No Easy Days 2017

# Episode Title Airdate
1 1 x 1 Very Bad Things 10. Oct 2017
2 1 x 2 Above All Else 10. Oct 2017
3 1 x 3 Abuse the Trust 10. Oct 2017
4 1 x 4 Betrayed My Country 10. Oct 2017
5 1 x 5 People Dying 10. Oct 2017
6 1 x 6 Win at All Costs 10. Oct 2017
7 1 x 7 Reckless 10. Oct 2017
8 1 x 8 A Life with No Easy Days 10. Oct 2017
# Episode Title Airdate
0 U x 1 1,2 n/a

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Thumb Actor Character name Appeareance
Sean Brosnan Sean Brosnan Christopher Lowe 18
Simon Phillips Simon Phillips Alexander Holt 18
Michael Hogan Michael Hogan Bob Carson 18
Peter Outerbridge Peter Outerbridge Paul Reynolds 18
Al Sapienza Al Sapienza Andrew Whitmore 18
Mercedes Papalia Mercedes Papalia Kelly 18
Peter Michael Dillon Peter Michael Dillon Gavin Lawson 18
Krista Morin Krista Morin Lena 18
Alix Sideris Alix Sideris Rita Reynolds 18
Jarret Wright Jarret Wright Agent Tyler 18
Eva Link Eva Link Alice Reynolds 16
Celine Filion Celine Filion Polly 16
Samantha Madely Samantha Madely Madison Owens 16
Jeff Ellenberger Jeff Ellenberger Delta Force /Elite Thug 16
Scott Gibson Scott Gibson Daniel Murphy 16
Jon Welch Jon Welch Dalton 16
Timothy Paul Coderre Timothy Paul Coderre National Security Advisor 14
Stephen MacDonald Stephen MacDonald Mike 14
Jodi Larratt Jodi Larratt Dawn Nelson 14
Brennan Martin Brennan Martin Nate 14
Mark Holden Mark Holden Evan Clarke 5
Rachelle Casseus Rachelle Casseus Assistant to Vice President 4
Stephen K. Donnelly Stephen K. Donnelly General Bradley 4
Xavier Sotelo Xavier Sotelo Raj 4
Christopher Wyllie Christopher Wyllie Day 4
Michael Douglas Cake Michael Douglas Cake Bad SSA 2
John Eric Ladd John Eric Ladd Secret Service Agent #6 2
Matthew Stefiuk Matthew Stefiuk Joe 2
Allison Brennan Allison Brennan Sarah Mereck 2
Ryan Browne Ryan Browne Joshua 2
Guy Buller Guy Buller Secret Service Director 2
Fredy Carriere Fredy Carriere Capt. Benson 2
Timothy Paul Codere Timothy Paul Codere NSA Advisor 2
Tristan Crigger Tristan Crigger SWAT Team Member 2
Douglas Kidd Douglas Kidd Agent 2 2
Tyler Murree Tyler Murree Brian 2
Dan Demarbre Dan Demarbre Diller 2
Dan Desmarais Dan Desmarais Private Shantz 2
Reid Eastwood Reid Eastwood Bad Secret Service Agent 2
Jennifer Vallance Jennifer Vallance Mrs. Carson 2
Sarah McArdle Sarah McArdle Alice's Friend 2
Sarah McVie Sarah McVie Hayley Lewis 2
Jennilee Murray Jennilee Murray Security Operator 2
Eric Zaragoza Eric Zaragoza Secret Service Detail 1 2
Heather Byrne Heather Byrne White House Staff 2
Peter Barrett Peter Barrett Agent Barrett 1
Laura Bingham Laura Bingham Ward Supervisor 1
Alan Lummiss Alan Lummiss News Crew 1
Sarah Simmons Sarah Simmons Nurse 1
James Lischynsky James Lischynsky Hero Helicopter Pilot 1
Kim Waters Kim Waters Mary Holt 1

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