The Front 2016

# Episode Title Airdate
1 1 x 1 Luckies or 9mm 22. Sep 2016
2 1 x 2 Only the Dead Have Seen the End of War 22. Sep 2016
3 1 x 3 Wounded 22. Sep 2016
4 1 x 4 Repatriation 22. Sep 2016
5 1 x 5 The Dream Is Over 22. Sep 2016
6 1 x 6 Red Three 22. Sep 2016

  • Blaze Brothers Productions

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Thumb Actor Character name Appeareance
Josh Durham Josh Durham Frank Aldridge 6
Randy D. Shoemake Randy D. Shoemake American M1 Soldier 3
Lynn Lawrence Lynn Lawrence Lt. Lawrenz 2
Shannon Houk Shannon Houk German Soldier 2
Kyle Blaze Kyle Blaze American Soldier 2
Jeffery Gray Jeffery Gray American MP 2
Perry Monroe Perry Monroe German Soldier 2
Jovan Martin Jovan Martin Fw. Loewe 1
Jackson Elliott Jackson Elliott Gefr. Braun 1
Anne Beyer Anne Beyer Mademoiselle 1
Mike Buckendorf Mike Buckendorf Maj. Wright 1
Robb Hudspeth Robb Hudspeth SF. Thomsen 1
Peter J. Calvin Peter J. Calvin American M1 Soldier 1
Deward Lynn Lawrence Deward Lynn Lawrence Lt. Lawrenz 1
Kyle Roark Kyle Roark Nikolaus 1
Matthew Roy Matthew Roy Baldric 1
John Charles Dickson John Charles Dickson Halftrack Gunner 1
James Larabee James Larabee German Soldier 1
Jake Hastings Jake Hastings Escaped POW #1 1
Colton Tapp Colton Tapp German Soldier 1
Gay Ashley Gay Ashley Helferin 1
Tyler Mann Tyler Mann Wounded German Soldier 1
Joshua Briscoe Joshua Briscoe Royce 1
Chase Ryan Terrell Chase Ryan Terrell Barnes 1
Gary Hardison Gary Hardison Panzerschreck Operator 1
Brandon Biczo Brandon Biczo Allied Soldier 1
John Anderson John Anderson German POW 1
Parker Jones Parker Jones American Solider 1
Josiah Cooper Josiah Cooper German POW 1
Zane-Eric Matthews Zane-Eric Matthews German Soldier 1
Rose Cooper Rose Cooper Hotel Patron 1
Kenneth Golden Kenneth Golden Jeep Driver 1
Brad Meeks Brad Meeks American Soldier 1
Micki Covington Micki Covington Helferin Officer 1
Tamara Curry Tamara Curry Helferin 1
Tate Mowrey Tate Mowrey American Soldier 1
John Sprouse John Sprouse Halftrack Driver 1
Greg Lane Greg Lane German POW 1
Willum Lackey Willum Lackey German Soldier 1
Sarahjoy Mount Sarahjoy Mount Mounted Red Cross Worker 1
Hilton Moore Hilton Moore Hotel Attendant 1
Hindrix Taylor Hindrix Taylor German Soldier 1
Gary Thomas Gary Thomas Weapons Carrier Driver 1
Kevin O'Keefe Kevin O'Keefe American MP 1
Holly Moore Holly Moore Helferin Stenographer 1
Kambi Ross Kambi Ross Red Cross Worker 1
Gabriel Morgan Gabriel Morgan Allied Soldier 1
Gwendolynn Murphy Gwendolynn Murphy Helferin Radio Operator 1
Adrienne Vytopil Adrienne Vytopil Helferin 1
Jan Duncan Weir Jan Duncan Weir Helferin 1
Woodrow Wilson Woodrow Wilson German Soldier 1

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