The Accidental Wolf 2017

The Accidental Wolf
# Episode Title Airdate
1 1 x 1 Zuhair ... 2017
2 1 x 2 Interrogators ... 2017
3 1 x 3 Kathryn ... 2017
4 1 x 4 Mary ... 2017
5 1 x 5 Buja ... 2017
6 1 x 6 Nancy ... 2017
7 1 x 7 Dean ... 2017
8 1 x 8 Katie n/a
9 1 x 9 Bradley ... 2017
10 1 x 10 Soothsayer ... 2017
11 1 x 11 Ioana ... 2017

  • Waterwell Films

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Thumb Actor Character name Appeareance
Kelli O'Hara Kelli O'Hara Katie 10
Mike Doyle Mike Doyle Brad 5
Judith Ivey Judith Ivey Nancy 4
Sahr Ngaujah Sahr Ngaujah Buja 3
Mick Hilgers Mick Hilgers Mike 2
Cassie Beck Cassie Beck Jacqueline 2
Raúl Castillo Raúl Castillo Jason 2
Magnolia Hammel Magnolia Hammel Alana 2
Denis O'Hare Denis O'Hare Dean 2
Kevin Batchelor Kevin Batchelor Butch and the Elevaters 1
Amy Ackerman Amy Ackerman Parent 1
Gabriella Argenio Gabriella Argenio Birthday Party Attendee 1
Stephen Henderson Stephen Henderson Homeless Man 1
Marsha Stephanie Blake Marsha Stephanie Blake Mystery Woman 1
Nicholas Hemerling Nicholas Hemerling Office employee 1
Mike Argenio Mike Argenio Birthday Party Attendee 1
Kewulay Kamara Kewulay Kamara Elder 1
Kyle Baudoin Kyle Baudoin Bar Patron 1
Reed Birney Reed Birney Richard 1
Ashley Bibbins Ashley Bibbins Parent 1
Sara Kathryn Bakker Sara Kathryn Bakker Anne 1
Raymond Anthony Thomas Raymond Anthony Thomas n/a 1
Craig Thomas Rivela Craig Thomas Rivela Cop 1
Kiley Barbagallo Kiley Barbagallo Birthday Party Attendee 1
Frank Wood Frank Wood n/a 1
Laurie Metcalf Laurie Metcalf Ram 1
Kevin Borla Kevin Borla Bar Patron 1
Rachel Bongiorno Rachel Bongiorno Parent 1
Amy Landecker Amy Landecker Emily Fielder 1
David Boscarino David Boscarino Bar Patron 1
Shauna Casey Shauna Casey Parent 1
Nichole Brini Nichole Brini Bar Patron 1
John Conlee John Conlee Principal Wildee 1
Carissa Burns Carissa Burns Party Caterer 1
Sarah Steele Sarah Steele Shelly 1
Lisa Burns Lisa Burns Birthday Party Attendee 1
Anna Bruzzese Anna Bruzzese Cab Driver 1
John Butch Phelps John Butch Phelps Butch and the Elevaters 1
Mari Vial-Golden Mari Vial-Golden Office employee 1
Brooke Buzzeo Brooke Buzzeo Birthday Party Attendee 1
Dan Gamma Dan Gamma Parent 1
Erin Cunningham Erin Cunningham Birthday Party Attendee 1
Stephen Butler Stephen Butler Bar Patron 1
Kerrianne Cunningham Kerrianne Cunningham Birthday Party Attendee 1
Ryan Cunningham Ryan Cunningham Birthday Party Attendee 1
Megan Knabbe Megan Knabbe Parent 1
Caroline Cianni Caroline Cianni Bar Patron 1
Samantha Clarke Samantha Clarke Bar Patron 1
Valerie Laury Valerie Laury Christine 1
Evelyn Marchand Evelyn Marchand Child 1
Brendan Coutes Brendan Coutes Bar Patron 1
Kendall Driffen Kendall Driffen Birthday Party Attendee 1
Travis Cromack Travis Cromack Bar Patron 1
Kathryn Erbe Kathryn Erbe n/a 1
Brandon J. Dirden Brandon J. Dirden Bobby 1
Linda Goldstein Linda Goldstein Birthday Party Attendee 1
Robert Chamine Okeefe Robert Chamine Okeefe Parent 1
June Hammel June Hammel Birthday Party Attendee 1
Robert Pagliaco Robert Pagliaco Parent 1
Luba Dvorak Luba Dvorak Butch and the Elevaters 1
Don C. Ruckdeschel Don C. Ruckdeschel Parent 1
Jayne Houdyshell Jayne Houdyshell Rach 1
Juliana Tompkins Juliana Tompkins Parent 1
Danielle Feola Danielle Feola Bar Patron 1
Alexander Finch Alexander Finch Bar Patron 1
Jody Inzitari Jody Inzitari Birthday Party Attendee 1
Frocine Wiley Frocine Wiley Parent 1
