Humans 2015

# Episode Title Airdate
17 3 x 1 Episode #3.1 n/a
# Episode Title Airdate
9 2 x 1 Episode #2.1 30. Oct 2016
10 2 x 2 Episode #2.2 06. Nov 2016
11 2 x 3 Episode #2.3 13. Nov 2016
12 2 x 4 Episode #2.4 20. Nov 2016
13 2 x 5 Episode #2.5 27. Nov 2016
14 2 x 6 Episode #2.6 04. Dec 2016
15 2 x 7 Episode #2.7 11. Dec 2016
16 2 x 8 Episode #2.8 18. Dec 2016
# Episode Title Airdate
1 1 x 1 Episode #1.1 14. Jun 2015
2 1 x 2 Episode #1.2 21. Jun 2015
3 1 x 3 Episode #1.3 28. Jun 2015
4 1 x 4 Episode #1.4 05. Jul 2015
5 1 x 5 Episode #1.5 12. Jul 2015
6 1 x 6 Episode #1.6 19. Jul 2015
7 1 x 7 Episode #1.7 26. Jul 2015
8 1 x 8 Episode #1.8 02. Aug 2015

  • Channel 4 (UK)
  • AMC (Hungary)
  • AMC (Netherlands)
  • AMC (USA)
  • ABC (Australia)
  • RTL Crime (Germany)
  • Xbox Entertainment Studios (worldwide)
  • Kudos Film and Television
  • Channel 4
  • AMC Studios
  • Endemol Shine Group
  • Matador Film
Special FX:
  • Visual Effects Company, The'

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Type Name
Remake of Äkta människor
Featured in The Wright Stuff: Episode #20.120
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Thumb Actor Character name Appeareance
Emily Berrington Emily Berrington Niska 16
Pixie Davies Pixie Davies Sophie Hawkins 16
Tom Goodman-Hill Tom Goodman-Hill Joe Hawkins 16
Gemma Chan Gemma Chan Anita 16
Lucy Carless Lucy Carless Mattie Hawkins 16
Ivanno Jeremiah Ivanno Jeremiah Synth Max 16
Colin Morgan Colin Morgan Leo 16
Katherine Parkinson Katherine Parkinson Laura Hawkins 16
Theo Stevenson Theo Stevenson Toby Hawkins 16
Ruth Bradley Ruth Bradley DI Karen Voss 15
Neil Maskell Neil Maskell DS Pete Drummond 14
Will Tudor Will Tudor Odi 12
Sope Dirisu Sope Dirisu Fred 8
Sonya Cassidy Sonya Cassidy Hester 8
Sophie Gooding Sophie Gooding Sally Synth 8
Carrie-Anne Moss Carrie-Anne Moss Dr. Athena Morrow 8
Chloe Wicks Chloe Wicks Vee 8
Danny Webb Danny Webb Hobb 8
Jack Derges Jack Derges Simon 7
Tor Clark Tor Clark Senior Technician 7
Rebecca Front Rebecca Front Vera 7
Letitia Wright Letitia Wright Renie 7
William Hurt William Hurt Dr. George Millican 7
Jill Halfpenny Jill Halfpenny Jill Drummond 6
Bella Dayne Bella Dayne Astrid 6
Bruno Mello Bruno Mello Odi 6
Sam Palladio Sam Palladio Ed 6
Jonathan Aris Jonathan Aris Robert 5
Marshall Allman Marshall Allman Milo Khoury 5
Michael Corsale Michael Corsale Synth Driver 5
Thusitha Jayasundera Thusitha Jayasundera Neha Patel, QC 5
Manpreet Bachu Manpreet Bachu Harun Khan 5
Ritu Arya Ritu Arya Flash 4
Stephen Boxer Stephen Boxer Dr. David Elster 4
Eric Kofi-Abrefa Eric Kofi-Abrefa Danny 4
Claudia Harrison Claudia Harrison Dr. Aveling 4
Alicia Woodhouse Alicia Woodhouse Synth 4
Nathalie Armin Nathalie Armin Tabitha 3
Tim Ahern Tim Ahern Gil 3
Ian Burfield Ian Burfield Gavin 3
Billy Jenkins Billy Jenkins Sam 3
Dominic Mafham Dominic Mafham Chief Superintendent Shaw 3
Caroline Lee-Johnson Caroline Lee-Johnson Brothel Madame 3
Adam Astill Adam Astill Journalist 2
Linda Louise Duan Linda Louise Duan Domestic Synth 2
Stella Gonet Stella Gonet Frances Walker 2
Paul Kaye Paul Kaye Silas Capek 2
Anastasia Hille Anastasia Hille Diane 2
