The Get Down

# Episode Title Airdate
1 1 x 1 Where There Is Ruin, There Is Hope for a Treasure 12. Aug 2016
2 1 x 2 Seek Those Who Fan Your Flames 12. Aug 2016
3 1 x 3 Darkness Is Your Candle 12. Aug 2016
4 1 x 4 Forget Safety, Be Notorious 12. Aug 2016
5 1 x 5 You Have Wings, Learn to Fly 12. Aug 2016
6 1 x 6 Raise Your Words, Not Your Voice 12. Aug 2016
7 1 x 7 Unfold Your Own Myth 07. Apr 2017
8 1 x 8 The Beat Says, This Is the Way 07. Apr 2017
9 1 x 9 One by One, Into the Dark 07. Apr 2017
10 1 x 10 Gamble Everything 07. Apr 2017
11 1 x 11 Only from Exile Can We Come Home 07. Apr 2017

  • Netflix (Japan)
  • Netflix (Turkey)
  • Netflix (USA)
  • Netflix (worldwide)
  • Bazmark Films
  • Sony Pictures Television
Special FX:
  • Phosphene'

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Thumb Actor Character name Appeareance
Yahya Abdul-Mateen II Yahya Abdul-Mateen II Cadillac 25
Skylan Brooks Skylan Brooks Ra-Ra 25
Tremaine Brown Jr. Tremaine Brown Jr. Boo-Boo 25
Herizen F. Guardiola Herizen F. Guardiola Mylene Cruz 25
Shameik Moore Shameik Moore Shaolin Fantastic 25
Justice Smith Justice Smith Ezekiel 25
Jimmy Smits Jimmy Smits Francisco 'Papa Fuerte' Cruz 25
Mamoudou Athie Mamoudou Athie Grandmaster Flash 24
Giancarlo Esposito Giancarlo Esposito Pastor Ramon Cruz 24
Lillias White Lillias White n/a 24
Zabryna Guevara Zabryna Guevara Mrs. Cruz 16
Michael Gill Michael Gill Mr. Gunns 14
Stefanée Martin Stefanée Martin Yolanda Kipling 12
Shyrley Rodriguez Shyrley Rodriguez Regina 12
Jaden Smith Jaden Smith Marcus 'Dizzee' Kipling 12
Tory Devon Smith Tory Devon Smith Little Wolf 12
Eric Bogosian Eric Bogosian Roy Asheton 11
Judy Marte Judy Marte Wanda 11
Alfred Pollo Perez Alfred Pollo Perez Dancer 11
Barrington Walters Jr. Barrington Walters Jr. Doowop 9
Karen Aldridge Karen Aldridge Adele Kipling 8
Brandon J. Dirden Brandon J. Dirden Leon 8
Yolonda Ross Yolonda Ross Ms. Green 8
RayJonaldy Rodriguez RayJonaldy Rodriguez Silent Carlito 8
Khalil Middleton Khalil Middleton MC Luke 7
Qaasim Middleton Qaasim Middleton DJ Big Planet 7
Salma Salinas Salma Salinas Angela Cruz 7
Quincy Chad Quincy Chad Caesar 6
Jaden Michael Jaden Michael Rafe 6
Kevin Corrigan Kevin Corrigan Jackie Moreno 6
Kortnee Simmons Kortnee Simmons Platinum Boogie Dancer 6
Sal Rendino Sal Rendino Stanley Kelly 6
Daveed Diggs Daveed Diggs Adult Books 5
Jay Klaitz Jay Klaitz Furry Cooperstein 5
Danai Kadzere Danai Kadzere Carmelita 5
Noah Le Gros Noah Le Gros Thor 5
Jarrett Austin Brown Jarrett Austin Brown Halfback 5
King Feliciano King Feliciano Lopez 5
Nancy Cejari Nancy Cejari Les inferno 4
Alexis Krause Alexis Krause Leslie Lesgold 4
Isaiah Negrón Isaiah Negrón Baron 4
Daequan Morrison Daequan Morrison Get Down Kid 4
