Big Little Lies

# Episode Title Airdate
1 1 x 1 Somebody's Dead 19. Feb 2017
2 1 x 2 Serious Mothering 24. Feb 2017
3 1 x 3 Living the Dream 05. Mar 2017
4 1 x 4 Push Comes to Shove 12. Mar 2017
5 1 x 5 Once Bitten 19. Mar 2017
6 1 x 6 Burning Love 26. Mar 2017
7 1 x 7 You Get What You Need 02. Apr 2017

  • HBO (USA)
  • HBO (Canada)
  • BeTV (Belgium)
  • DiziMax (Turkey)
  • HOT (Israel)
  • OCS City (France)
  • RTS (Switzerland)
  • Showcase Australia (Australia)
  • Sky Atlantic HD (Germany)
  • Star Channel (Japan)
  • Ziggo Movies & Series XL (Netherlands)
  • Blossom Films
  • David E. Kelley Productions
  • Pacific Standard

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Thumb Actor Character name Appeareance
Kathryn Newton Kathryn Newton Max 15
Ivy George Ivy George Amabella Klein 14
Darby Camp Darby Camp Chloe Mackenzie 10
Chloe Coleman Chloe Coleman Skye 10
Cameron Crovetti Cameron Crovetti Josh Wright 10
Nicholas Crovetti Nicholas Crovetti Max Wright 10
Kathreen Khavari Kathreen Khavari Samantha 10
Larry Bates Larry Bates Stu 8
Santiago Cabrera Santiago Cabrera n/a 8
Laura Dern Laura Dern n/a 8
Nicole Kidman Nicole Kidman n/a 8
Zoë Kravitz Zoë Kravitz n/a 8
David Monahan David Monahan n/a 8
Jeffrey Nordling Jeffrey Nordling n/a 8
Adam Scott Adam Scott n/a 8
Alexander Skarsgård Alexander Skarsgård Perry Wright 8
Larry Sullivan Larry Sullivan n/a 8
James Tupper James Tupper Madeline's Ex-Husband 8
Reese Witherspoon Reese Witherspoon n/a 8
Shailene Woodley Shailene Woodley n/a 8
Sarah Baker Sarah Baker n/a 7
P.J. Byrne P.J. Byrne n/a 7
Iain Armitage Iain Armitage Ziggy Chapman 7
Virginia Kull Virginia Kull n/a 7
Kelen Coleman Kelen Coleman Harper Stimson 7
Merrin Dungey Merrin Dungey n/a 6
Sarah Burns Sarah Burns Gabrielle 6
Gia Carides Gia Carides Melissa 6
Hong Chau Hong Chau Jackie 6
Joseph Cross Joseph Cross Tom 6
Robin Weigert Robin Weigert Dr. Amanda Reisman 5
Nelly Buchet Nelly Buchet Juliette 5
Parker Croft Parker Croft Brent 5
Kimmy Shields Kimmy Shields Kelly 5
Sarah Sokolovic Sarah Sokolovic Tori Bachman 4
Joel Spence Joel Spence Matt 4
Tim True Tim True Detective Walt Gibson 4
Benai Boyd Benai Boyd Puppeteer 4
Danielle Judovits Danielle Judovits Puppeteer 4
Chris Kauffmann Chris Kauffmann Puppeteer 4
Ryan O'Connor Ryan O'Connor Puppeteer 4
Richard Israel Richard Israel Theatrical Coordinator 4
Stephen Graybill Stephen Graybill Saxon Baker 3
Angela Ai Angela Ai Puppeteer 3
Stacie Greenwell Stacie Greenwell Lydia 3
Keisuke Hoashi Keisuke Hoashi Dr. Leo Chang 3
Anthony Zediker Anthony Zediker Accommpanist 3
Kate Rene Gleason Kate Rene Gleason Stacey 2
Molly Hagan Molly Hagan Dr. Moriarty 2
Mark Adair-Rios Mark Adair-Rios Coach Bob 2
Carrie Wampler Carrie Wampler Lori 2
Celeste Cook Celeste Cook Audrey Hepburn 2
Libby Letlow Libby Letlow Puppeteer 2
Mark Whitten Mark Whitten Puppeteer 2
Carrie I. Dodd Carrie I. Dodd Traveler at Airport 2
Annie Fitzgerald Annie Fitzgerald Tracy Rensing 1
Patrick St. Esprit Patrick St. Esprit Mayor Bartley 1
Ron Brooks Ron Brooks Detective Collins 1
Jennifer Lafleur Jennifer Lafleur Fiona 1
Lacy Camp Lacy Camp Secretary 1
Angela Al Angela Al Puppeteer 1
Carson Ferry Carson Ferry Student 1
Lauren Glazier Lauren Glazier Dr. Shapiro 1
McKenna Ferry McKenna Ferry Student 1
Jerome Holloway Jerome Holloway Trivia Night Band Member 1
Issam Tahan Issam Tahan Chauffer 1
Sean Leo Sean Leo Student 1
Tony Toste Tony Toste City Hall Official 1
Tiffany Tynes Tiffany Tynes Piloxing Instructor 1
Rob Banks Rob Banks Trivia Night Band Member 1
Daniel Yost Daniel Yost Trivia Night Band Member 1
Thomas W. Stewart Thomas W. Stewart Cop 1
Anil Kumar Anil Kumar Dr. Winslow 1
Eliot Lorango Eliot Lorango Trivia Night Band Member 1
Christopher Stills Christopher Stills Trivia Night Band Member 1
Anne Dereaux Anne Dereaux Trivia Night Backup Singer 1
Kasey Perlinger Kasey Perlinger Waitress 1
Wendy Wang Wendy Wang Trivia Night Backup Singer 1
Jessica Reagans Jessica Reagans Trivia Night Backup Singer 1
Samantha Baugnon Samantha Baugnon Audrey Hepburn 1
Katarina Pavelek Katarina Pavelek Audrey Hepburn 1

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