Anthony Flanagan Anthony Flanagan Jansen 2
Ellen Thomas Ellen Thomas Lindsay Kiwanuka 2
Mera Mayde Mera Mayde Conscious Synth 2
Tom Bell Tom Bell School Synth 2
Nigel Boyle Nigel Boyle Rickie 2
Sophie Matthew Sophie Matthew n/a 2
Nikolaos Brahimllari Nikolaos Brahimllari Hobbs Guard 2
Josie Lawrence Josie Lawrence Barbara 2
Aidan McArdle Aidan McArdle Peter Keeley 2
Neil McKinven Neil McKinven Taxi Driver 2
Justin Salinger Justin Salinger Connor 2
Lisa Ronaghan Lisa Ronaghan Qualia Synth 2
Spencer Norways Spencer Norways Young Leo 2
Tyana Perez Tyana Perez Synth 2
Amer Patel Amer Patel Dr. Shah 2
Matt Sapsford Matt Sapsford Police Officer /Tactical Entry O 2
Paul Blackwell Paul Blackwell Cyclist 2
Joshua Hill Joshua Hill Cyclist 2
Joshua Johnson Joshua Johnson Danny 2
Claire Greasley Claire Greasley WAP Rally attendee 2
Jonathon Michaels Jonathon Michaels Uniformed Police Officer 2
Atul Sharma Atul Sharma WAP Rally attendee 2
Matthew David McCarthy Matthew David McCarthy Protester 2
Luke Mordue Luke Mordue Hobbs Guard 2
Sophie Slavin Sophie Slavin Uniformed Police Officer 2
Raphael Acloque Raphael Acloque Ten 1
James Francis Andrews James Francis Andrews Frances Walker's Aide 1
Callum Adams Callum Adams Athena's Assistant 1
William Andrews William Andrews Scientist 1
Amy Athwal-Kirby Amy Athwal-Kirby Harmeet 1
Daniel Ashton-Lincoln Daniel Ashton-Lincoln Nathan 1
Oliver Bodur Oliver Bodur Arvinder 1
Tom Brittney Tom Brittney Greg 1
Teresa Churcher Teresa Churcher Bank Clerk 1
Lauren Carse Lauren Carse Rowan 1
Thomas Christian Thomas Christian Jogger 1
Jonathan Harden Jonathan Harden Andy 1
Tomasz Dabrowski Tomasz Dabrowski Street Sweeper 1
Naoko Mori Naoko Mori Fiona 1
Lorna Rose Harris Lorna Rose Harris Synth 1
Johnny Hamilton Johnny Hamilton Synth Police 1
Philip Arditti Philip Arditti Salim Sadik 1
Michael Dixon Michael Dixon Sentry Constable 1
Mark Flitton Mark Flitton Clark 1
Simon Harrison Simon Harrison Sanchez 1
James Greene James Greene Elderly Man 1
Gerald Kyd Gerald Kyd Matthew 1
Dani Biernat Dani Biernat Nurse 1
Yumiko Hanasaka Yumiko Hanasaka Synth 1
Lilly Driscoll Lilly Driscoll Teenage Girl 1
Leo Hunter Leo Hunter Scientist 1
Daniel Eghan Daniel Eghan Doctor 1
Cosmo Jarvis Cosmo Jarvis Martin 1
Billy Jenkins Billy Jenkins Seraph 1
Abdul Hakim Joy Abdul Hakim Joy Waiter 1
Andrea Hart Andrea Hart Protest Leader 1
James Backway James Backway Kyle 1
Shane Hart Shane Hart Armed Police 1
Claire Lams Claire Lams Shop Assistant 1
Paul Keating Paul Keating Priest 1
Kishore Bhatt Kishore Bhatt Underground Fight Punter 1
Stephen Mitchell Stephen Mitchell Advert VO 1
Alana Boden Alana Boden Caroline 1
Jorge Leon Martinez Jorge Leon Martinez Police 1
Joss Porter Joss Porter Police Officer 1
Tyrone Love Tyrone Love Plumber 1
Solomon Taiwo Justified Solomon Taiwo Justified Office Staff 1
Angela Clerkin Angela Clerkin Teacher 1
Matthew James Ovens Matthew James Ovens Utility Synth 1
Ann Akin Ann Akin Policewoman 1
Jim Lawrence Jim Lawrence Underground Fight Punter 1
James Rowlands James Rowlands Security Guard 1
Adam Leese Adam Leese Playground Dad 1
Matthew Winters Matthew Winters Leaflet Synth 1