Calvin Sykes Calvin Sykes King of Cassettes 4
Evan Parke Evan Parke n/a 4
Mikey D'Astoli Mikey D'Astoli Crash 4
Jayson Genao Jayson Genao Napoleon 4
Tremayne Rollins Tremayne Rollins Daze 4
Justin Clarke Justin Clarke Gambler #8 3
Skye Grayson Skye Grayson Beautiful Girl 3
Brian Richardson Brian Richardson Desmond 3
Julia Garner Julia Garner Claudia Gunns 3
Ron C. Jones Ron C. Jones Winston Kipling 3
India McGee India McGee Platinum Boogie Dancer, Lez Enfe 3
Frank Wood Frank Wood n/a 3
Donovan Christie Jr. Donovan Christie Jr. Carlos Pakoussa 3
Willie Estrada Willie Estrada Willie 3
Jordan Mahome Jordan Mahome Slim 3
José Alvarez José Alvarez Jose 2
Michael Birnberg Michael Birnberg Stagehand 2
Nick Bailey Nick Bailey Fish 2
Patrick Brana Patrick Brana Popeye 2
Emilio Delgado Emilio Delgado Minister Ruiz 2
Rocco Di Gregorio Rocco Di Gregorio Fabulous Person 2
Ari Butler Ari Butler Music Executive 2
Mario D'Leon Mario D'Leon Pito 2
Katrina Lenk Katrina Lenk Ruby Con 2
Candice Gordon Candice Gordon Stage Manager 2
Nigel Alexander Fullerton Nigel Alexander Fullerton Zulu Warrior Leader 2
Spencer Daniels Spencer Daniels Kent 2
Keenan Jolliff Keenan Jolliff Marshall Strawbridge 2
Victoria Simone Gee Victoria Simone Gee Salsa Dancer 2
Aly Mang Aly Mang Misha 2
Califf Guzman Califf Guzman Savage Warlord #2 2
Jamie Jackson Jamie Jackson Robert Stigwood 2
Robert Shulman Robert Shulman NYC Transit Cop 2
Stu Richel Stu Richel Deacon Mills 2
Toni Whitlock Toni Whitlock Soup Kitchen Customer 2
Dillon Mathews Dillon Mathews Bronx Cop 2
Eric D. Hill Jr. Eric D. Hill Jr. DJ Kool Herc 2
De'on Ragin De'on Ragin Stroke Face 2
Brandon Ballone Brandon Ballone JizzaBella - Drag Queen 2
Kelly P. Williams Kelly P. Williams Hair Stylists 2
Conrad Roberts Conrad Roberts Uncle Johnny 2
Jeremy Sample Jeremy Sample Gambler #5 2
Iris Delgado Iris Delgado Senora Lopez 2
Owen Rogers Owen Rogers Photographer 2
Rose Sias Rose Sias Tiny 2
Dominick Sabatino Dominick Sabatino Drug buyer 2
Ivan Cofield Ivan Cofield Get Down Bully #1 2
José Luis Pardo José Luis Pardo Luis 2
Omar Scroggins Omar Scroggins E 2
Allesondra Helwig Allesondra Helwig Get Down Kid /High School Studen 2
Amoni B. Amoni B. High School Student 2
Peter O'Hara Peter O'Hara Reporter 2
Tony Terrell Alston Tony Terrell Alston Drug Chemist 1
Joe Curnutte Joe Curnutte Chips 1
Latoya Edwards Latoya Edwards Audrey 1
Renee Goldsberry Renee Goldsberry Misty Holloway 1
Burton Mazzone Burton Mazzone Peter Sellers 1
Annika Boras Annika Boras n/a 1
Miles Robbins Miles Robbins Dee Dee Ramone 1
Elisha Lawson Elisha Lawson Switchblade 1
Julia Morrison Julia Morrison Mylene Moon 1
Brian Newby Brian Newby Get Down Bully #2 1
Aaqilah Lewis Aaqilah Lewis High School Student 1
