Making the News / Crash: The Animated Series

  • Airdate: 02. April 2016
  • Season: 1
  • Episode: 3
  • Running time: 0
Episode Cast
ThumbActorCharacter name
Randy VinneauRandy VinneauRonnie Fields /Crash
Bri GigerBri GigerReporter Shelly Jackson
Matt WeinglassMatt WeinglassDetective J.T. Steele
Mary BenedictMary BenedictJen Weinberg
Marlene CarmenMarlene CarmenMarlene Santana
Ja'nelle ClarkJa'nelle ClarkJa'nelle Clarkson
Jay DavidJay DavidDr. Jason Donavan
Timothy InglesTimothy InglesTim Grayson /Bluetooth
Alamada KaratihyAlamada KaratihyAli Comack
Sahar NikakhtarSahar NikakhtarSarah Weinberg
Eugene NovaEugene NovaEugene Taylor
Robert E. WeinerRobert E. WeinerBob Weinberg /Executive #1
Steve BrockSteve BrockNathan Swift /The Cell

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