toole Tricia O'Toole Drunk Girl 1
Scott Martin Scott Martin Irrate Pedestrian 1
Janelle James Janelle James n/a 1
Nyeema Carter Nyeema Carter n/a 1
Janie Stolar Janie Stolar Drunk Woman 1
Laurie Kennedy Laurie Kennedy n/a 1
Salaj Rijal Salaj Rijal Boy on Train 1
Sarah Bisman Sarah Bisman n/a 1
Carole Troll Carole Troll n/a 1
Adrienne Lovette Adrienne Lovette Woman in the Audience 1
Ellis Miles Sorensen Ellis Miles Sorensen Boy on Train 1
Sidney Anderson Sidney Anderson Girl on Train 1
Jeffrey Arnold Wolf Jeffrey Arnold Wolf n/a 1
Matt Maragno Matt Maragno n/a 1
Michael D. Joseph Michael D. Joseph Comedy Club Patron 1
And Palladino And Palladino Comedy Club Audience Member 1
Jeremy Paschall Jeremy Paschall n/a 1
Ryan Redebaugh Ryan Redebaugh Young Man 1
LeVera Sutton LeVera Sutton n/a 1

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