Lee Tergesen Lee Tergesen Inspector Moach 1
Bryce Pinkham Bryce Pinkham Julien 1
Elizabeth Stanley Elizabeth Stanley Shirley 1
Sedly Bloomfield Sedly Bloomfield Herc's Dad 1
Billy Porter Billy Porter DJ Malibu 1
Quazzani Mounir Quazzani Mounir Graffiti Artist 1
Ethan Agnello Ethan Agnello Junior Savage Warlord #6 1
Noah Catala Noah Catala Hector 1
Kerry Malloy Kerry Malloy Young Exec #2 1
Savion Smith Savion Smith DJ Mongo 1
John Cenatiempo John Cenatiempo Officer Feeney 1
Jimmy Palumbo Jimmy Palumbo Larry 1
Victoria Eloise Zunhiga Victoria Eloise Zunhiga Churchgoer 1
Xiren Wang Xiren Wang Roy Asheton's Girlfriend 1
Luciano Acuna Jr. Luciano Acuna Jr. Senior Savage Warlord #1 1
Frances Lozada Frances Lozada Speaker in Tongues #2 1
Gisele Alicea Gisele Alicea Zeleika Voltaire 1
Jannie Jones Jannie Jones Herc's Mom 1
Tay Cooley Tay Cooley Yvette 1
Jermaine Crawford Jermaine Crawford Fernando 1
John Adams John Adams Fuerte's Host 1
Nick Rashad Burroughs Nick Rashad Burroughs CJ 1
Eddie Torres Eddie Torres Speaker in Tongues #1 1
Karen Vigo Karen Vigo Maria 1
Jordan Richmond Anderson Jordan Richmond Anderson Bully #3 1
Freddy Esposito Freddy Esposito Officer Zak 1
Joseph Cardoso Joseph Cardoso Shorty 1
Maria Guzman Maria Guzman Churchgoer 1
Louis Arcella Louis Arcella El Tío 1
Westley Artope Westley Artope Sunset 1
Wali Collins Wali Collins Cool Calvin Moody 1
Vinson German Vinson German Maurice 1
Stephen Chacon Stephen Chacon Stevie Boy 1
Hasaan Gilmer Hasaan Gilmer LeRoy 1
Jawan Jackson Jawan Jackson E-Z Mike 1
Orien Elizabeth Orien Elizabeth Fuerte's Secretary 1
Bryant Dope Bryant Dope Cowboy 1
Rebecca Watson Rebecca Watson Janet 1
Joseph Hernandez Joseph Hernandez Sound Technician 1
Dalon J. Holland Dalon J. Holland Heckler 1
Gerald Jones Iii Gerald Jones Iii Baby Thug 1
David Mizzoni David Mizzoni Young Man #1 1
Izzy Ruiz Izzy Ruiz Frankie 1
Keenan A. Jones Keenan A. Jones Byron 1
Irma Estella La Guerre Irma Estella La Guerre Evelyn 1
Ariel Padilla Ariel Padilla Young Man #2 1
Ron Stroman Ron Stroman Vendor 1
Jeff Lima Jeff Lima El Viejo 1
Briana Lee Briana Lee Singer 1
Jason F.C. Laws Jason F.C. Laws Platinum Boogie Dancer 1
Malcolm C. Murray Malcolm C. Murray Barman 1
Jamal Warren Jamal Warren Get Down Kid #4 1
Brian Newby Brian Newby Get Down Bully #2 1
Ceazar Reyes Ceazar Reyes Bully #2 1
Corey Royster Corey Royster Corey the Coke Dealer 1
Steven Solis Steven Solis Luis 1
Omar A. Soriano Omar A. Soriano Doorman 1
Tevin Thompson Tevin Thompson Bully #1 1
Edgar Felix Edgar Felix Miguel 1
Jalah Williams Jalah Williams High School Student 1
Clinton Clark Clinton Clark Student #1 1
Sofie Corréa Sofie Corréa Arm Candy 1
Antonio Minino Antonio Minino Commuter 1

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