Palisades Justice 2017

Palisades Justice
# Episode Title Airdate
1 1 x 1 The Fresca King - PILOT 31. Dec 2017
2 1 x 2 The Confectionery Crook 31. Dec 2017
3 1 x 3 It's a Dog Do Dog World 31. Dec 2017
4 1 x 4 The Peacock Principle 31. Dec 2017
5 1 x 5 Out of Season 31. Dec 2017
6 1 x 6 The Spice Game 31. Dec 2017

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Thumb Actor Character name Appeareance
Johnny Ortiz Johnny Ortiz Det. Flip Suarez 6
Kevin Thomsen Kevin Thomsen Det. Davis 6
Brian Gilleece Brian Gilleece Det. Jay Simmons 6
Freeman Lyon Freeman Lyon Det. Freeman 6
Eddie Vincent Eddie Vincent Maj. Vincent Edwards 6
Rick Silver Rick Silver Garcia 5
Austin Arnold Austin Arnold Tommy 5
Valerie Bentson Valerie Bentson Det. Val 5
Kristen Hetzel Kristen Hetzel Det. Christy 5
Douglas Michael Harrison Douglas Michael Harrison Speedo 4
Gabrielle Elyse Gabrielle Elyse Feather 3
Matthew Harris Matthew Harris Mahogany Jones 3
Rose Marie Brown Rose Marie Brown District Attorney Brown 3
Mike Henry Mike Henry Uniformed Officer 1 3
Antwan McKelvin Antwan McKelvin Lab Worker 3
Casey Dacanay Casey Dacanay Cheryl 3
Sarunas J. Jackson Sarunas J. Jackson Inspector Johnston 2
Tarniesha Stimage Tarniesha Stimage Sasha Fierce 2
Charlotte Benesch Charlotte Benesch Skye Flax 2
Lauren Dearmon Lauren Dearmon Paige Crawford 2
Brian Shakti Brian Shakti Hans Groot 2
Paris Perrault Paris Perrault Kelsey 2
Aaron Arnold Aaron Arnold Glen 1
Mickael De Sinno Mickael De Sinno Body Guard 1
Justin Michael Stevenson Justin Michael Stevenson Jack Russell 1
James Aston Lake James Aston Lake Fresca King 1
Rose Marie Brown Rose Marie Brown District Attorney Brown 1
Drea Hoffman Drea Hoffman Baker #2 1
Scott Riffe Scott Riffe Scotty Cuts 1
Yissendy Trinidad Yissendy Trinidad Esmerelda 1
Treasure Cooper Treasure Cooper Coffee Girl 1
Jason Shaffer Jason Shaffer JP Von Dutch 1
Brandon Carrillo Brandon Carrillo Prison Guard 1
Paul DeRienz Paul DeRienz White Party Guest 1

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