Richard Inzitari Richard Inzitari Birthday Party Attendee 1
Victoria Wiley Victoria Wiley Child 1
Shawn Fonseca Shawn Fonseca Bar Patron 1
Ryan Fraley Ryan Fraley Bar Patron 1
Sophia Inzitari Sophia Inzitari Birthday Party Attendee 1
Jenna Garder Jenna Garder Bar Patron 1
Asha Keegan Asha Keegan Birthday Party Attendee 1
Julie Gaughan Julie Gaughan Bar Patron 1
Kara Giarratano Kara Giarratano Bar Patron 1
Nichole Keegan Nichole Keegan Birthday Party Attendee 1
Sophia Kunis Sophia Kunis Birthday Party Attendee 1
Betsy Giovannicci Betsy Giovannicci Bar Patron 1
Gessica Guerin Gessica Guerin Bar Patron 1
Kevin Needham Kevin Needham Birthday Party Attendee 1
Jason Edward Hammel Jason Edward Hammel Butch and the Elevaters 1
Bryce Harru Bryce Harru Bar Patron 1
Betsy Harvey Betsy Harvey Bar Patron 1
Dawn Schmitz Dawn Schmitz Birthday Party Attendee 1
Jacqueline Hernandez Jacqueline Hernandez Bar Patron 1
Julia Schmitz Julia Schmitz Birthday Party Attendee 1
Joseph Hopkins Joseph Hopkins Bar Patron 1
Luis J. Smith Luis J. Smith Birthday Party Attendee 1
Brian Hunter Brian Hunter Bar Patron 1
Laureen Somers Laureen Somers Birthday Party Attendee 1
Donneisha P. Watts Donneisha P. Watts Party Caterer 1
Keyanna White Keyanna White Party Caterer 1
Jarrin Jones Jarrin Jones Bar Patron 1
Lauren Klein Lauren Klein Brielle 1
Brian Kuhurt Brian Kuhurt Bar Patron 1
Brendan Lane Brendan Lane Bar Patron 1
Walter Lassy Walter Lassy Bar Patron 1
Susan LeBel Susan LeBel Bar Patron 1
Kathryn Lenehan Kathryn Lenehan Bar Patron 1
Noel Lizotte Noel Lizotte Bar Patron 1
Sarah MacDonald Sarah MacDonald Bar Patron 1
Nicole Manafort Nicole Manafort Bar Patron 1
Shawn Manafort Shawn Manafort Bar Patron 1
Paul Marci Paul Marci Bar Patron 1
Kelly McCalinont Kelly McCalinont Bar Patron 1
Ben McKenzie Ben McKenzie Charlie 1
Emmanuel Meleous Emmanuel Meleous Bar Patron 1
Isaiah Mims Isaiah Mims Bar Patron 1
Stephanie Molden Stephanie Molden Bar Patron 1
Katherine Mosca Katherine Mosca Bar Patron 1
Len Moschitto Len Moschitto Bar Patron 1
Christina Murphy Christina Murphy Bar Patron 1
Diana Nagler Diana Nagler Bar Patron 1
Kris Narowski Kris Narowski Bar Patron 1
Mathew Natale Mathew Natale Bar Patron 1
Alexandra Nerkouriou Alexandra Nerkouriou Bar Patron 1
Micheal Newbold Micheal Newbold Bar Patron 1
Patrick L. Parkinson Jr. Patrick L. Parkinson Jr. Bar Patron 1
Evan Parsons Evan Parsons Bar Patron 1
Zoe Pearl Zoe Pearl Bar Patron 1
Ryan Piraneo Ryan Piraneo Bar Patron 1
Dimitra Psaras Dimitra Psaras Bar Patron 1
George Psaras George Psaras Bar Patron 1
Amanda C. Rasmussen Amanda C. Rasmussen Bar Patron 1
Rebecca Resendes Rebecca Resendes Bar Patron 1
Jason Riccio Jason Riccio Bar Patron 1
Philip J. Rosendes Philip J. Rosendes Bar Patron 1
Valerie Santiago Valerie Santiago Bar Patron 1
Elizabeth Sciarra Elizabeth Sciarra Bar Patron 1
Molly Shanahan Molly Shanahan Bar Patron 1
Nicholas Signorello Nicholas Signorello Bar Patron 1
Rinaldo Signorello Rinaldo Signorello Bar Patron 1
Emily Sundel Emily Sundel Bar Patron 1
James D. Thompson James D. Thompson Bar Patron 1
Tony Tino Tony Tino Butch and the Elevaters 1
William Trinh William Trinh Bar Patron 1
Erick Valdes Erick Valdes Bar Patron 1
Rachel Valdes Rachel Valdes Bar Patron 1
Carley Weber Carley Weber Bar Patron 1
Erin Wilhelmi Erin Wilhelmi Ioana 1
Patrick Wright Patrick Wright Bar Patron 1
Caroline Yorio Caroline Yorio Mary 1

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