Tom Morley Tom Morley Lab synth 1
Grace Chilton Grace Chilton Persons Technician 1
Lasco Atkins Lasco Atkins Protestor 1
Oliver Raymond Maule Oliver Raymond Maule Latitude Worker 1
Jamie Michie Jamie Michie Constable 1
Beverly Hills Beverly Hills Head Teacher 1
Bradley Blackwell Bradley Blackwell Police 1
Jem Kai Olsen Jem Kai Olsen Security Guard Steve 1
Ross Carter Ross Carter Airline Passenger 1
Akie Kotabe Akie Kotabe Dr. Ji Dae Sun 1
Emma Davies Emma Davies Mrs. Kennedy 1
Finlay Robertson Finlay Robertson Dr. Rose 1
Alan Mathis Alan Mathis Shocked Passer- By 1
Christopher Patrick Nolan Christopher Patrick Nolan Protester 1
Krishnan Guru-Murthy Krishnan Guru-Murthy Himself 1
Mark Roper Mark Roper Recycling centre employee 1
Stephen Pacey Stephen Pacey Colin 1
Adam Newington Adam Newington Police Synth 1
Skye Lucia Degruttola Skye Lucia Degruttola Sylvia 1
Anna Skellern Anna Skellern Emma Harris 1
Marcus Langford Marcus Langford Armed Police 1
Vince Taylor Vince Taylor Underground Gang Boss 1
Nick Thomas-Webster Nick Thomas-Webster Police Officer 1
Dan Tetsell Dan Tetsell Synth Salesman 1
Alex Waldmann Alex Waldmann Care Home Worker 1
Kieran Urquhart Kieran Urquhart Charlie 1
Duncan Pow Duncan Pow Scientist 1
Cedric Tylleman Cedric Tylleman Dr.Sc. Supermind 1
Lee Asquith-Coe Lee Asquith-Coe Tactical Entry Commander 1
Tony Paul West Tony Paul West Businessman 1
Richard Banks Richard Banks Brothel Customer 1
Maureen Warrington Maureen Warrington Robot Owner /Passerby 1
Neery Harrison Neery Harrison Driver 1
Jill Buchanan Jill Buchanan Prison Warden 1
Roy Thorn Roy Thorn Police Officer 1
Susan Fordham Susan Fordham Police Officer 1
Mark Weinman Mark Weinman Persona Driver 1
Jason Carter Jason Carter Hotel Manager 1
Sam Woolf Sam Woolf Artie 1
Daisy Keeping Daisy Keeping Nelly 1
Lobna Futers Lobna Futers Brothel Synth 1
Justin Hayward Justin Hayward Scientist 1
Ashley Zhangazha Ashley Zhangazha Speaker 1
John Ramm John Ramm Malcolm 1
Marcus G Johnson Marcus G Johnson Hobbs Enforcer 1
Emma Jason Emma Jason Police Officer 1
Chris Cowlin Chris Cowlin Journalist 1
Mark Ryder Mark Ryder Underground Fight Punter 1
Caroline Lazarus Caroline Lazarus Human Synth 1
Shaun Lucas Shaun Lucas Police Officer 1
Neil Alexander Smith Neil Alexander Smith Underground Fight Punter 1
Joanne Manchester Joanne Manchester Cafe Worker 1
Amrita Jazzmyn Amrita Jazzmyn WAP Rally attendee 1
Martyn Mayger Martyn Mayger Legal office worker 1
Robert Scott Robert Scott Paparazzi 1
Matthew Tennyson Matthew Tennyson Howard 1
Tony Pankhurst Tony Pankhurst Synth Husband 1
Lee Wakefield Lee Wakefield Underground Fight Punter 1
Mike Ray Mike Ray Uniformed Police Officer 1
Eva-Jane Willis Eva-Jane Willis Cafe Girl 1
Dan O'Neill Dan O'Neill Pedestrian 1
Paul Van Beaumont Paul Van Beaumont Underground Fighter 1
Jon Wennington Jon Wennington Scene of Crime Officer 1
Vic Waghorn Vic Waghorn Café Customer 1
Rachel Marquez Rachel Marquez Police Synth 1
Mike Willoughby Mike Willoughby Protester 1
Miroslav Zaruba Miroslav Zaruba Underground Fight Punter 1
Tatiana Zarubova Tatiana Zarubova Broken Synth 1

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